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Yes, medicine is a life's work. But so is mothering. Working part-time is choosing to excel at both.

Every one of the docs in my internal medicine practice is part-time. Yes, many of us have other non-clinical work responsibilities in administration, education, or research. 597 more words

Why (And How) Writers Write

Last month, SG Browne, Dana Fredsti, and I chatted at the Borderlands Cafe about why writers do what they do.  The event was organized by Scott as a way to encourage more writers to join the… 665 more words


Fitness Friday: work/life balance

Last Thursday, I attended another lunchtime wellness seminar at work. The topic was Work/Life Balance & Self-Care. I don’t make a habit of checking my work email in the evenings. 550 more words

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It takes a village....

I was watching my mum aka Grandy (to explain the name she had a beloved Gran who she wanted to emulate but felt ‘Gran’ made her sound too old so came up with Grandy – we’re running with it, although buying birthday cards is impossible) with Willow recently and realised that it’s not just your world that changes when you have a baby but everybody around you too. 491 more words


Who wears the traveling pants?

Once again we are going to talk about Millennials. Yes, this is first and foremost a travel blog, but my main purpose for this business is to bring families together through travel.. 280 more words

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Work/Life Balance Is a Myth

Allow me to let you in on a little secret, Work/Life Balance is bullshit.

Much like the Easter Bunny, the Lochness Monster or calorie free macaroni and cheese, work/life balance is a myth. 734 more words


Elize About ~ My career story

I grew up in South Africa where I studied beauty therapy and nutrition. In early 2007 I moved to the U.K to gain experience in many areas of the beauty industry. 855 more words