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Fighting on Two Fronts

The skills you need to leave the working poor are not the same skills you need to succeed in the middle class.

Working class children that have successfully made something out of themselves often have some common traits. 373 more words

Learning Curves

What's Left at the Bottom of Pandora's Box

Writer Dale Maharidge and photographer Matt Black traveled through California, Ohio, and Maine, talking with, working alongside, and photo-documenting the working poor for Smithsonian magazine. They found lots of things they expected — long hours, low pay, financial uncertainty — and one thing they didn’t: hope. 274 more words


Making the connection between work and dignity - Noah Smith. 

Economists like to tell a possibly apocryphal story about Milton Friedman. The prophet of free markets, visiting an Asian country in the 1960s, witnessed a public-works project that had people making a road with picks and shovels. 844 more words

Poverty & Inequality

Bah, Humbug, Conservatives!

Well, I had a good Christmas and I hope you did too. For me, of course, any Christmas not spent in Iraq is good. Presents be damned. 1,334 more words

Dump Trump

Sam Watts is Welcome Hall Mission's new CEO

Saint Henry’s Welcome Hall Mission, in Montreal Sud-Ouest borough, will soon mark its 125th anniversary and with it comes a new face.

As of last week, Sam Watts was officially the new CEO and executive director and he already knows what he wants to see during his tenure. 320 more words