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Sarasota: A glimpse into American poverty’s future

Wearing Hello Kitty scrubs, waist-long braids, and a broad smile, 27-year-old Tanysha Curry steps out of her front door. She gingerly pulls out papers from a notebook and displays them on the concrete walkway: a diploma for a certified nursing assistant course and a perfect attendance award. 3,191 more words


My take on public assistance

Recently there have been a lot of people posting on Facebook posters or commentary condemning poor people who receive public assistance. I suppose there are those who are “milking the system” but I do not believe the vast majority of those who do receive assistance are those type. 525 more words

Personal Opinions

WalMart Haters

Today, a friend of a friend shared an article on Facebook about how WalMart is a terrible company and how proud he is to be able to say that he has never shopped there. 456 more words

Thomas B. Edsall: Why Don’t the Poor Rise Up?

New York Times — Why are today’s working poor so quiescent? I’m not the only one posing this question.

“Why aren’t the poor storming the barricades?” asks The Economist. 58 more words


Working Poors in US - About 10 percent of working households are poor

A new study by sociologists at BYU, Cornell and LSU provides a rigorous new estimate. Their work suggests about 10 percent of working households are poor. 314 more words

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Life Changes Fast and Slow

Do you remember a game called Boggle? It was a box with a grid in the bottom that held dice with letters on them. You shake the box to scramble the letters, then compete to see who can form the most and the longest words. 1,076 more words

Being Poor

Annals of the Great Recession IX.

In the first five years after the “Great Recession” (i.e. 2008-2013), 60 percent of the new jobs that were created in the “recovering” American economy were low-wage jobs. 645 more words

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