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A job application is a date - not an adoption

There appears to be a perception among recruitment agents and certain of their corporate clients, that candidates are akin to orphans – scrubbed up and wearing their best clothes, with orders to smile and speak politely to the interviewer in the hope that they may be chosen to be adopted into the wonderful company to which they have applied. 1,069 more words


Sometimes, It's About Hiring Someone Who Knows Exactly What NOT to Do

HERE’S A NEW ONE when it comes to hiring: Could it be that the best person to hire is the one who knows what not  632 more words


Some Important Things You Need to Know About How Employees Quit

AS MUCH AS WE LIKE to focus on all the various ways we can improve upon the way we recruit and hire new employees, we also know that we should spend as much (if not more) time on how we can better retain the people that we already have on our staff. 740 more words


It's Not Easy, But Here's How to Deal With Passive-Aggressive Behavior

ALTHOUGH IT PAINS ME to say this I’m somewhat of an expert on passive-aggressive behavior.

The good people at Wikipedia describe passive-aggressive behavior as follows: 773 more words


The Battle Over Casual Work Dress: Time to Declare Victory and Let It Go

BACK IN 1994, I showed up for a job interview in Honolulu wearing a suit and tie. It was the hottest, sweatiest interview I ever had. 1,076 more words


It’s Time to Give Up the Ghost on Employee Engagement

AREN”T WE ALL SICK and tired of employee engagement?

I know I am. I’ve been writing about it for years (here’s one from July 2010… 943 more words


The Trick to Managing Employees? Let Them Manage You

NOT TOO MANY years ago I was editing a well-known HR and talent management publication and was engaged in one of my frequent discussions with the publisher over something. 801 more words