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A Version of Perfect

A version of perfect

You see it everyday stories of happiness, stories of friendship, stories of hope but what you rarely see is the journey and the real struggle that led to that happy ending. 6,498 more words


What are the rewards of achieving balance?

Achieving balance in your life can bring you amazing rewards. You can expect some or all of the following changes and improvements in your life as you move into balance: 117 more words

Work/Life Balance

Working over the Holidays?

The holiday season has started. Thanksgiving has passed, school holidays have begun, Christmas and New Year are around the corner, and it’s time of the year again where we ponder and celebrate, spend time with family, consider important decisions, make a wish or two, and for some of us – work. 743 more words


How to get your UK document (s) legalized or attested by the UAE Embassy, London

For anyone planning to relocate or who is in the process of relocating from the UK to the UAE for work purposes, you would probably know by now that legalization and attestation of your documents is something that you should seriously consider before moving. 560 more words

Working Life

What Happens at Home Stays at Home (or does it?)

Anyone else out there watch Seinfeld? I was a bit of an addict, to be honest, and while I cannot claim to be one of those people who remembers everything (what was the false name that George went by when he wanted to impress women?) I do remember a lot and one of my favourite episodes was when George was freaking out about his friends and girlfriend meeting and hanging out together. 1,595 more words


Monday motivation

Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off.

There are LITERALLY thousands and millions with it worse than you.

You can do this… you’ve been doing it all along.

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