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How to Fit Regular Physical Exercise in to Your Busy Schedule

We all know that regular physical exercise is crucial to our health. But it can be a challenge to fit a regular exercise program into your daily schedule. 450 more words

Weight Loss


I felt really bad about my eating today and I know I shouldn’t. We visit my boyfriend’s family once a week which is always on Wednesdays because that’s the only day during the week that none of us work or have classes. 388 more words

São Paulo

Workout ideas??

So I have been on this journey for 3.5 weeks. During the week, eating and exercise has been more routine. Still working on getting the weekend under control.  76 more words

5 Reasons To Mix Up Your Workout Routine

There are many reasons to mix up your fitness routine and it’s probably easier than you think. The first sign that it’s time to switch things up is when you stop feeling or seeing the results that you once saw. 725 more words


"Desired Body Weight"- what does that mean?

What does “desired body weight” really mean?

Current body weight and desired body weight are two common questions on health history forms prior to partaking in most training programs. 397 more words

Sick Days

I used to be girl crazy. Chasing women was pretty much the top narrative in my life. Back then, the only thing that would ground me and bring me back to reality was getting sick. 482 more words


Workout B - 10/26/16


These early days of Strong Lifts 5×5 are… really easy. I’m trying to use this time to work on my form, though. It’s harder than I thought to squat below my knees. 118 more words