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When you feel like a camel with one too many straws on your back

Subtitle: Why budgets are important


You budgeted x amount cash for the St. Mary’s Polish Fair because it’s a family activity that you attend every year. 771 more words

A Case of the "Gimmes"

Our clients always seem to have the Gimmies (or give me if you prefer regular English), and why is that? I was asked this question recently and it made me wonder, why are we asked? 513 more words

It's Your Story

It’s not our story. It’s yours.

Since receiving the property, the community has poured out donations of talents, hard work, and finances to bringing this property into use for the youth and families of Clermont County and beyond. 575 more words


A Hillbilly Writes a Book


J.D. Vance and I have a lot in common, even though his tribe comes from Kentucky and mine from Pennsylvania and Michigan. 650 more words

Pathetic wage rise granted to the working poor of NZ

Since the government announced this year’s rise in the minimum wage, a few weeks ago, an idea has been brewing. This morning (1 April 2017) I put pen to paper, well fingers to keyboard, and sent this as a letter to the editor’s column in Christchurch’s newspaper… 518 more words


We found gold!

Well I guess you all have heard by now that we received this sweet little piece of property from Community Savings Bank. It’s beautiful. There are four building and a home on the land. 824 more words