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We Like You, Just Not That Much

So a month ago I drove 5 hours away to interview for a promotional position. I didn’t get the job.

This week the folks in that area contacted me. 359 more words

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Biggest source of employee stress is not knowing what bosses want

Never mind heavy workloads, long hours or annoying colleagues. The greatest source of stress for employees is having bosses who aren’t clear about their expectations. 307 more words


Intent vs. Impact in Cases of Workplace Harassment

This is a legal thing that means, in a nutshell, that the victim’s experience carries more weight than the intent of the harasser.

So, for example, if Joe, who is a well-known office flirt, continues to make suggestive comments to Mary, even after Mary tells him to knock it off, it should be irrelevant that most women love Joe because he brings them cupcakes and tells them they look pretty. 417 more words


Being Professionally Humble

Having an ego is one thing, but to be unable to apologize when you screw up something is a complete lack of character.  To gloss over your role in a business relationship gone south, by just ignoring the facts and walking away does more to destroy your reputation that a simple moment of being a little humble could erase. 350 more words

Workplace Issues

So No, My Job Didn't Make glassdoor's "Best Of" List

Recently glassdoor released its list of best places to work for 2016. Surprisingly, my employer did not make the list.

So I did a search of my employer on the glassdoor website just to see what current and former employers are saying about them:  133 more words

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Financial Wellness across the Tracker Group

A rollout of the Financial Wellness Lifeskills programme recently started at Tracker offices around the country.  Cape Town, Centurion and Darrenwood staff were able to attend scheduled sessions at the branches on basic Financial Planning; Financial Challenges and Tips for improving their situations. 102 more words

Workplace Bullying, or Why Is My Boss Such a Jerk?

Everyone knows about schoolyard bullying and the impact it has on children. But did you know that adults are bullied as well?

Let’s say you’re a dependable employee who is an asset to the workplace.  472 more words

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