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हमसफ़र । असद अली ज़ैदी

ऑफिस से घर आकर भी मैं घर मे नही था क्योंकि इन दिनों ऑफिस के स्टाफ के छुटटी पर होने की वजह से काम कुछ ज़्यादा था। अपने ऑफिस की रंगबिरंगी फ़ाइलो मे उलझा हुआ था कि तभी क़दमो की धीमी धीमी सी आवाज़ आयी जो हर एक पल करीब आती जा रही थी और जब वो आहट काफी करीब आ गयी तो सिर उठाकर देखा सामने बच्चों जैसा मासूम चेहरा लिए मेरी वाइफ खड़ी थी और बड़ी मासूमियत से उसने सवाल पूछा वो सवाल जिसका जवाब फालतू बैठे आदमी के पास नही होता मैं तो फ़िर भी प्राइवेट कंपनी का मामूली कर्मचारी जो बॉस की फरमाबरदारी मे इतना मसरूफ़ रहता है कि परिवार को भी समय नही दे पाता।

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Short update

After my rather gloomy last post, a lot has happened.

I am feeling significantly better, no black cloud currently looming, which is helpful because I am feeling the pressure right now! 144 more words


Workload at Uni

Anxious/Depressive Tip – how to handle the workload associated with Uni

The amount of work Uni is universally understood to be overwhelming. This is true, but its all about how you tackle it. 1,297 more words


Annoying things controlling schools still do that have no basis in evidence:

As trailed on twitter… a short round-up of annoying things controlling schools still do that have no basis in evidence.

1. Grade individual lessons

There is no justification for this in terms of professional discourse.   921 more words

Work Life Quality, Healthy Work Environments, and Nurse Retention (Clinical Nurse Specialist, 2018, 32(3) p .111–113)

Understanding the quality of nursing work life is important to ensure nurses are retained and strategies developed to recruit more students to the profession. Quality of work life (QWL) refers to a work environment’s ability to satisfying professional and work-related experiences. 34 more words

Student Nurses

Nurse turnover in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: An integrative review. (Journal of Nursing Management, 2018, Apr. E-pub)

Saudi Arabia is notably one of the nations with a health care system that is bombarded by high rates of turnover and turnover intention. Moreover, rapid population growth and the expansion of the health care system increase the demand on registered nurses in the kingdom. 23 more words


Registered nurses’ perceptions of safe care in overcrowded emergency departments. (Journal of Clinical Nursing, 2018, 27(5/6)

Extended length of stay and overcrowding in emergency departments are described internationally as one of the most comprehensive challenges of modern emergency care. An emergency department is not designed, equipped or staffed to provide care for prolonged periods of time. 47 more words

Patient Care