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Abs and Arms Home Workout 

These days I really don’t have enough time to make the ten minute trek to my gym. So lately I have been doing a lot of home workouts. 123 more words


Workout Playlist

I recently started my full-time internship and have had barely enough time to function properly let alone write anything. I do have a pretty interesting article in the works, but I thought for the time being I would share a short post about what I’m listening to while I workout. 38 more words


Find Time and Find Motivation

In my first article about fitness, I talked about several points. My last article was about, “Finding a system that works for you“. Today I am going to talk about my next two points. 948 more words


What motivates me to work out?

Looking at the picture above you might be wondering what was it that led me to have muddy water pouring out of my shoes, running over some logs, all on a very cold English spring day. 698 more words


Day 28: 31 Days of Fitness

Today’s workout comes from an individual I look to for inspiration and motivation. ¬†His simple, yet killer workouts are what led me to focus on bodyweight training as the foundation of my fitness routine. 72 more words


7 Things Every Goddess Should Know About Herself

We are all goddesses, in our own unique way. How we define our strength and beauty is up to us. But I never want you to forget the power that lies within you. 119 more words


How to Earn Extra Cash + Grocery Haul

I need to start off this blog post by saying this isn’t some sort of a pyramid sales gimmick!

Phew, now that is off my chest. 314 more words