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TIPS FOR YOUR CHEST WORKOUTS! (Mistakes People Make When Training Chest)

Tip number 1: The incline bench should not be over a 30 degree angle. Our goal is to focus mainly on the upper chest, not on our front delts and the higher the angle is, the more you’re putting stress on your front shoulders and less on your upper chest. 324 more words


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My life as a traveller isn’t over yet! For the first time year, we are staying in the same place for longer than two weeks. We’re house sitting for the chap’s parents and have the next three weeks sorted. 376 more words

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Have more effective workouts, leading to greater results with this one tip- 321 more words


High Load/Low Reps Versus Low Load/High Reps For Hypertrophy

by Drew Baye (BAYE)

High Load/Low Reps Versus Low Load/High Reps For Hypertrophy

A new study published in the Journal of Physiology shows that neither load nor brief post-workout increases in anabolic hormones determines muscular strength or size gains as long as exercises are performed to… 319 more words

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Tips for Proper Workout Posture

Posture workout tips from Liz Belter, PT:  While doing squats keep your knees over your ankles.  Sit back as if sitting in a chair.  Bring shoulders forward to counter-balance. 32 more words

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Here’s How to Feed Your Body Like a Boss Before and After Your Boxing Class!

When you’re ready to give your workout your all and do some serious sweating, you’ll want to make sure that your body is ready for the challenge ahead of you. 478 more words

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1. People putting safety pins on the smith machine. The bar on the smith machine goes up and down no matter what, so putting a safety pin on it is not a smart thing to do. 165 more words