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Some Characteristics are Risk Exposures, and the Rest are Irrelevant (WP) w/ Kelly and Su

with B. Kelly and and Y. Su


We use a new method to estimate common risk factors and loadings in the cross section of asset returns. 141 more words

Factor Models

The Economics of Contract Law Deterrence and Public Law Deterrence in Illegal Contracts

A new working paper with Teng Wang.

Source: New York Bar Picture Book.

The illegality of contract is a universal topic in the contract law of major jurisdictions. 286 more words

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Recent Working Papers

You will find below several working papers I have written recently on different (but somewhat related) topics. Comments are welcome!

A Bayesian Conundrum: From Pragmatism to Mentalism in Bayesian Decision and Game Theory… 643 more words

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Instrumented Principal Component Analysis (WP) w/ Kelly and Su

with B. Kelly and Y. Su


We propose a method of factor estimation for a data panel Y by using the data tensor Z to parameterize loadings—Instrumented Principal Component Analysis. 79 more words


Social Contacts, Dutch Language Proficiency and Immigrant Economic Performance in the Netherlands: A Longitudinal Study

A small addition to the IZA working paper with Barry R. Chiswick.

To deal with the endogeneity between Dutch language ability and earnings, we use an interaction term between age at migration (AAM) and a dummy for non-Dutch-speaking (NDS) origin as the identifying instrument. 177 more words

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Look Who's Talking: On the Heterogeneous Returns to Foreign Language Use at Work among Natives and Migrants in Europe

A new working paper with Thomas de Graaff and Peter Nijkamp.

Language skills are considered to be major economic assets for individuals. But very little is known about the labor market return to using a foreign language (other than the local language) at work. 171 more words

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