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Teaching English in Russia 3: A first brush with ‘new’ Russians

The lift dings, and from it emerges a stocky girl of about 10, and a weather beaten-looking man in a leather jacket.  Taking the man to be the girl’s father, I shake his hand and, as I am in a hurry, mentally file his slightly bemused expression for later.  901 more words


Teaching English in Russia 1: The Agony and the Ecstasy!

I have been teaching in Ekaterinburg since September 2009 at Language Link on Chernyshevskovo Street.  I decided to come to Russia because I studied the Russian language at university some years ago, but didn’t spend that much time here. 513 more words


Working Overseas for a Tour Operator

Life Working Overseas

When you think of working overseas images of sunny places, drinking cocktails, white sandy beaches or vibrant cities will spring to mind. Working overseas gives you all that and more. 933 more words

No really, what do you do?

JR has been with USAID for over 4 years now (and recently received a promotion!), yet I’m pretty sure our friends and families still don’t know what he does. 875 more words

Foreign Service

What They Don't Tell You About Working Overseas

I was only 22 years old when I decided to leave my home country and work abroad to pursue my dreams. Took risks.. stepped out of my comfort zone.. 1,025 more words


Past the Crossroads

Well, we’re moving forward at last. We have been seriously researching and pondering an international move for the past 4 years, and the time has come to make it happen. 534 more words

Working Overseas

The Asian Century

SINGAPORE – I’ve been living in Asia for close to ten years now and have seen first hand how fast the World is changing. You don’t realize how fast moving and energetic Asia is, until you go somewhere else. 479 more words