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What Can We Learn from the Starbucks Campaign?

Last month, Starbucks generated considerable online discussion and media coverage of its move to advance race relations in the United States by writing or placing the words “Race Together” on customers’ coffee cups. 426 more words

Workplace Relationships

The One Where Rachel Dates her Assistant

Workplace romance is more common than you may think. In fact, a recent study found that 40% of people have had an office romance. Employers consistently fear romance in the workplace, as they can lead to tension, preferential treatment, and sexual harassment claims. 481 more words

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I don’t do sneaky.

At its least, Sneaky is underhanded and conniving.  Sneaky is shifty; sneaky is shady.  Sneaky forces one to travel along the hallway with their back against the wall hoping to escape any unforeseen thrown knives.  226 more words

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Rowing Teams as a Model for Working Together

Business is built on relationships. The word “corporate” comes from the idea of a body, diverse and interconnected parts working in unison. The word “company” is rooted in the notion of eating together. 334 more words

Workplace Relationships


By Robert E. Fravel Jr., Esq.

Terminating an employee is something that no employer enjoys, however it is often times necessary. In situations where termination is necessary, taking the proper steps during the termination process can help make the process much more tolerable for both the employee and employer. 299 more words

Nurturing Positive Relationships in the Workplace

The golden rule, “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you”, applies in nurturing positive relationships in the workplace. You help create the way people treat and react to you by the way your treat and react to them. 398 more words

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Does Modern Work Undermine Our Deepest Needs?

Many writers today believe that work in contemporary times is incompatible with our deepest need–intimate family relationships, true friendship, and community.

In his book, My Job, Myself, … 435 more words