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I Actually RAN🏃🏽‍♀️ For The First Time In A Looooong Time. 

Last week I blogged a mountain workout that I created but had not done just yet. I was inspired from my most recent hiking adventure to create a workout I could do off the trail and really focus on my endurance, stamina and power. 294 more words

Body By Audri

Interval Training - What it is and why you need to try it

Interval Training is one of those types of workouts that promises amazing results and actually lives up to the hype. We’ve all experienced too many scams in the fitness world, from workouts that promise to get rid of belly fat to diet pills that promise to make you skinny in a month (but don’t tell you that you’ll gain it all back, plus some). 1,214 more words

So excited!!

I just wanted to take a minute to say how excited I am about this new workout program I’m creating :D (If you didn’t read my… 346 more words

Final Triple Threat Review - What's Next

As some of you know, I did the last workout of the Triple Threat program yesterday. It was a pretty good workout – not the hardest I’ve done, but still challenging enough to work up a good sweat and muscle burn. 989 more words


I got to visit three of my best friends in L.A. this weekend, and our first stop was FitMix for Endurance Pilates. Confession: I’ve never used a Pilates Reformer before… they look a little bit like torture devices , don’t they? 275 more words


Triple Threat Trainer - Day 14, Halfway Point Review

Today is Day 14 of the Triple Threat workout program, which means I’ve reached the halfway point! I consider sticking with a workout program for 2 weeks (and still wanting to do more!) a huge accomplishment because I usually get bored easily. 1,113 more words

Core De Force Results and review

I finished! Core De Force is Beachbody’s latest workout. It is a MMA inspired workout. Every move pretty much triggers your core and there is zero equipment required. 1,019 more words