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Workout Review: Element Targeted Toning Yoga

Every once in a while, I try out a workout and I just don’t love it. Then a debate starts in my head: do I want to review it on my site? 628 more words

Work Out At Home

Erin Stern's Elite Body 4-Week Fitness Trainer (Review)

I usually write my own workouts, but once in awhile I find a workout plan that really appeals to me. A couple of days ago I stumbled across… 659 more words

Workout Review: Shiva Rea - Surf Yoga Soul

After a week of lifting and running, I needed a good yoga workout to stretch and lengthen all those tight muscles. I love Shiva Rea; she has a creativity with movement that many other instructors don’t, so she keeps my mind interested while my body’s engaged. 572 more words


Getting in Shape: My Kickboxing-versary

Thanks to Facebook, I will never forget a memory — or in this case, my kickboxing-versary. That’s right. It has been a year since I took up kickboxing… 420 more words


Workout Review: BarreAmped Fire with Suzanne Bowen

This BarreAmped Fire Extreme Sculpt DVD showed up in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been so excited/nervous to try it!

I don’t know whether any of you have ever been to a barre class before. 533 more words

Weight Loss

Workout Review: Power Boxing with Marlen Esparza

I’ve been wanting to try boxing or kickboxing for a long time, but for one reason or another I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I was thrilled to discover a few videos that would satisfy my curiosity on AcaciaTV (and allow me to potentially embarrass myself in the safety of my living room!) 371 more words


Sweaty Betty workout class review

Since I can’t run at the moment, I thought I’d investigate some other activities I could take part in as I’ve missed being active. A few people had mentioned to me that I ought to consider trying yoga or pilates to help with strengthening my body both for running and drama school, but not having done either I didn’t really know where to begin. 392 more words