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Women, Workouts and Technology

I was doing a workout video this morning and the trainer randomly said something about “…your TV, or your computer or phone or whatever you’re watching me on.” It struck me how strange that sentence would have seemed even just 30 years ago. 341 more words

Baby' First Steps: The Gym

Yes, we have all been there.
No, you are not alone.

The fear of taking your very first steps into the gym is completely normal. Bringing yourself into a new environment with things and people you have never seen before, you tend to feel like the new kid in the beginning of all those movie scenes. 457 more words


Minor Setbacks Can Feel So Major

Three weeks into this project and I was finally feeling like I’d hit my stride at the gym.

Totally forgot about an old knee injury from my varsity days. 153 more words


Routine? lol no

So apparently it takes you 21 days to get used to something, or into a routine of something. Ive been exercising for like three weeks maybe now? 207 more words


Life Shifts

Life is one of those things. Unstable. Undetermined. Uncontrollable. Life just happens to all of us and no matter how hard you work to change or fix something it doesn’t mean if will be changed or fixed. 288 more words


Be Kind to Yourself

So many thoughts run through my head every single day, but I can never get them on paper or Word. I don’t record myself either because when I start talking I lose my thoughts. 153 more words


One Year

One year ago today, I received a call from my doctor asking if Dan and I could come into the office ASAP. One year ago today we sat in her office and I blatantly asked if I had cancer because she was describing things, but not using the word. 309 more words