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France Télécom executives are on trial for workplace bullying associated with dozens of worker suicides

Former France Télécom executives are on trial for alleged violations of France’s “moral harassment” code, in a case alleging that systematic bullying tactics were employed to reduce the company’s workforce. 437 more words

Workplace Bullying, Mobbing, And Abuse

Bullying within Nursing

Nursing is well-known as an occupation in which workplace bullying and horizontal violence is common. A 2018 study of nursing students in New Zealand found that 40% of those surveyed had experienced bullying or harassment during their clinical placements. 564 more words



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One person to be mentioned in the Pret A Manger saga: … 258 more words

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how to SPOT workplace bullying --- #SpotStop

and how to STOP it!

How to spot it, is a question many ask. I have read a lot of workplace bullying sites and organizations. And most of the time I read the same: 570 more words

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Flush... is that my career going down the toilet?

I’ve moaned about this before, but it feels like it’s time for some more moaning.  Sometimes I feel like my mental health nursing career has been flushed down the toilet.  902 more words

Mental Health

A Classic Pret A Manger Bullying Experience

… by the book!

I’ve seen this review and “logged” it into the general “Pret Staff Complaints” page a while ago, that I update periodically. 4,104 more words

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Employees are the Core Target Audience

I found an excellent Twitter feed recently which I link here, that everyone can read from the top down. I’m not going to elaborate on it as it speaks for itself. 345 more words

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