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Day 72 What is a Hero WOD and why should you care? 

So, I’m going to break down some fun terms that strikes terror into those who work out with the same system I do.

WOD. “Work out of the day.” … 699 more words

Losing Weight

Bodybuilding.com's Project Mass - Day 65 - Hypertrophy Based Pull Day

Greetings, all.

Man, BCAAs are not exactly the cat’s pajamas in terms of taste. BSN had a pretty tasty one, Amino-X, but the profile wasn’t that great. 280 more words


Is There a Duck In The Gym?

It was a great day.  I was motivated, determined, and full of energy at the gym.  I was killing it.  The hottest woman I’ve ever seen was smiling at me while working out right next to me.   32 more words


When Chocolate Fudge Calls Me Baby

Don’t we all have love/hate relationships with unhealthy food? I think we all do.

Even though I am well trained to run a 5k this Saturday (or so I believe), the chocolate fudge ice cream in the fridge is calling my name. 186 more words

The iPod Shuffle

Hello, how are you doing today?

So this is a very odd topic, one that just came to mind, and I decided to share it with you guys. 488 more words


I am more than a number

When you’re working out hard four days a week, as in getting-your-butt-kicked hard, eating right, tracking every bite that goes into your mouth in Fitness Pal, not eating chocolate, not killing anyone as a result of not eating chocolate, looking thinner, feeling thinner, having more energy, and fitting in to a pair of jeans you haven’t worn in two years, and finding that they’re… 182 more words