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Great news. Sex is good for your career!

A  study has shown that people who have sex several times a week earn more than their less sexually active peers. This study explains why sexual stimulation is the key to a work/life balance. 32 more words

Constant State of Transition

The past 4 years have seemed like a constant state of transition. I had just come through a fight with cancer and it had a profound impact on the things that truly mattered to me, especially as it related to my career. 483 more words

Random Thoughts

Friday links

It’s Friday once again! Yippee! How is your week so far? I’ve been keeping a note of the everyday things that I’ve been  celebrating over the past few days and I’ll be back to share that with you on Sunday evening. 122 more words

Work/life Balance

The Day I Quit...Errr...Left My Job

We don’t tend to use the word ‘quit’ because Carly might decide to quit things. She already exhibits cursory labor: eyeballing rather than investigating, giving up easily in a guessing game or hide-and-seek, etc. 358 more words

Four Year-old

Don't Be a Call Girl . . . or Boy

As I type this, my phone is ringing. It’s 6:30 in the morning. On a Saturday. On a holiday weekend. I recognize the out-of-state number; it’s a client, no doubt in a panic. 509 more words

The final push! One last hope to save the European Maternity Leave Directive from being scrapped

We finally have some news about the EU Maternity Leave Directive – and it’s pretty desperate. But let us quickly recap what happened until now: 539 more words

Work/Life Balance

Tears of sadness on the yoga mat

I’ve been getting progressively worse since leaving Mysore. Better in some ways, but worse in others. I’ve been pushing the limits and exploring my “edge” so that has resulted in more pain. 635 more words

Pain Management