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Log-dedicated loop device throughput and time overhead on btrfs 4.x

This is again about real world numbers (which I like so much for being authentic ;-). The context being the throughput and time overhead of a loop device, as a poor or late man’s replacement for a real disk partition, jep I know, on copy-on-write filesystem… 1,459 more words



Torque, one of the most overlooked parts of training with a power meter.  So what is torque?  Torque is a twisting force that causes rotation.  So torque is a force, and force is measured using Newtons or kilograms per square.  461 more words

Effective Methods of Determining Sales Force Size

In most companies, the sales force is the most critical part of the business; thus determining the sales force size is critical in planning for sales governance. 554 more words

Stop. Change. Introduce. Day 5 #Teacher5aday

Question: With the new curriculum changes & increased accountability measures what will you stop doing, change, or introduce for your own well-being?

Amy Jeetley has posed this question in  291 more words


The Busy Girl Diaries: Goals

People sometimes say to me, “You need to chill out. Take less classes, work fewer hours, be selfish.” Most of the time, these statements aren’t without good intentions. 283 more words



여러 개의 페이지 크기를 지원하기 위한 TLB 구조
워크로드가 사용하는 메모리가 커지게 되면, 메모리 접근의 지역성이 떨어질 수 있다. 이러한 경우에 주소 변환 과정에서 TLB가 충분히 이를 감당하지 못하게 되는데, 이를 해결하기 위해 large page (super page)를 사용하곤 한다. 35 more words

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Still almost two months before the winter term will commence late in September. Several of my co-students are working for local software firms during this break, though from what I hear so far what they’re doing there is not terribly interesting. 1,084 more words