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Software Firm Qualtrics Embraces ‘Radical Transparency’ with New HQ

These days, it’s unusual to find a tech startup that doesn’t use an open office design to organize its workspace.

While some companies move away from the concept… 528 more words


Mastering the Subtle Art of Sucking Up to Management

This piece originally appeared on TheConversation.com.

Few employees would deny that ingratiation is ubiquitous in the workplace.

This behavior goes by many names – kissing up, sucking up, brown-nosing and ass-kissing. 1,222 more words


Museums, Leadership and Values: How does your museum measure up?

As many of you know I am the curator at an independent school. Recently a colleague approached me to ask why there weren’t more paintings of women teachers and administrators in our hallways. 818 more words


Less Money, Less Benefits, And I Love It

A couple of years ago, I once worked for a prestigious company with a well-established reputation for its services. I was given a full-time job with a health salary, full benefits, a 401(k), and 2 weeks of vacation time. 861 more words

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What Does Your Company’s Dress Code Say About Your Workplace Culture?

A recent decision by Starbucks to allow its employees to wear any hair colour they like has sparked the dress code discussion again. Dress codes are not one-size-fits-all anymore; they really should reflect your company’s workplace culture just as Starbucks feels that this move balances the demands of employees with its brand and reputation. 441 more words

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The Big Lens Video Contest

Sometimes a fresh perspective is needed to find insight, solve a long standing problem, or to rejuvenate the mind. Here at Aspire we work hard to tell our story in ways that are relevant to you and through mediums that are easily accessible. 295 more words

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MuseumLand Baby Boomers: The Need to Adapt

This is a check-in for all the Baby Boomers out there in MuseumLand. Because I am a Boomer, as is Anne Ackerson, we’re well positioned to comment on our demographic. 637 more words