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They Call Me Coach

I love coaching!

I’m still in the discovery phase as the USA Cycling Coach for the Middle TN JDRF Chapter, but I enjoy all the hats I wear: 283 more words


3 Simple Ways to Get Motivated to Go to the Gym!

“I really don’t feel like going to the gym.” I know we’ve all said this when even contemplating leaving your comfort zone to go workout. It’s something that benefits us so well, yet for some reason when it’s time to go we feel like it’s so much of a hassle. 774 more words


Fitness Friday 06.17

Woah! We’re half way done with 2017, how have your fitness and health goals been treading so far?  I’ve stuck it out for the last 5-months, and I’m not stopping! 217 more words


Pre-Race Rant

This Saturday, I’m doing my first road race at the Rockabilly Gran Prix. The kicker, at least for this 58 year-old, is that at 1PM when the lowly Cat 5’s roll, it’ll be 95°. 237 more words


Fitness Tips

I am by no means a fitness expert, but I love a good workout to get out some energy or to let off stress at the end of a long day. 416 more words

Current Favorites

Stretching and Warm Up Routine

It’s important that you guys are warming up before doing these workouts with me so I wanted to make sure you had a routine you could do. 175 more words


At Home Full Body AMRAP Workout

This workout is only 12 minutes long, but turned out to be much more intense than I’d anticipated when I wrote it. The intensity of this workout comes largely from the amount of weight that you use. 108 more words