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Top 5 Workout Motivation Tips

Are you the kind of person who needs to spend time searching on their Pinterest and Instagram just to search for motivational quotes and pictures of fit and lean personalities? 651 more words



The warm sunrays of these spring days are infusing new energy for a great workout. There is nothing better than rejuvenating your body and refreshening your mind with a good sweat. 52 more words


100 calorie workout plan

We all know that in order to lose weight we have to reduce to number of calories we are eating , right???

Well, not really, you can make some exercises to burn some more calories. 87 more words


Workout Day 4

Hey everybody! I apologise for not posting yesterday, I was supposed to workout but I didn’t end up working out because I didn’t take my medication and so I was very tired and slept all day due to my medication.. 85 more words

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Obsessing a Bit

So I’m not sure when this obsession started or will be ending but when I want to stay motivated to do anything in my life, I research the sh** out of it. 336 more words


5 days abs workout plan

We all want to get abs , think about summer, don`t you want that perfect body you see in magazines?

I certainly do! So this year I really want to accomplish my goal : Get fit for the summer. 152 more words

Workout Playlist !!!

Hey ! Since the workday is almost ending I figured I share my workout playlist and give you some tunes to help you stay focused ! 51 more words

Workout Motivation