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Working poverty is a widespread but under-analyzed and poorly-measured problem in the US

by Brian C. Thiede, Daniel T. Lichter, and Scott R. Sanders

Pundits and politicians in the U.S. frequently assume that poverty is the result of joblessness and idleness, and in contrast, upward social and economic mobility is possible for anyone given sufficient work effort. 999 more words

Research Findings

DC Poverty Rate Dips Down

Hard on the results of the Census Bureau’s latest annual Current Population Survey supplement come the vastly more detailed results of its American Community Survey… 682 more words

District Of Columbia

2016 Election Just Another Reality SHOW?

I’ve been wondering just when the GOP is going to get serious about the 2016 Presidential elections.  It seems to me that they are taking it all as one big JOKE, frankly.  1,984 more words


Writing 101 Daily Prompt - Uncertainty

I found the list of topics for today’s assignment daunting. Nothing was really resonating with me, and then I opened Facebook this morning and found an update from an old friend. 212 more words


Labor Day

Lives of the common man

Abandoned to the whims of the few

Beer and barbeques dull the pain

Or do they

Reality is stranger than fiction… 29 more words


The complex with middle class 中产阶级情结

I have been thinking a lot about class lately. :-)

Class war. 阶级斗争! This word is so nostalgia for me who was born in the 70s in China which was in the midst of Cultural Revolution. 565 more words


“The cage people” 笼民

I read an article about “the cage people” in Hong Kong. Real estate is very costly there with very little social safety net. The working poor live in a bunk bed surrounded by wire with all of their belongs inside. 232 more words