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Inspirational Cartoon Video - Working Hard? or Working Smart?

In this short video clip, Many people same as Bruno who works so hard for money each and everyday (Life of an employee) thinking that working for money will give him the dreams that he wanted to but sacrificing his time and health for money.. 92 more words

Inspirational Articles

LinkedIn: Deepak - Better Ways to Cope at Work Part 3

Work smarter not harder and longer.  Slow down and take care of you and you will see your priorities more clearly and manage your work more quickly. 408 more words


T'ai Chi Snow

Thrust low to front,
Draw back, slow step right, swing, throw.
T’ai chi snow.


Hard Work is Not Necessarily a Virtue – An IAM Group Limited Singapore Insight

First, let me make clear that I am not saying that laziness is a virtue.

I work moderately hard, always take my job seriously and deliver the required results here and there. 542 more words


Work Hard vs. Work Smart - What the Difference Really Means

I hear this phrase at work often and I also often hear it being misused. 

Let me give you two scenarios if work A-E needs to be done. 639 more words

What I See Is This

working smart

Running a small business when even big businesses are sinking fast can be tough. Much of the guidance in books and media are about running big businesses but what about micro-businesses or sole employment? 327 more words


How Well Do You Manage Your Work And Time?

As the second-from-the-last school year of mine (11th grade) has officially begun, the whole phenomenon of life seems to have gotten way more serious. I’m doing the IB or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program for the final 2 years of my school life, in a hope to receive and experience an education that should get me all prepared for life in college. 727 more words