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I Hate My Husband's Boss

My husband constantly picks his boss over me, and it’s because he doesn’t have a choice. We need the hours, always need the money. Now, this boss isn’t a terrible person, he just hates his life I’m guessing. 424 more words

Life In General

You Shall Not Pass Go... With Enough...


This underscores a salient fact that I have written elsewhere, if not here on this blog. The wages we earn are not too small; the cost of living off those wages is too… 214 more words


Dirty Little Secret

For over a year I was that “welfare mom” that society loves to shame. You know the one I mean: the lazy, unemployed, single mom that has no business having kids. 500 more words


Friday Reads

It’s Friday!

I’ve found a few things that make for interesting reading so let’s get started.

Why have Democratic Governors and Republican Mayors become rare? 2,078 more words

Morning Reads

Child Poverty Report Reveals Two-Thirds Of Poor Children Have Working Parents

Child Poverty Report Reveals Two-Thirds Of Poor Children Have Working Parents http://huff.to/1M7eG98 via @HuffPostUK


Low wages, high rents, soaring bills and cost of living, cuts in services, everyone in the country understands the cause of poverty – with the exception of our government apparently, the cause of the low wages, high rents, soaring bills and cuts in services. 54 more words

Enough Is Enough

The phrase of the day is #IncomeInequality. Say it with me… In-come-In-e-qual-i-ty.

I began writing about this subject a few days ago. It has been really heavy on my mind the past couple days. 464 more words

Social Justice

My life of insufficient funds: Why is admitting you’re on public assistance so painful?

I may not look like someone who came from poverty, but without welfare, my mother and I probably would have died

By: Marissa Higgins/Salon

“Insufficient funds,” says the cashier. 1,966 more words