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Owning Your Time

Are you one of those who sigh when you receive a text from your boss over the weekend to prepare for a meeting first thing on Monday morning? 1,442 more words

Time Management

Lawsuit Claims Meijer Failed To Provide Worker A Safe Place To Pump Breast Milk

For a nursing mother, it can be quite a challenge to find somewhere private to pump breast milk when you aren’t actively feeding your baby. But although a federal law requires employers to provide such a safe spot for workers, one former employee of grocery chain Meijer claims in a lawsuit that there was no such place for her to express breast milk while she was at work, which she says ultimately led to her losing her job. 460 more words

My Father and an Evil Corporation

My dad; I remember the pictures of when I was born and he was smiling at his little, baby girl. In my baby book, there was an announcement that had gone through his workplace, back then, that was placed alongside my lock of hair and baptismal photos. 3,821 more words

Social Responsibility

Microsoft Apologizes For Trying To Be Cool With Email Inviting “Bae” Interns For “Dranks”

There is perhaps nothing so cringeworthy as someone who is most definitely *not* cool trying to talk to the younger crowd in their own language. Microsoft is apologizing for such an effort after hitting a spectacularly uncool note this week in an email to its interns, calling them “bae” and inviting them to have a “lots of dranks” on a Monday night at a company event. 186 more words

Is It Really A Teambuilding Event?

Your manager tells you that you need to hold a team building event to encourage staff to work together and support the common goals of your unit.  314 more words

Workplace Issues

Workplace Burnout Is Not Worth It

Since the horror I experienced working in mining, which left me mentally burnt out and physically drained to the point of being a shell, and the fact I was not mute about the crap I was going through (cowering in the face of bullies will never be an option for me), I have had a lot of people contact me regarding similar issues they are going through in their workplaces. 858 more words

Employee Rights

Relinquishing Control To Staff

Relinquishing control to your staff can be a challenging feat if you are an old school control freak type of manager that feels only you have the brain cells necessary to make decisions.  476 more words

Workplace Issues