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Primetime Terrorism: How Depictions of Terrorism in Television Dramas Shape Perceptions and Political Attitudes

Using the episode “Drone Queen” from season four of the HBO show HOMELAND as a treatment, I designed an experiment to examine the framing effects of watching the episode in its entirety versus watching the episode with all scenes removed that depicted a positive-valence frame toward the victims of a drone strike in Afghanistan. 80 more words

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The Countercyclical Capital Buffer

This post uses a recent BCBS working paperĀ as a stepping off point for a broader examination of how the countercyclical capital buffer (CCyB) can help make the banking system more resilient. 2,932 more words

Climate Justice and Democracy: A Normative Approach

This paper tackles a highly relevant issue, namely the relationship between climate justice and democracy. The driving motivation of the paper is to ask what principles of (climate) justice demand from democracies. 40 more words

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The Nature of Household Labor Income Risk (WP) w/ Turner

with N. Turner


What is the nature of labor income risk facing households? We answer this question using detailed administrative data on earnings from the U.S. 57 more words


Violence, Anger, Punishment: An Affect Based Theory of Retaliation


If the structural conditions that increase the likelihood of participating in violence are so common, why do so few people participate in violence? What differentiates people who participate in violence from many more ostensibly similar people who do not? 171 more words

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Accuracy Evaluation Of Fourier Series Analysis And Singular Spectrum Analysis For Predicting The Volume Of Motorcycle Sales In Indonesia

This research aims to evaluate the performance of forecasting by Fourier Series Analysis (FSA) and Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) which are more explorative and not requiring parametric assumption. 197 more words

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