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Globo Gym Workout

Foam Roll

Barbell Warm-Up

5 Rounds

Deadlift+PC+Front Squat (3ea)

Kneeling KB Shoulder Press (6)

KB Alt Push Ups (2/4/6)

Box Jump (5)

Zottman Curls 3×8… 10 more words


02/25/2018 Bootcamp

Southern Mass Functional Fitness – Bootcamp


Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds for time:

800m Run

30 Box Jumps (24/20)

20 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

30 OH Walking Lunges (45/35)

20 Pull Ups


#8 (2) Willpower & pain

8 minutes today. It’s really low, but I’m still proud I’ve been able to find the motivation to do at least something.

I still have a lot of pain from my workout session, I spent almost all day in bed, but I’ll be fine. 54 more words


Banish "Gymtimidation"!

At some point in our lives we all have or will experience “gymtimidation”. There is nothing worse than walking into a gym or any other place for that matter and feeling insecure or threatened. 468 more words


You Know Me...

Apparently bossing people around and making a “party” out of any gathering of people, runs in my blood.  So, of course, the minute I got to this 27 Week Physical Fitness Challenge, I started getting agitated about how they were missing out on a lot of opportunities to make it more fun! 337 more words

The Nalini Method

What is one way I keep moving at home?  The Nalini Method.

“The Nalini Method is an innovative mood-based fitness plan that fuses yoga, Pilates, strengthening exercises, and barre work to help participants lose emotional weight and find emotional fitness—transforming both mind and body in the process. 242 more words


Relieving Pain Naturally

Many of the following options have been used for centuries, we got it right the first time and have been trying to make pain relief easier ever since. 857 more words