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Who the heck are we?

I am a college student/soccer player/chocolate lover pursuing a degree in Nutrition Science as well as a 4-pack, while my boyfriend is a gym/cat lover who is afraid of leg day and in pursuit of the biggest chest in America… … 103 more words


Weekly Workout Log 2/22-2/28

These logs will start to get a little repetitive since I started Insanity. On weekdays, I wake up at 5:30 AM to do the workout because I’m more motivated to get through it in the AM. 194 more words


Cold Weather Weight Loss

So I saw this segment on GMA a week or so ago talking about how being cold can help you lose weight.  Basically your body has to work harder when it’s colder, thus burning more calories.   197 more words



This week’s plan..

  • 3/2-Push Press/Cardio
  • 3/3-DL/Cardio
  • 3/4-“Off Day”
  • 3/5-ATS/Flat Bench+Chest Day.
  • 3/6-“Off Day”
  • 3/7-Squats/Legs
  • 3/8-“Off Day”

**Should do it.


Insanity Round 2

Day 1 Pre-Workout

Gonna start working out again. Loaded up insanity, laced up my shoes and I’m ready to sweat. Ho boy, it’s been a long time since I’ve exercised for real. 279 more words

From inspired to inspirational, and not a Pinterest pin in sight

Inspiration, as a word and concept, is bandied around constantly nowadays (she says, sounding about ninety. Sorry, ninety year olds).

Instagram, Pinterest and other image-sharing sites are often described as sources of inspiration, but what is the probable result of all this looking at pictures of other people’s beautiful lives? 472 more words