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I Can Really Go After Shit...

I’ve been tweaking my resume, and there’s a skill I possess that I’m not quite sure how to address.

I’m good at dealing with shit.  392 more words


Living in the Shadow of Men

Within the past week:

A man in north Alabama shot and killed his wife and then himself.

An Oregon man beat his wife to death, shot his three children in the head, set their home on fire and then killed himself. 773 more words

Social Issues

Thanks for Listening!

One of the things I am most grateful for is being heard. 

Sad, isn’t it? In a world filled with noise, we don’t listen to each other. 447 more words


Sexism in America

As host of The Daily Show Jon Stewart brought us a fun and sometimes uncomfortable view of ourselves, getting through the news of the day with humor while making serious points. 252 more words

Self Savvy

Vegans Have a Stinky Secret!

Vegans look so happy, so healthy, and so content in photos. 

But even those of us who refuse to eat anything with a face have our dirty little secrets. 309 more words


Why Do We Have Employment Laws?

I found myself asking again why we have employment laws if following them is optional. Once again I have discovered a company that has decided that wage and hour laws among others are optional; and if you complain about it you will be terminated. 518 more words

Workplace Issues

Lawsuit: Chipotle Worker Fired After Complaining That Coworkers Got Preferential Treatment

A new lawsuit filed in California claims that a former Chipotle worker was fired after she complained to her bosses that her coworkers were receiving preferential treatment, giving them coveted daytime shifts while she was stuck working at nighttime. 243 more words