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Balancing Act

A coworker, who is several years younger than I am, made the comment to me the other night that she didn’t know how I balanced everything. 1,194 more words

Maintain A Healthy Perspective About External Events

Continually overreacting to external events is absolutely exhausting! 

Do you have those days when you go to bed and wake up still feeling tired?

Do you arrive at work having to force yourself to gather the umph to act as if you still like your job?  1,624 more words

Personal Competencies

Book Review: "The Undomestic Goddess" by Sophie Kinsella

The Lowdown:

A high-powered, respected lawyer Samantha Sweeting, runs away to a small country town unexpectedly, to pursue a vocation as a housekeeper because of a horrible mistake at work. 411 more words

Life Lessons

The Start of Change?

And so today starts the rest of my life, well not quite but nearly. I am counting down the days.  Do I feel ready, calm, excited?  619 more words

Sunday's in the jungle

Hey Adventurers,

What are you up to today? I don’t know about you but Sunday’s are pretty slow in my part of the jungle.

The mornings are pretty much written off to domestic necessities like washing and cleaning. 149 more words

Urban Safari

This Monday, decide what you want in life!

I believe in setting the pace – for my career and my life. However it is not as easy as writing this blog (or reading it). 263 more words

My Thoughts

Yes, Another Story on How Parental Leave is Broken -- The Preemie Perspective

I was in my last year of grad school when I gave birth to my son. My plan all along was to write my thesis while on maternity leave (and yes, I know that sounds crazy, but I’m not one to make it easy on myself). 1,275 more words