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Small changes can make a big difference. A tweak in your workout routine, new gym gear or pushing yourself to hold the plank position for 30 seconds longer. 772 more words

Top It Up: Workout Tops for 2018

When selecting workout tops, it’s important to consider more than just whether it looks great on you. This is a garment where function plays a really key role….particularly for ladies with larger busts who want to bust a move whether that entails jogging or doing explosive plyometric moves. 572 more words

Workout Wear

Happy Tuesday dolls!

Today I am going to share some of my favorite workout pieces with you all. I had lost all of my pregnancy weight, but with all of Lexi’s hospitalizations my eating and workouts have been falling short. 75 more words


How to Kick that 'I don't like to exercise' attitude!

Everyone goes through exercise blues. There are days when you do not feel like working out and other days you are so pumped that you can’t wait to hit the gym! 459 more words


One Determined Kitty: A Dieting Story

A friend recently commented, quite sweetly, that she was inspired by the determination with which I’ve thrown myself into my weight loss and exercise goals (this on the heels of my admission that I had pre-gamed my Thanksgiving dinner by taking a big, long swim the morning-of.  1,060 more words


Get your sweat on in style!

Going to the gym is now incomplete without that pre work out and post work out selfies and work out boomerangs!

Psssttt…Yoga Peeps are you listening? 226 more words


Fall Fun Series II: Fashionably Whiffing It

There’s at least one posting prompt I whiff every year in whatever blogging challenge I’m participating in at the time, and it looks as though 2017’s will be today’s theme of fashion in the Fall Fun Series.   394 more words

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