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Today I’m landlocked at the house. We are a one car household *until next week¬†when our one-car status will cease after nearly 7 years of marriage!* and it worked out for my husband to take the car to LGA for just one night. 556 more words


Why 'I Don't Have Enough Time' Isn't a Worthy Excuse...

‘I don’t have enough time’ – one of the most overused reasons to not workout.

But why?

Perhaps laziness, or perhaps people do not realise there are many ways to workout that do not involve prolonged periods of time; and they are… 539 more words


Day 2 Workout!

Wow was today ever a killer! I woke up and asked my friend how she felt. To my huge surprise, she wasn’t sore at all. Where with me, yes, I was sore. 681 more words


I have abs...kinda.

I’ll have to update the other stuff for another blog, but I am now at 258 pounds and guess what? I kinda sorta have abs. Upper abs actually. 119 more words

Weight Loss

Nothing else matters

I wanted to run today. So I asked Pendulum to help me out. They willingly fucked me over and whipped me out. It worked. I ran fast. 164 more words


{WORKOUT} Simple MMA Fight Prep Workout

MMA fighter, Alex Perez, prepares for an upcoming mma fight in San Diego. We look into one of his workout series to prepare for the big event

WOTW: Lift the Chest

I was at the gym yesterday, lifting weights before cardio, and someone came up to me to compliment me on my workout. They said that they don’t usually see many women lifting weights at the the gym. 432 more words