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How To GET The Jennifer Lopez BOOTY ! Top 5 Best Exercises For Your Gluteus Development

Before we begin I just want to point out that you can perform all of these exercises with your own bodyweight so there’s no excuse if you don’t have a gym membership, also, these exercises are not miracle workers and that it does take time to build a better butt but it is achievable, so patience and hard work is the key. 596 more words


Don't forget your cardio!

HIIT workouts are the rage these days. They yield fast results, mixing cardio and strength together. I like them because they’re intense and time flies when you’re doing them! 66 more words

Spotlight on Core Fitness

We talk about it all the time in our Pilates classes, but what does “core fitness” really mean?  What does it do?  How can we improve it?   585 more words

Workout Tips

Do You Know How To Squat?

Put those quads, glutes and back muscles to work with this power move! Get stronger at the gym or right at home by incorporating this exercise into your workout routine! 169 more words


At What Age Is It Ok To Start Working Out ?

So first of all I want to go in a bit of rant about some other people’s advice on this topic, whether it’s a fitness channel, a doctor, or a workout enthusiast. 944 more words


What Suits You: Morning Workout or Evening Workout?

Let’s start with a simple thought that comes in almost everybody’s mind before taking the decision of working-out regularly; when should I exercise, in the morning or in the evening? 488 more words

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9 Workout Mistakes Women Often Make

Going to the gym is a daily occurrence for some, but a rarity for others. However much you go to the gym, you should be ensuring your workouts are the best they can be. 550 more words

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