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What I can control and what I cannot...

I work with a very “group-oriented”, social services department. I realize that I work in a “person-centered field” and that collaboration and brainstorming with co-workers comes with the territory. 667 more words

Creating Conversations: How to Connect with New People

Meeting new people can be nerve-racking. Whether it is a first date, a business networking event, or a dinner party, we often struggle to engage in conversation with strangers.   570 more words

Workplace Culture

Beer & Building Consenus

Once upon a time, I was Ontario’s “Beer Guy”.   My role was to oversee alcohol policy for the government.   What I learned in the position is that beer is a complicated business.  639 more words

Workplace Culture

Innovation in the Lego Age

If I were to ask, “Who invented the light bulb or who developed the airplane?”, chances are that, without pause, you could answer correctly Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers.  671 more words

Workplace Culture

Positive Workplaces are a Choice

Can I tell you a secret?   I rummaged through Google to unearth the most disgustingly cheerful image of a group of co-workers you’ll ever find.   Take a look at the photo above again. 616 more words

Workplace Culture

Humour in the Workplace

Humour in the workplace is often associated with an office environment that is fun, laid-back and friendly.   However encouraging humour in the workplace should not be assumed to be a frivolous pursuit.  441 more words

Workplace Culture

What Librarians Can Learn from Nurses

Helping your staff help other people on a shoestring budget in a time crunch – sound familiar? Hospitals and libraries have more in common than you might expect.  746 more words

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