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Eurovision and Your Career

In two weeks, my favorite guilty pleasure will be unleashed on the world stage. Back in college, thanks to several travel abroad experiences and close friendships with students from several European countries, I was introduced to the music, the drama and the spectacle that is the… 580 more words


Employee Spotlight - Cal Zant, President

We recently caught up with Cal Zant, the new president of Betenbough Homes, to see what he’s excited about in his new role! Read on to see how working for the company has impacted his life and what he’s up to when he’s not in the office. 1,147 more words

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S-Suite vs C-Suite...Sweet!

“C–Suite is a widely-used slang term used to collectively refer to a corporation’s most important senior executives. C–Suite gets its name because top senior executives’ titles tend to start with the letter C, for chief, as in chief executive officer, chief operating officer and chief information officer.”   –Investopedia.com… 414 more words

Aspire Indiana

Oh the Culture

By: Brittany Coffman

What is this thing they call culture?

Why is culture so important? What can culture do for a company? As I sit in an organization with a culture that is severely falling, we are drastically failing. 371 more words

Human Resources

How millennials are forcing companies to rethink their culture

The modern workplace is changing rapidly due to a confluence of factors: technology, globalization, and the Millennial Generation entering the workforce. Of increasing influence, millennials currently constitute the largest population in the U.S. 516 more words

Employee Engagement

Body Language in the Workplace – Does it Really Make a Difference?

Sometimes, it’s what you don’t say that speaks volumes.

When it comes to communicating with employees, body language can convey both positive and negative messages, often unbeknownst to you. 524 more words

Workplace Wellness

10 Things to Think About on Your Way to Work

First, we are looking forward to meeting many of you at AAM in Washington at the end of May. After two years of blogging about the museum workforce all of a sudden we’re no longer alone. 616 more words