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Black Hole of Cardio Training

As many of you know, I gained a lot of weight when I tore my ACL. What most of you don’t know is all my trial and error efforts to lose weight. 1,498 more words


Just keep spinning

I haven’t posted a cycle workout in a while. I’ll be honest with you it’s because I’ve made a playlist and then we do whatever the beat makes me feel that day. 177 more words

wake up. kick ass. repeat.

I used a long running playlist in class this morning. Hit random and your 50 minutes starts. ***If you come across Sandstorm, stop what you’re doing, drop to plank. 129 more words

10 Exercise Tips for the Modern Day Serial Killer

The internet is flooded with thousands of exercise programmes for many different life styles. You can find regimes for busy mothers, for business people with little time to fit in a workout, and for those just looking to bulk up muscle or lose weight quickly. 1,253 more words

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ARM SIZE REVEALED + 10 Minute Gym Cable Abs Workout

Hey guys, what’s going on, in this video we are doing a 10 min post-workout cable abs routine, but before we begin I have to keep my promise, the previous video was a killer superset arm workout and at the end of the workout I measured my arms but I didn’t tell you what the measurement is, so I postponed it for this video and I let you try to guess yourself. 355 more words


EPIC ARM WORKOUT | What's The Size Of My Arms?

Hey guys, what’s going on, this is going to be an awesome video, we’ve got a brand new arm workout, filmed everything with two cameras, a GoPro and a Nikon so there’s going to be a variety of shots and also I measured my arms at the end of the workout so make sure you stick around for that as well. 531 more words


If You Truly Seek a Balanced Physique...

written by Damon Marable

The saying is true: “Out of sight, out of mind”. Quite often when people are working out, they look dead set in the mirror. 561 more words