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Labels (Part 1)

I started my Masters degree in Sports Coaching the year before I started the job that would break me. While I was preparing my final dissertation, I interviewed several other coaches. 1,805 more words


Slippery Slopes

A few weeks ago, I was jokingly talking to a friend about the logistics of occasionally coaching again. For me, just talking about it is an enormous step – losing rowing from my life was…, well, it was like the loss of an 11-year-long relationship you always thought would last forever. 1,513 more words


It's time to challenge the false narrative of the "gender pay gap"

Who needs fake news when seemingly the entire force of the mainstream media is dedicated to peddling the same false narrative, that men and women in the UK are paid unequally for the same work? 1,683 more words


5 Ways To Deal With Lack of Planner People

I can’t begin to tell you the many times I have been forced into emergency situations because of the lack of planning of others.  This sign is funny because it doesn’t matter how many times people are reminded of it that there are still repeat offenders.  688 more words

The Daily Life

Time’s Up! – HR & Training Need to Become Indispensable!

For way too many companies, the Human Resources (HR) and Training functions have been treated as completely dispensable cogs in the corporate wheel. They are staffed with less than competent people which only adds to their inability to add value so when things get tough, these functions are cut. 536 more words

Workplace Issues

Be Smarter than your Smartphone

Okay, let’s date ourselves.

If you can remember stopping on a street corner, at a gas station, or in the grocery store lobby to use a pay phone to call your mom or dad, or a secret friend, then we grew up in the same era. 372 more words


What's "work", anyway?

“Are you working?”

A blunt question from an ex work colleague, in the course of a friendly text message exchange. A surprisingly difficult question to answer. 901 more words

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