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Money Saving Workout Wear For Women

This is a great idea! Why spend all that money on hot clingy workout wear to exercise in the park? This would be much more practical for women. 7 more words

Balanced Lifestyle

I’m not perfect. Neither is anybody else on this planet. It started about 7 years ago now when I started to make changes in my life. 104 more words


Workout Gear Wishlist

The great thing about working out is that workout gear is essential which means shopping!!! I have put together a little wish list for this month of pieces that I really liked and may be purchasing when pay day comes. 66 more words


Working out at home:The basics

Working out  in  the  gym  is  always  the  ideal  because  of  the availability of a trainer to guide  you and the company of other members which is very motivating.However hectic work schedules,and other unforeseen commitments can make it  hard for you to get to the gym on a daily basis . 213 more words


workout wear

Hiiiii guys!!!! Thanks for being patient with me while I’ve enjoyed summer and totally neglected my blog…I’m so happy to be back, though! I hope you are having the best summer too and all my teachers out there are enjoying this precious time. 231 more words

Workout wear gorgeousness from Keep Tight Clothing

I’ve just discovered THE BEST clothing brand. It’s a US brand but you can get the fab range in the UK. I’m particularly impressed with the fabrics. 94 more words


Fashion interjection

Ok so this isn’t so much about the typical bodybuilding facts and experiences but how awesome are these Marvel comic tights!! I totally will be rocking this in the gym! 11 more words

Beginner Bikini And Fitness Competitor