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America FIRST!!

commentary by Viktor Sukov —

President-elect Donald Trump has launched his “Thank You Tour” with the intention of thanking his supporters across America which is a first in case you didn’t know it. 1,097 more words


Personhood & Poverty Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Many of these sentiments have been presented before in Get Real Lorain, working poor, vanishing middle class, and poverty-stricken towns. I appreciate these two approaches as look at the issues through the value of a person. 180 more words


US Workers Take to Streets Over Wages!


Now more than ever the American workers need to unite and fight against the ruthless predatory powers that be for a decent wage. 531 more words


Thoughts on Poverty

I’ve been checking/redoing our household budget. I know there is a rent increase coming in February and I don’t foreseeĀ an income increase.


Going strictly by calculators of how much one is “supposed” to pay to live, I “overspend” (a site actually said that) on life. 877 more words

TRUMP/CLINTON & Chaos or Community? MLK Jr. Book Has Insight on Where We Should Go From Here

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel. After a divisive election, people are wondering what to do. The best insights may come from Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s last book which followed very divisive elections in America. 1,160 more words


Working Class Ignorance

I went to a class today called Bridges Out of Poverty. I learned a heck of a lot and the presenter was amazing. I also was shocked, ashamed and embarrassed by people I work with and their ignorance. 588 more words

Foster Care


From medieval times

Romani women

Peering at palms

Some silken soft

Fewer worn and callused

Mapping wet tea leaves

Extracting colorful dyes from

Precious saffron… 163 more words