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Ten Habits of a Time Management Boss

You can’t have a blog without a top-ten list, so without further ado here is the list from your Time Management Godmother:

1. Time management bosses write it down. 910 more words


First Post - Going to the Mattresses on "Busy" Culture

Greetings, gangsters! If you’ve stumbled across my site that must mean you are (1) tired of feeling like your work manages you rather than the other way around (2) want some tips on organization before you end up on an episode of “Hoarders” or (3) worried that “time management” and “organization” means you have to have an immaculate work space and home at all times. 334 more words


Workload Planning for Peak Times

This is the second in a planned series of posts on tackling workload issues in schools, so teachers can focus on the most effective activities. 295 more words


The #5MinWorkloadPlan by @TeacherToolkit and @LeadingLearner

This is a blog about managing teacher workload. The #5MinWorkloadPlan has been devised to help teachers and leaders take back control of their workload and well-being. 848 more words


The Answer is Simple by @TeacherToolkit

Regarding workload, the answer is simple. In this blog, I address a common problem for all teachers and propose a long-term solution for sustainability. It forms part of my own manifesto to Nicky Morgan. 319 more words

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Spin, spin, spin, and breathe, you silly woman!

I’m actually catching up on some marking tonight (it’s a miracle!) but the price is I haven’t gotten to work on the snowmobiling story. Yet. 846 more words

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