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Book suggestion: Deep Work

This book, written by a PPh.D.grad from MIT in computer science, explores the science behind deep work. As social media and the internet increases in use, our brains are being rewired to have shorter attention spans. 113 more words

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Starting Capital vs. Working Capital

I recently listened in on an interview of Mike Cuban (Shark Tank Investor) by Bloomberg and he said something very interesting.

He said that small businesses do not fail for lack of capital; it was for lack of effort towards working smart by the entrpreneurs. 442 more words

Working Hard … and Smart … and Hard

“But it’s not just hard work, it’s smart work too. You have to work smart.”

I heard that just the other day and can’t disagree. But my viewpoint is a bit jaded.

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How About Working HardSmart?

What is the one greatest recipe for success that comes to your mind? You will probably say it is hardwork or working hard.

You may be right. 113 more words


Take Time Out...

On this busy Monday, take time to practice self-care remember to never, ever give up.



I think my husband’s MIND is magical. Here’s an example –

I told you we bought a used riding mower this week. The seller helped us get it into the back of the truck. 513 more words


Keep Coming Back.It Works (If You Work It).

When customers believe that they have bought a product, they congratulate themselves on their good judgment.

When customers believe they were sold a product they often grouse about either their bad judgment or the sales person or both. 41 more words