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Back And Biceps Workout For Mass !

I decided to start off this workout with unilateral machine rows. This is a great machine for your back and if you don’t have it in your gym, you can start off with barbell rows. 421 more words


The great debate workout

I made this workout during the final presidential debate. It’s call “the great debate workout – presidential fitness edition” because we’re doing various exercises for one round, followed by the opposite, negative or other exercise working the same muscle group in the next round. 98 more words

Truth & Supersets

As I’m sure many of you know, there are a TON of ways to work out. Some people swear by running, going from training for one marathon to the next. 495 more words

Everyday Choices


For this workout, you will need to be on a wood or otherwise slippery floor that you can slide a towel on. Place a set of dumbbell weights and a kettle bell at one end of a room. 174 more words

The Power of Proper Breathing

In Pilates classes, you often hear phrases like “remember to use your breathing” or “pilates breath”.  We know it, we do it – but… why?   449 more words

Workout Tips

what spoils workout progress

A lot of people spend way too much time in the gym, sweating and pushing and grinding. But many of them don’t see the result of their efforts. 531 more words


Work. Achieve. Repeat.

I. Warm up – jump rope | stairs | laps, etc.

II. Place a fairly heavy kettle bell at one end of a gym or room, and an ab mat at the other end. 175 more words