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No rest for the weary

Here’s what happened in cross training this week. It’s a short and sweet post, but a good all-around butt kicking!

I. Work for 1 minute at each station. 88 more words

2 important recumbent bike workout cues

For your daily cardio you can find loads of machines like the treadmill but running isn’t always the best option. It can hurt your knees in the long run and cause permanent damage. 213 more words


Do Your Homework On That Upcoming Event

It is always important to know what you are getting into when doing a race. Here are a couple tips to help you avoid showing up completely unprepared. 828 more words

Incremental Fitness

Kill em with kindness

What’s up with all these dreary Monday’s lately? I mean, three in a row. Because Monday’s aren’t already hard enough. Luckily, there’s power pump to brighten this day :) 110 more words

The Complete 4-Week Beginner's Workout Program

Going to the gym for the first time or just getting back into a routine can be very intimidating. When you go to the gym, people are grunting, weights are being dropped, and all you can hear is the “bro” speak. 827 more words


How To Get ABS For The SUMMER In 10 Minutes

Exercise #1: Lower abs stability ball pull.A great exercise for your abs,especially for the lower ab region.The way you perform this exercise os.you get yourself in a push-up position,your body should be parallel to the ground and then you focus on bringing the knees to your chest and squeezing your abs,3 sets to failure. 21 more words


Strong & Shapely Glutes

by Thomas Fahey Ed D (FitnessRX For Women)

The Ultimate Butt Lifting Program

Spring starts this week, which means it’s time to get your butt in gear… 196 more words

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