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How Young Women Can Combat Subtle Sexism At Work

This piece originally appeared on Monster.com.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: A young woman in today’s workplace acts confident and assertive; her peers consider her aggressive and self-promoting. 1,042 more words


Do You Remember Your First Jobs?

Last month, the hashtag #firstsevenjobs was trending on Twitter. It got people to share their unlikely beginnings and reminisce about where their career paths led them. 1,432 more words

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Organizational Death By a Thousand Cuts

I have been in the working world for almost a decade now, and in that time I’ve had several different types of bosses, some good and some not so good. 710 more words


Breaking Away from "Stupid": Maybe It's New Staff, Not New Data?

Last week our post on bullying brought comments about how bullies and staff in general are hired. Several of the commenters offered potential interview techniques to weed out the mean, the lazy, and the pompous. 578 more words


The Leader's Role in Facing Workplace Bullying

There are many reasons to become a museum leader. You have a platform for the ideas that percolate in your brain. You can take a stand when necessary rather than mutter behind your coffee cup. 882 more words


How's Your Glow?

Workplace culture! Something overlooked in the 80’s and 90’s, but now the focus of many workplaces, and for good reason. A positive team is a productive team. 783 more words