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I am Unique and There Is No One Else Like Me!

From a young age this is something I have always told myself…..YES, I am unique and YES, there is no one else like me!!! We are all special and unique in our own ways…..and less face it…..if there were more than 1 Jen in the world it would be fecking crazy! 623 more words


Journal Entry #96

May 23, 2018

Hi guys, Happy Hump Day! ;)

Yesterday, I was very productive. I did a ton of laundry, I did my… 793 more words


And Then The Worst Part

Sure, according to the clear directions of my dream, it was going to be one of those frustrating days where I duck into the used-book-store for a morning coffee and the chance to smell decomposing paperbacks. 184 more words


To Migrate or Not to Migrate? That is the Question

Fun Fact: As a local you can actually make a decent living in Jamaica, no you don’t need to be blessed with rich parents or join a life of crime. 254 more words


Trying to be an Adult

I am 21 years old and it is super hard to try and be an adult. My dad still pays for most of my bills and I can’t save a dollar for the life of me. 319 more words


being a working mom is actually hard

Really hard. The last several months have left me feeling like I am stuck in a tornado of banality. My life is a constant playlist of the following tracks playing on repeat: 470 more words