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Outsmart the Competition: Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals and get Ahead of the Rest

Why do people or businesses fail? Despite putting in so much efforts and commitments to their goals, why is that they sometimes fall short of expectations, and may not be able to keep up with current competition? 654 more words


Why I No Longer Emphasize “Working Hard”, But Rather Focus on these 5 Strategies to Achieve My Goals

If hard work was really all we were raised to believe, my Parents ought to be listed amongst today’s World billionaires (lol). But that is the sad truth because growing up, all I ever heard was “you need to work very hard in order to become successful.” Even though my Parents are both currently retired, while still actively working, they were the embodiment of “hard work”, and boy did they really work hard! 1,275 more words

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Finding projects that aren't crap!

A big attraction of a Graduate job is the grandeur (yeah I used the word grandeur, so what?) surrounding choosing your own projects. Regularly experiencing new clients and constantly learning new skills – sounds great! 759 more words

Working Smart

When it's boss, it’s boss.

Sometimes you see a slide-deck, report or whatever and it’s just “THE SHIT” (capitals necessary). You simply look at it and you know, you know they fucking nailed it and your piece now looks like a Peugeot. 484 more words

Working Smart

Welcome to the club

The Daily Grind – Your early career help and guidance.

Our cuppa tea is straight out of University/collage in a career to senior level. We believe the world only cares about guidance for the senior level management but that is about to change. 461 more words

Working Smart

When one of you colleagues is doing good for charity

When one of you colleagues is doing good for charity.

Yup, Yeah, I know. People doing charity work is good, donating to charity is good, I’m not trying to say it isn’t. 435 more words

Working Smart

Working hard vs Working Smart

Working smart vs working hard is a very old debate. I am not saying that hard work is not a part of success. It is and always will be. 901 more words