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Follow Through Credibility

You may be the most credible professional in the world, but if you promise to call me at a given date and time and then miss the appointment without even a peep as to why, you have lost a significant amount of credibility with me. 334 more words

Workplace Issues

T-Mobile Illegally Restricted Employees' Right To Discuss Workplace Issues, Join Unions

A long-standing dispute between T-Mobile and an communication workers union came to an end Wednesday, with the wireless company on the losing side. 228 more words

6 Ways Life Is Better When You Work an Alternate Schedule

I am an advocate for more flexible work arrangements in which people have more control over where and when they accomplish their work. These arrangements benefit employers through reduced turnover and absenteeism, as well as higher employee engagement and productivity. 314 more words

Workplace Issues

Redundancy can create long-lasting trust issues

Losing your job can create such deep scars in your self-esteem that it can take you 10 years to be able to trust people again. Not even a new job can heal the wound or help you regain a sense of self, according to… 203 more words


The Irony: Bitching About Work Actually Makes You Worse at Your Job

Photo: NBC/The Office

There are certain things in life that are unavoidable: Rain, death, taxes, and bitching about your job. Even if you’re committed to what you do, odds are you’ve moaned and groaned at some point about your unfair boss, the colleague who never pulls his or her weight, how your salary’s a joke, the fact that the damn water cooler is always busted. 233 more words


How to Communicate the Value You Offer at Work

The next time someone asks you, “So, what do you do?” offer an intriguing answer that communicates your value, opens up the conversation, and invites that person to connect with you on a deeper level. 1,115 more words


The trials of Mr. Sanjo 2. (The interview)

The pot that will savour stew must with its buttocks withstand fire. Good things in life don’t come easy, especially when you are carrying a spell like mine. 776 more words