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My Top 5 Benefits Of Sprint Training

I do sprint training about 1-2 times a week, outside if I can or I’ll just jump on the treadmill at the gym if I’m running low on time. 300 more words


Struggling with Life and Running
Sorry for not being able to post blogs for the past several weeks. My schedule was a total wreck. I am a law student and requirements were very notorious these past weeks. 476 more words

No one in sight

Hey crew,

Had a great morning today, got up feeling pretty good and had some peanut butter and honey crackers before my workout with some Maxs Creatine and Betapump (pre-workout). 162 more words


F45 - More than F44, Less than F46

It’s coming up to Canberra winter – a magical time of year in which the Nation’s capital transforms to the lands beyond the Wall for 9 months. 611 more words


Do it For the Booty

So I never worked out. As a teenager I considered standing the corner or running from the ball in gym class a workout. I loathed… 364 more words



Happy New Year! Hahahahaha… Ahem.

Let’s sidestep the awkwardness of how long I’ve neglected this blog, shall we?

What we can talk about is what (or who) caused me to write again. 215 more words

Push Ups 2.0

Push ups are a traditional method of exercise and extremely simple: lay down with your arms at your side, hands under your shoulders, and push yourself up while keeping your body straight. 314 more words