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Classification of small ruminant production sub-systems in Ethiopia

Part I of this working paper classifies small ruminant sub-systems in the mixed crop livestock system in Ethiopia. In Part II, important determinants of small ruminant productivity and producers’ input use and marketing strategies were analysed across the six small ruminant sub-systems identified in Part I. 193 more words


Analysis of village poultry value chain in Ethiopia: Implications for action research and development

This study aimed at developing a baseline understanding of producers, use of inputs, production performance, marketing, institutional and infrastructural environment and support services in order to identify potential areas of improvement for action research and poultry value chain system development in Ethiopia. 33 more words


Oestrus synchronization for accelerated delivery of improved dairy genetics in Ethiopia

Oestrous synchronization is the manipulation of the oestrous cycle or induction of oestrus to bring a large percentage of a group of females cattle into oestrus at a short, predetermined time. 548 more words


Factors determining household market participation in small ruminant production in Ethiopia

Small ruminants, which account for more than half of the domesticated ruminants in the world, are an important component of the farming systems in most developing countries. 177 more words


'Learning Toward Transformation': A working paper from my time in Kenya

In the year following my graduation from college, and before starting up graduate studies at Michigan State, I lived and worked in Western Kenya. I was working with the… 526 more words


[WP] Open access temptations

Information science isn’t exactly my area of research, but it has been fun exploring the shady side of open access. Here is the abstract:

Backlash against “megapublishers” which began in mathematics a decade ago has led to an exponential growth in open access journals.

121 more words

Working paper on risks in smallholder irrigated systems in Ethiopia

This working paper by the Livestock and Irrigation Value chains for Ethiopian Smallholders (LIVES) Project and the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) presents results from an analysis of the profitability of selected irrigated commodities and farmers’ risk perception in Ethiopia. 145 more words