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Oh the bullies...

I cannot believe how therapeutic writing is being. Things are coming clearer to me now I’m allowing myself to self-express.

Singing has certainly helped me to stand up for myself somewhat, but I think it may be writing that helps me to shine a light on where I have been and where I have come to in my life, and possibly why. 2,545 more words

The Narcissist in Office:Bullies in the Workplace

The narcissistic boss in the workplace is a bully.  This person is characterized as charming, arrogant, pretentious, and dismissing.  They are experts at underestimating and devaluing the achievements and accomplishments of others.  893 more words

Codependents And Narcissists

Workplace Bullying: The Serial Bully

Workplace bullies. We’ve all experienced them at one time or another.

Maybe you’ve seen or heard a coworker being bullied, or you have heard water cooler gossip about a coworker that “everyone” seems to know about, or… 2,121 more words

Workplace Bullying

#907: "My hyper-vigilant work bully is bringing up all my old issues about being watched & judged."

Captain Awkward and the Awkward Army,

I recently accepted a position in a line of work that is brand new for me, exciting, mentally stimulating, and will enable me to finally be financially stable. 913 more words

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