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My Adventures With Protein; Starting Out and Going Vegan

PROTEIN! Getting SWOLE! Making them GAINS!  *Insert other hyper aggressive term that gym goers use both ironically and unironically here*.
I love going to the gym. 1,038 more words

Attacking the Core - workout

During a typical ab training session, you move your body through one of three distinct planes of motion: sagittal (curling or flexing your torso or legs back and forth), frontal (bend side to side) and transverse (twist or rotate through the waist). 104 more words


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I'm on the final week of the No Junk Till Halloween healthy eating challenge, and although avoiding junk food is great, exercise is also a part of my daily routine. Let's try this quick workout today and work those abs!

Wednesday Wonderings For 10/26/2016

Just another week, I suppose.

  • Found out one of the Michael’s up in Burlington carries Copic Markers.  I’ve been slowly building up my range of markers as I need a color or two.  
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Snippet 1: Working Out, Farts, and Death

Snippets will be quick chats Alex and Sara have exchanged that embody the overall tone of our relationship.

Today, we bring you: farts.

Sara: So I did some research about how to  66 more words

Gaining Energy- Race Training Week 2

Hello fitness friends!! I’ve just completed my second week of ramping up my training for the fall and winter races and I’m happy to say that I’m feeling the best that I’ve felt all year!  559 more words



I’m not thin. I’m not fit. I’m not the healthiest person on the planet. But, I want to change all of that. So, I’ve been working on my diet and I’ve been trying to exercise regularly – every day, if I can, is my current plan. 349 more words