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Helpful For Eating Right!

Whatup whatup!! Alright this was taken from one of my older blog of mine but because I am deleting that other blog of mine and I love all the awesome information in this posting, I wanted to be sure to keep this post up. 891 more words

Vegan Food

How to Prevent a Workout Injury

Even when you’re careful, an injury is a very real risk of fitness and exercise. That’s why I decided to research ways to protect myself. And you know I can’t keep all this knowledge to myself, so I put all my findings together for you. 463 more words


How To Make A Limited Gym Work For You

Good morning fitfam! It’s the beginning of the year and we all know what that means – New Year’s Resolutions! Whether you’re new to fitness or you’re a pro, we can all run into the same problem – a less than fabulous gym. 454 more words

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The Core Part 2

I hope you are returning for more! If you are new, please visit my Part 1 and check out the exercises I shared first. You wouldn’t jump into the ocean without first learning to swim right? 1,832 more words

Tips For Beginners At The Gym

So it’s January, and with that comes new goals, new journeys and new experiences! For all those new to their fitness journeys, I want to make you feel comfortable in the gym and give you tips to get you started :) 506 more words

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Patricia Bartlett's Success Story

After my long-term relationship abruptly ended, I made a personal decision to lose weight and increase my strength and stamina. My friends were supportive but not convinced of my goal. 650 more words

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5 Ways To Squeeze In A Workout With A Newborn

No matter how fit you were before or during your pregnancy, bouncing back after having a baby can be a challenge. And not only do you have to wait 6-8 weeks before you have the clear to go ahead and sweat it up, but you might now be wondering when the hell will you find the time to even exercise now that your on mommy duty 24/7? 495 more words