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Why Pilates During Pregnancy is a Total Must-Do!

If you didn’t try Pilates previous to pregnancy, now is the time to start (with your doctor’s permission, of course!) Pilates is a perfect way to strengthen all of the muscles you will use throughout your pregnancy, during labor and delivery, and beyond (while you’re holding the little one and rocking him for hours.) It strengthens your body without straining it. 239 more words


Two workouts for your Butt and Gutt

Bicycles by Kelly Jones

  1. Begin lying down on your back. Have your hands on your head and one knee bent and raised. The other leg will stay straight out.
  2. 162 more words
Workout Tips

Kick it into gear

Ah Monday. You always sneak up so fast. Despite a relaxing weekend that included some nice runs and a baseball game with our dogs, that early alarm is never easy on the ears. 199 more words

How Often Do I Work On My Abs? | Easy,Simple And Effective 10 Minute Post Workout Ab Routine

I work on my abs 2-3 times a week for 10 minutes after my main workouts,due to the fact that abdominal muscles are involved a lot on almost every compound movement.Having that said here’s an example of a simple and effective ab routine: 73 more words


What To Eat After Exercise

Nutrition after you workout is just as important as nutrition before you workout. Eating the right things post workout can help to speed recovery and avoid injury. 231 more words


6 Things You Can Do For a Healthy Pregnancy

Here at Mumberry we take pregnancy health and fitness very seriously – I’m sure you’ve gathered that by now. But just in case you missed it, WE WANT YOU TO HAVE A HEALTHY PREGNANCY! 582 more words


Mind Over Matter

written by Damon Marable

Quite often when I look onto the fitness floor, I see people do the exact same thing that they did the previous day…or week. 453 more words

Workout Tips