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Getting There From Here

“Everything is on the line. Know it or not, our very survival hangs in the
balance. With a few meager possessions, we hurry out the door running to an unknown destiny.” 700 more words

Caroline Center

Toronto: The Downton Abbey of Canada?

More on the working poor in Toronto (great media line):

“Canada’s two richest cities are becoming giant modern-day Downton Abbeys where a well-to-do knowledge class relies on a large cadre of working poor who pour their coffee, serve their food, clean their offices, and relay their messages from one office to another,” it says, referring to the popular British TV drama about an aristocratic family and their servants.

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Book Review: Nickel and Dimed

I didn’t preach this past week–our church was honored to host Rev. Ellie Johns-Kelley, the regional rep. from The Presbyterian Foundation.  This was a blessing for the church and for me, not least because I woke up Sunday morning with that nasty 24-hour stomach bug that has been going around.   1,038 more words


You’ve got to love it! Republicans are keeping it real Gangsta in America. And the kicker, they don’t give a dam who knows it! Putting their favors for the Super Rich right in YOUR FACE! 817 more words

Home Health Workers Are an Invisible Force in the 'Fight for $15' Movement

By Nigel Roberts

Labor forces are planning the largest rally in decades—their latest effort in an uprising against low wages. On April 15 these workers will join their voices to demand a $15-per-hour living wage from rich industries that they say are pinching pennies on salaries. 205 more words

News From The Soul Brother

Why We Must Fight for 15 and a Union

By Angel Rivera

My name is Angel Rivera. Like the Fight for 15 workers who are protesting across the country today, I know what it’s like to work hard, but be unable to get by because of poverty wages and an employer that doesn’t respect your rights. 253 more words

News From The Soul Brother

Low Wage Workers Are Storming the Barricades

A few weeks back, when Walmart announced plans to raise its starting pay to $9 per hour, I wrote a column saying this was just the beginning of what would be a growing movement around raising wages in America. 616 more words