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Savor Some Solitude

In the age of information and round-the-clock news, many of us feel swamped by obligations that constantly require our attention. We can all relate to feeling bogged down by responsibilities. 344 more words


Part of the 2 Percent

I’m part of the 2 percent. I work for the tiny fraction of U.S. companies that offer unlimited paid time off (PTO). That’s right, I get to watch The Price Is Right live as much as I want! 691 more words


This. Is. Life. 

I have been silent on my social media platforms for the past 2 weeks. Life happened. In a tragic, sad, and heartbreaking fashion. In my continued quest to be transparent and share the challenges of life, career, and family – I will share the happenings over the past two weeks. 457 more words

Empowering Women

Eight reasons I hate writing

Warning: This post is a rant. If you don’t like rants, click off. That’s what I said. Click. Off. Don’t write and say, ‘I hate rants, Jen, and now I’m offended.’ Just go find some knitting tips and leave me to vent. 531 more words

Why I dislike the phrase “work/life balance”

If you had to choose between work or life, which would you choose? You’d probably choose life because that’s the only choice that makes any fucking sense. 486 more words

Liberty For All

Montgomery Business Solutions aims to do its best at helping anyone and everyone in their pursuit of the American dream. Prayers for Heather Heyer’s family and for all those before Heather who have worked to see that everyone could just be left alone to live in peace.

~ Leigh Ann

Work/Life Balance

Recreational Vehicles to the [Vacation] Rescue

What is an RV?  A recreational vehicle (RV) is either a vehicle you drive or a tricked-out trailer that you pull with your day-to-day vehicle. 452 more words

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