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Bounded Rationality and the Ineffectiveness of Big Push Policies

With Junyi Xu.

If a poverty trap exists, can a big-push policy help the economy escape it? This paper applies Sargent (1993)’s bounded rationality approach to study the post-policy transition of an economy from a poverty trap to an equilibrium with a higher income. 35 more words

Working Paper

Assessing Indian Nuclear Attitudes


India’s nuclear journey, which began in the 1950s, has matured, both in terms of its energy and nuclear weapons programs. Despite a gamut of nuclear-related studies devoted to the Indian case, the focus has remained limited to the nuclear evolution, India’s nuclear energy and weapons programs, and nuclear policies. 191 more words

India Nuclear

Macroeconomic News in the Cross Section of Asset Growth (WP) w/ Hou, Hugon, and Lyle

with Y. Hou, A. Hugon, and M. Lyle


Firms make forward-looking decisions. We provide evidence that firms’ investment decisions contain news about future aggregate conditions. 69 more words


Institutions for irrigation water management in Ethiopia: Assessing diversity and service delivery

Irrigation systems cannot ensure the equitable distribution of water among users and sustainable operation and maintenance of the schemes without capable irrigation institutions.

In Ethiopia, traditional institutions have emerged with the expansion of traditional irrigation schemes and most of them were established and operated on the initiative of the farmers. 488 more words


Analysis of water delivery performance of smallholder irrigation schemes in Ethiopia: Diversity and lessons

Irrigation systems consist of three interdependent components involving: the irrigation scheme, the on-farm management and the organizations. The irrigation scheme refers to the infrastructure for water acquisition and distribution (water delivery). 380 more words


Factors determining household allocation of credit to livestock production in Ethiopia

Access to credit is often viewed as a key to transforming semi-subsistence smallholder farmers into market-oriented producers. However, only a few studies have examined the factors that affect farmers’ decisions to allocate credit to farm activities in general and livestock production in particular. 196 more words


Genetic-phenotypic and production-system diversity in goat populations in Ethiopia

This working paper synthesizes and analyses the genetic, morphological and production system characteristics of five indigenous goat populations of Ethiopia, namely Ambo, Gondar, Woyto-Guji, Arsi-Bale Highland and Arsi-Bale lowland goats. 360 more words