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From ‘precarious informal employment’ to ‘protected employment’: the ‘positive transitioning effect’ of trade unions

Source: Global Labour University

by Melisa R. Serrano and Edlira Xhafa

This paper aims at contributing to the discussions on the challenge of transitioning from precarious informal employment to more protected employment. 130 more words


Marketing patterns of rainfed and irrigated systems: Do they differ?

This study used a nationwide dataset of 5000 households from four regions in Ethiopia to identify important determinants of market orientation, market participation and market outlet choices. 146 more words


Legal Entitlement and Bargaining Power of Marriage Immigrants in Korea


The fraction of marriages between South Korean males and brides from other Asian countries has sharply increased since 1990 reaching around 10% of new marriages in 2005. 105 more words


Does investment in motor pump-based smallholder irrigation lead to financially viable input intensification and production?

This study focused on the impact of motor pump-based smallholder irrigation in input use and production as compared to rain-fed production systems and investigated the financial viability of such investments. 217 more words


Review of animal health service delivery in mixed crop-livestock systems in Ethiopia

This paper reviews the animal health services in rural areas in the highlands of Ethiopia, particularly those areas of
intervention by ILRI’s LIVES Project in Oromia, Tigray, Amhara, and Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples’ 155 more words


Feed resources availability, utilization and marketing in central and eastern Tigray, northern Ethiopia

This survey explored the situation of different feed resources for ruminant livestock in two zones (central and eastern) in Tigray region of northern Ethiopia. These two zones account for the region’s 12% of the total land mass, 23% of the human population, 28% of the cattle population, and 56% of the small ruminant population. 481 more words