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Working Poor in Europe - The increase in non-standard forms of employment in many countries appears to have contributed to rising it

The ‘working poor’ are a substantial group, the latest estimate putting 10% of European workers at risk of poverty, up from 8% in 2007. This report describes the development of in-work poverty in the EU since the crisis of 2008, picking up where an earlier Eurofound report on this subject, published in 2010, ended and looks at what countries have done to combat the problem since. 408 more words


Providers Turning to Protectors and Buying Guns

Financial inequality is impacting society by making men protectors of what limited resources each family has.

I know few people who are increasing their wealth in the post-Reagan era. 1,002 more words


My Free Time is More Awesome than Your Free Time

The section of my dissertation I’m working on these days is entitled “The Good Job.” This has involved re-reading a favourite: Barbara Ehrenreicht’s “Nickeled and Dimed: On (Not) Making it in America… 1,458 more words

The Job Search

Graduate Application Essay #WWJFD


              Wish me luck everybody! This is the final essay I submitted for application to graduate school.  In order to keep the “you will never be a writer” demons at bay, I have decided, much like James Franco, to keep myself constantly busy with various creative projects.   827 more words


Life Makes Shit Hard

Hello frands.

I’m currently ass deep in feels and stress so…stuff.

I’m trying to find us a new place to live and it is so frustrating. 906 more words


Evening Prayer - 4 September 2017

The sun has set and the Vesper Lights flicker and glow

Labor Day heralds the beginning of Fall

It is also a time to honor those who work for the benefit of others… 92 more words