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What it Means to be a Responsive Employee

We’ve heard this buzzword a lot lately—responsive—most often used when describing an intuitive approach to web design.

A responsive employee has nothing to do with multi-screen adaptability or user experience, but rather with a human character trait we often undervalue. 510 more words

Make Your Office a Template for Your Business

If you want to run a business, you need to have certain paradigms to aspire to. In fact, you also need to have examples you can use as templates for how to run the company. 1,029 more words


Does Shyness Hinder Success in the Workplace?

A deeper look at workplace personalities and how they impact opportunities for advancement. 

Every workplace has its characters: the funny guy, the token nerd, the party animal—you all know who I’m talking about. 635 more words

Working in a Culture of Extroversion

Fake It ‘till You Make It.

Harvard Business School trains their students to fake it—that is, when it comes to building and maintaining trust in a group setting. 756 more words

Museums and Work/Life Balance in a Digital World...plus a P.S. for Paris in Honor of Elaine Heumann Gurian

As you know, Anne and I spent two days in Washington, D.C. at the Intercom meeting. One of the many conversations we participated in had to do with work/life balance. 556 more words