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Managers Can Motivate Employees with One Word

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Human beings are profoundly social — we are hardwired to connect to one another and to want to work together. Frankly, we would never have survived as a species without our instinctive desire to live and work in groups, because physically we are just not strong or scary enough. 759 more words


Managers who suck.

There are a lot of people in life that suck. Parents, siblings, coworkers, doctors; there’s a whole fucking list of people who suck and I could probably go on forever. 78 more words

Unwanted Advice

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Hi my name is Court and I work in retail. *cue sad music and the sympathetic sighs* Despite the stereotypes surrounding retail workers, there are some perks and good things about working. 528 more words


University of San Jose

Some have asked about Justin’s university. It’s located about 10 blocks from our house. Everyone walks to class. There are students that come from all over the states to attend classes mostly in Ecology, Biology and other sciences. 329 more words

Costa Rica

How to not go crazy as a freelance writer

When I realized that writing was my passion, but it wasn’t what I wanted as a career, I decided to become a freelance writer on the side. 737 more words


I don’t fit into the system

I’m back at work and to be honest returning wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I’m on reduced hours for a couple of weeks which is making things easier and I’m lucky enough to work with a very supportive team. 447 more words


Writing Prompt Wednesday #40

Hello Readers,

I’m back from vacation, was in Nebraska for a family reunion last week. It was hot, hot, hot as in the 100s. The day after we got back it was a nice 82 degrees there. 95 more words