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Working around the problem

While I blog a lot about management and leadership, I certainly don’t want to give anyone the impression that I am some sort of infallible person. 685 more words

Change your thinking style - get rid of unhelpful thoughts

I have a habit to look at certain situations in my life say job loss, in a very negative way and I discussed this yesterday with my psych.  378 more words


Workplace Culture - Three ways to build it

Hire for character. Values, personality, habits. Nobody wants to work with a social hand grenade – those toxic personalities that make you question why anybody would ever choose to be friends with that person since they do everything unimaginable to repel a conversation rather than build one.  151 more words

Tools & Tips

Why Corporate Culture Matters

The Glue Behind Your Organization’s Success

By Michael Scher

In the war for talent, an organization needs to do more than just offer high wage salaries and amenities. 603 more words

Deep Diving into the Creative - Part 2

Last week I responded to an article in The Conversation by Laura D’Olimpio entitled Philosophy for the People: Commencing a Dialogue. In part D’Olimpio wrote about how works of art like literature and films can be used to deepen empathy. 562 more words

The "Perception Is Reality" Trap

We all know the phrase, “perception is reality.” And in a psychological sense it is true: we all experience the world through our own lens and that is our reality. 559 more words

Workplace Culture

Reinventing How We Work

The only way to build passion is to go out into the world and experience a lot of stuff.” – David Kelley, IDEO founder… 353 more words

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