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Who is Shameless This Election Season? One TV Show’s Challenging Depiction of the Working Poor

Since the 2016 Presidential race began, pundits have been scrambling to understand what is apparently the most inscrutable segment of the Trump voting bloc: disaffected white working-class middle-aged men who feel they have lost gender and race privileges along with their economic security. 1,355 more words


The Man with a Mop

I don’t know his name
I simply call him Ronald
and he never corrects me
his badge just reads McDonalds
Whenever I am in Omak I stop in… 202 more words


Patching The Pavement... getting youth on down the road!

To Clermont County and beyond…

The vision of Empower Youth has always been to fill in the gaps between parents, schools, and churches. Our hearts focus on sometimes those very small but significant cracks in the formation of a child’s emotional, physical, and social needs and patch or fill. 457 more words

Poverty and Precarious Work

Given that many working people are also poor, Labor Day is good time to talk about poverty in the United States. But in this election year, with so much with emphasis on jobs, we should look especially at the relationship between poverty and the changing landscape of work and economic insecurity. 777 more words


Things that I'd like to buy

I’d like to get the kids their school supplies

and track shoes for the superstar

I’d like to get my AAA membership renewed

I need to get my check engine light looked at… 32 more words


Living the daily grind of the working poor

Two years ago, over my husband’s objections, we became a one-vehicle household when I sold my car.

It was a financial decision, in part. I had recently downsized out of management and was earning significantly less. 1,622 more words

Social Studies

Couple Hours to Myself

Hope regular readers are well tolerating my posts from Blog for Iowa. They are different from what I normally write here, but then none of us is one-dimensional — I hope. 303 more words

Local Food