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Why I need more writing time

Everyone starts out writing while doing something else with at least some of their time – we have to eat even before we’re published. I have never been especially strong on what I wanted to do for a living, but I was always certain I wanted it to meet certain conditions. 753 more words


Working On It

I’ve wanted to be a writer ever since I realised that being a popstar was an unlikely career path. I’ve always lived in my head, spending large amounts of time in worlds of my own making. 187 more words


Outwitting the Hump

Sometimes when I sit down to write I am on fire; inspired and eager to get at the story. Those are the easy times. If I only ever wrote when I felt like this I might churn out a couple of short stories or a paltry few chapters each year. 355 more words


Autumn Inspiration and A Writing Experiment

I’m always inspired by even the slightest hints of fall in the air: a somewhat cool morning (somewhat, because in Arizona in September a cool morning is one whose low point on the thermometer is 85ish); the muted thump of the marching band’s morning practice at the high school blocks away; Halloween décor and candy in the stores. 370 more words


Written Rejection

Having just this morning received my very first “writing job” rejection letter, one might think I’d be feeling blue.

But as any successful writer knows, rejection is a part of the game. 137 more words


The Apologetic Writer

It’s a sad day when a writer has to apologise because she hasn’t had the time or the emotional capacity to write a blog post other than this one. 601 more words

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