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Startup Life: When Your New Boss Kills The Office Culture You Loved

I’ve never written to an advice column before. I’ve always had a vague fascination with them, probably because my life has been relatively boring and I like to live vicariously through other people’s fuckups. 824 more words

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Working through burnout

We often see two roads for staff experiencing professional ‘burnout’ in the helping sector. One common but dangerous path is for staff members to continue to work despite experiencing the current effects of professional and emotional burnout; the other is to ‘work through the burnout’ – as in, working it out. 721 more words


Seeing Our Work in Context

Context is important for both people and organizations.

None of us are allowed to move forever through the universe with a myopic vantage point. 210 more words

Best Practices

Comedy Central's new, darkly hilarious "Corporate" reminds us why we hate work

It’s hard to identify the moment when work culture became a warm and fuzzy concept, where “vulnerability” is prized and authenticity valued above all else. But it has happened. 590 more words

HR Pros: Emotional First Responders?

On January 4, 2018, well known author, speaker, and HR professor Dave Ulrich tweeted: “In a world of increased uncertainty and change, aspiring #HR professionals are… 837 more words

Technology Can Reverse the Pecking Order

It’s funny how a small change in technology can disrupt hierarchy.  As new technologies collect better information about employees, it puts management under increased scrutiny.  In my last post I summarized Josh Bersin’s 2018 forecast of… 653 more words


Waking Up is Not a Competition

Do you have a strange pang of guilt about your wake-up time?  You shouldn’t.  People have varied natural wake-up times, and the “best” time to wake up appears to be extremely personal. 828 more words