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Is it Summer? Broad Street Day 3

Is it summer out there today?  At 2 o’clock on February 21 it is 74 degrees outside, unreal; I will take that all day every day.    270 more words


Thrifty Nifty

This weekend was exceptionally long, a special thanks to our presidents. Sleeping in four days in a row was much-needed. I also had the time to do cool things with my friends as a bonus! 332 more words

Workout 02-21-18

Today’s workout was a short interval run around the academy. Even though it’s February it’s already hot and humid here so pushing it on the run was out of the question. 43 more words


The last couple of days...

So workouts this week have been just plain, on Monday I did some time on my Elliptical Trainer due to my knee and ankle giving me grief (old injuries suck) and then yesterday we took a trip to a local park so that my wife could get in a run, and I brought our puppy along and did a bit more than a 2 mile walk. 164 more words


80 Day Obsession Phase 1

So as some of you may know I am doing Beachbody’s and Autumn’s new workout called “80 Day Obsession”. And can I just say that I am officially obsessed! 275 more words


Workout Wednesday-Arms, Back, and Abs

Hello and happy hump day!! I had the day off of work Monday, so instead of taking my early morning workout class, I slept in and did my own. 146 more words


5 Nutrition Myths – Destroyed

Myth 1 “Eating little and often, between 5-7 meals per day, is the best way to fire up your metabolism and loss weight”

It is true that when you eat your insulin (hormone that the body sends out when sugars are added to the blood) spikes. 522 more words