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Managing my guilt

I have been told numerous time that there is no such thing as a ‘work/life balance’ for teachers as the profession is sure to take over your entire life. 670 more words


I chose Brockport because of its proximity, but I stayed because of my IT job and Delta College.

Alex Winslow—I chose Brockport because of its proximity to home. I was not even sure if I was going to go to college. My mind changed when I had the opportunity of an internship with… 297 more words

Student Life

Senator's 'Frozen' Ringtone Interrupts Hearing - NBC News

I guess his ringtone is more his theme song as Congress, particularly the GOP led Congress, has been frozen both in time and in workload. 20 more words

Back to reality...

so today was first day back to University, after 2weeks off! The end is a lot closer than I thought! 5weeks left of non-stop working then everything will be handed in- scary stuff! 53 more words

Business Minded

Returning to Normal, Part I

Editorial note: I have more to say about this topic, so I’ll be revisiting it soon—with research and quotations even. I haven’t done a series on this blog before, so this will be a test to see how it works. 502 more words


It's Not A Slow Day, But It's A Slow Day Upstairs

(thnaks, pzmyers!)

Yeah, motivation flies right out the window when you have a combination of too much to do and not enough time in the day to do it all. 89 more words


What happened at NUT Conference 2015?

By John Dickens

Funding Crisis:

The big austerity squeeze and a struggle to balance the books amid looming pay and pension hikes were top of the NUT’s agenda. 524 more words