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Three lessons learned in creating recognition programs that HURT employee engagement

Recognition programs are a powerful way to reinforce the behaviors that are important to an organization. I have seen first-hand how recognizing someone can have a tremendously positive impact on engaging employees; on the flip side, I have seen recognition result in disengaged employees as well. 723 more words

Employee Engagement

How the Mood of a Leader Attributes to Workplace Behaviors and Culture

If you’re like most people, you have probably worked in an environment that was less than positive, perhaps even toxic. Workplace environment and culture are critical elements for workplace happiness. 381 more words


Why Physical Activity at Work Makes an All-Star Team

In 2013, I purchased Fitbits for all of my staff at UC Funds and the results were remarkable.

I have always maintained that fitness is for life and by that I mean every aspect a person’s life is improved by incorporating physical activity. 572 more words

Dan Palmier

Haiku for Australian of the Year, David Morrison

Australian Of The Year
David Morrison!

I was moved by, “The
standard you walk past is the
standard your accept.”

And now the rest of… 7 more words

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How to Focus on Your Work and Ditch the Distractions

It may be the rarest skill in the modern workplace: the ability to focus. “Deep work is giving something intense concentration without distraction for long periods of time,” says Cal Newport, a computer science professor at Georgetown University and author of the new book… 869 more words


Company perks are good, especially when they reinforce your culture

Venture Capitalist Ben Horowitz’s book, titled: “The Hard Thing about Hard Things”, resonated with the business community. While I would recommend his book and agree wholeheartedly with much of his advice (on honesty being more important than positivity and tips on the “right way” to let someone go), the book included a section on how “company perks are good, but they are not culture.” This sentiment has been widely picked up in the press, but its surface-level interpretation leads to a takeaway that I think misses his point. 777 more words

Employee Engagement

Encourage Healthy Habits; Increase Workplace Performance!

All of the best employers want their employees to be happy and healthy. Happy and healthy employees tend to be more engaged, more creative and more productive. 370 more words