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Bring Your Best and Your Worst #MarkingScrutiny

As the saying goes, “If I had a pound for every policy I’ve written over the years I would have retired ages ago.”  However, if I had… 994 more words


Work Life Balance

Work-life integration is the idea that vital if you are going to be successful in any area. When you integrate successfully, you’ll have no guilt in allowing home and work to mix. 141 more words


Freelance Task Schedule

I am often asked how I manage to ‘juggle’ all my writing projects. The simple answer is – I write when I have time and then schedule. 367 more words

Bossman Day

My co-worker is out for a week on vacation. It adds more work for me which causes me stress. Her trip is well deserved since she works so hard. 213 more words


Imagine a world… where your workplace is a playground

I’m in a hurry. Actually everyone is; the traffic jam is monstrous. I cast a glance at my phone; it’s Saturday, 6.30 a.m. I have a clue what this early morning rush is about. 680 more words

Little Time, Much To Do

The Weekend is Here!

That means it is time for another blog post about my week at in the office. After two weeks of irregular schedules… I have gotten used to my weekly schedule and this week we had a full three days in the office, which will be the regular schedule each week. 420 more words


Your Productivity Swings

Do you find at a certain part of the day your productivity drops significantly? Conversely, is there a time of day when your productivity rises? If you notice this on a regular basis, it might serve you well to think on that; get to understand what it is about that particular time of day that affects you on a regular basis. 858 more words

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