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Spring: Such a Bittersweet Season

First of all, I’d like to start today’s message by wishing you all a Happy Easter Weekend! Whether you’re religious or not, whether this is a weekend you spend with your family or whether it’s just a long weekend for you… I hope it’s a good one! 269 more words

Working Out The Kinks

So Close, I Can Almost Taste It

You all are aware that my next goal is to do a pull up, without any help by my birthday this June. I have been working so hard to build my upper body strength because it’s my weakest part (not to mention the muscles needed to actually pull my body up – … 225 more words

Working Out The Kinks

So, It’s Official... My Body Hates ALL Protein

Almost two months ago I wrote about needing help with how to get more protein into my diet. Clearly, I was struggling. And, in all honesty, I still am!!!! 356 more words

Working Out The Kinks

A Year and a Half...

I can’t believe it’s already Friday! I’ve been meaning to post this since Monday! What a week! Anyway, so Monday was the 25th … aka Before and After day!!!!! 211 more words

Working Out The Kinks

Time to Up My Game

I came to the realization this week that I am less than three months away to having to reach my deadline of doing a pull up. 239 more words

Working Out The Kinks

Staying Positive, Keeping Motivated Isn’t Easy

Have you ever had a goal you were really hoping to achieve but at the same time didn’t feel like it would ever actually come true? 338 more words

Working Out The Kinks


I don’t know how regularly I’ll be committing posts to my blog, or what the general themes will be. I have no plan, I have no idea what will emerge, and I’m okay with that. 124 more words