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The feeling of being ignored...Why ostracism is dangerous ?

I would always tell people ‘Punch me on my face if I ever hurt you, but don’t ignore me’.

Because the wound from physical injuries will heal with time. 697 more words


Dealing with issues in the workplace

Finding a job can be a difficult task but what can be even harder is to know what to do when things go wrong. Sometimes you can start out with the best intentions but a job can become impossible to continue, leaving you to pick up the pieces and more often than not feel the consequences. 869 more words


Equality and Diversity 

Equality and Diversity is important for providing high-quality care for women and their families. To be able to provide a truly inclusive service and an NHS which treats all service users with respect, dignity and compassion, NHS workplaces need to be inclusive and the workforce need to be treated with respect, dignity and compassion. 307 more words

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Conforming, do we all do it eventually?

It figures that my first blog post would be about something that involves social acceptance. But I thought I would get this out there while it was still fresh in my mind. 2,179 more words


Waking Up After a Food Fog

So it’s been a couple of weeks, and much has happened during that time.

I began using an antidepressant because I felt it would benefit me. 348 more words

Affiliation to Chichester Branch?

We have an opportunity to affiliate to Chichester’s RCM Branch.

We intended to discuss this at our AGM in March but due to poor attendance, this will remain on our branch agenda until this matter has been concluded. 143 more words

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Health and Wellbeing Policy

This is the Staff Health and Wellbeing Policy, traditionally known as the Sickness Policy. This is the policy which is used to manage sickness and absence, as employees of the trust, you should become familiar with this Рparticularly with the processes and procedures of reporting sickness and how this is managed.  277 more words

Workplace Issues