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What the 1971 Stanford prison experiment teaches us about workplace bullying

Philosopher Hannah Arendt invoked the phrase “banality of evil” to describe how Adolf Eichmann served as one of Hitler’s architects of the Holocaust. Since then, the phrase has come to represent — in more generic terms — how ordinary people become easily invested in the values of a morally bankrupt status quo and participate in terrible behaviors that seemingly are unthinkable in civilized society. 55 more words

Human Rights Violations

Workplace Bullying: One Medical Center’s Nurses Assess and Respond

Bullying against or by nurses has gotten a lot of attention in recent years. Aside from the suffering bullying inflicts on its victims, research tells us that bullying (which takes a number of forms, from overt insults to more subtle acts that undermine and demoralize) can also endanger patient safety and quality of care. 202 more words

Human Rights Violations

Workplace Bigotry

Coming from the West of Scotland, I was all too aware of the divisions in the north of Ireland from a very young age. However, during my time working in a kitchen, I could not anticipate the scale of the problem in Scotland. 594 more words


Woe is me (but maybe not you): How powerful people experience injustice

Powerful people may well be sensitive to injustice and unfairness, but a recent study shows that they are much more likely to feel this way if they are the alleged victims. 244 more words

Psychology And Work

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