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Eigentlich sollte ich gerade am Entwerfen sitzen. Oder zumindest etwas Kochen oder gleich Schlafen. Denn nächste Woche ist Abgabe im Studio und im Modul, was so viel wie Ausnahmezustand bedeutet. 1,184 more words


Over half of sessional GPs suffer work-related stress

At least half of sessional GPs suffer from work-related stress, according to a new survey by the BMA | OnMedica

The BMA reported that work-related stress has led more than one in ten sessional GPs to take time off work in the past year. 109 more words

06 (June 2017)

Lost in the Maze

As of this morning, I have sunk 156 hours and 30 minutes in my term project for the compulsory choice module on adaptive systems, the aforementioned… 2,207 more words

Leaving space on my plate

One of the first things friends asked me when I told them I was taking a sabbatical is “what are you working on?” My project for sabbatical leave is a study of undergraduate attitudes and practices around their course reading: I’m interested in how they get access to what they need to read, their process while reading (for example, do they take notes? 522 more words

The Right Workload to Avoid Injury

How do training and competition workloads relate to injury? This question was recently addressed in several articles published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. 1,059 more words

Athletic Wellness & Performance

Contributing Factors of Frequent Use of the Emergency Department

Overcrowding of the emergency department is a growing problem. Frequent users contribute to the overcrowding problem in emergency departments | International Emergency Nursing

Introduction: Overcrowding in emergency departments is an issue that has a negative impact worldwide. 161 more words

06 (June 2017)

Short But Refreshing

Finally, a short but very much needed light showers finally fall down from the sky few hours ago today. 113 more words