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Is the marking regime in your school unmanageable? It’s time to take control.

The chair of Independent Teacher Workload Review Group on Marking, Dawn Copping, writes in the forward to the Review Group report, Eliminating Unnecessary Workload around Marking… 844 more words


High Workloads Are Harming Teachers' Mental Health | Huffington Post

Chris Keates, General Secretary of The NASUWT writes in the Huffington Post:

“The latest figures highlight that almost half of teachers have seen a doctor in the last 12 months as a result of work related physical or mental health problems, 14% have undergone counselling and 5% have been admitted to hospital. 178 more words


Assessment for Learning

Education Minister, Nick Gibb announced last week that teachers are spending too long on marking. He expanded by identifying that there is a requirement for teachers to comment in depth and use strategies such as different coloured pens. 402 more words

Got the Backlog Blues?

Turning around your workload in a timely fashion creates happy, satisfied clients, making you that much more referable. Timely workflow also has a positive impact on the ever-important bottom line. 47 more words

Completing daily or weekly lesson plans on a routine basis?

Handing in lesson plans?

Completing daily or weekly lesson plans on a routine basis?

Told to use a standard format for your lesson planning?

Members are instructed not to submit lesson plans to members of the senior management team or anyone acting on behalf of the senior management team. 35 more words


Helping teachers to manage their workload

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

Teaching is undoubtedly a demanding job, but there are ways to manage the increasing workload to prevent burnout, said educators.

The workload varies across schools as it depends largely on the school leaders’ approach in managing staff and students, they added. 972 more words

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