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The Best Job In The World (almost)

For the past 8 months I have been working as a front desk agent of a gorgeous hotel in one of the biggest tourist destinations within Canada, it has without a doubt been my most enjoyable position yet. 1,436 more words


Good Grief!

I thought I’d never get the chance to log back on and provide my thoughts, updates and information. I have seriously been a busy little beaver this past week. 542 more words



Three days training to guide


Yada Yada yada yada

More writing and stuff yada yada 11 more words

Yes, You CAN Get a Writing Job!

Hello all! For this week’s post I’ll be discussing something myself and probably many other writers have dealt with: getting a job/being told you couldn’t get a job. 245 more words


Thinking Of Being An Insurance Agent? Here Is What You Should Be Prepared For (Part Two: Working Hours)

(Source: dollarsandsense.sg)

In part one of our two-part series about being an insurance agent in Singapore, we talked about managing salary expectations for people entering the insurance advisory space. 697 more words

Money Matters

TAJCD Monograph Series: The Locking, Mitered Box Joint

I’ve just put together a 45-page monograph on a right-angle joint which I make extensive use of in my work, the Japanese name being 箱相欠き車知栓仕口,  Hako-aigaki-shachi-sen-shiguchi. 99 more words


www.Working!! Episode 10 Review

Ten episodes down, and only two more (I think) to go. The season is certainly coming to an interesting conclusion, having recently just moved everyone’s stories forward at an alarmingly quick rate. 216 more words