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Working hard vs Working Smart

Working smart vs working hard is a very old debate. I am not saying that hard work is not a part of success. It is and always will be. 901 more words


Book Review: Deep Work

I recently read Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport.

It was a good read and made me look differently at what I want to do and how I go about it, but mostly, how I allocate my attention. 405 more words


​How To Work Smart And Do More In Less time: 12 Tips to help you organise and be more efficient.

​How To Work Smart And Do More In Less time: Tips to help you organise and be more efficient.

Imagine you could do more in less time.

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What the Story of Two Lumberjacks Tells About Freelancing

You probably have heard the anecdote of the two lumberjacks. If not, please read the story here. The young and old lumberjacks can be recognized as two types of freelancers. 265 more words


Book suggestion: Deep Work

This book, written by a PPh.D.grad from MIT in computer science, explores the science behind deep work. As social media and the internet increases in use, our brains are being rewired to have shorter attention spans. 113 more words

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Starting Capital vs. Working Capital

I recently listened in on an interview of Mike Cuban (Shark Tank Investor) by Bloomberg and he said something very interesting.

He said that small businesses do not fail for lack of capital; it was for lack of effort towards working smart by the entrpreneurs. 442 more words

Working Hard … and Smart … and Hard

“But it’s not just hard work, it’s smart work too. You have to work smart.”

I heard that just the other day and can’t disagree. But my viewpoint is a bit jaded.

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