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Be a coach, not a critic

In chimpanzee troops, the leader sits at the centre. About every 30 seconds, all the other apes orient themselves to him. They take their cues from him. 852 more words

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The O'Reilly Factor: Money trumps Character

FOX News paid Bill O’Reilly millions in salary – and paid his alleged sexual harassment victims millions in settlement money – for many years.   The only reason to do that, is because O’Reilly was profitable. 920 more words

Workplace Relationships

Maintenance of Peer Relationships

The way people deal with relationships differs from one another. Some put an extreme amount of effort to make sure the relationship does not fall through. 288 more words

Workplace Relationships

Workplace Relationships...

I’m voicing my opinion on work place relationships.

Now before I set the tone for my opinion, I want to just say that my current relationship stemmed from the work place. 396 more words

Reporting to more than one boss

Following on last week’s theme of the changing workplace and how that affects reporting relationships, reporting to more than one boss is now as common as reporting to a far-away-in-a-distant-land boss (which we discussed last week, if you missed it). 399 more words

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Reporting to a remote manager

How ironic. After posting last week about getting back into the routine after the crazy summer season, I got caught up in Mad March and Adelaide Writer’s Week and forgot to get back into my own routine of the weekly Wednesday blog. 431 more words

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Is a "Love Contract" Right for Your Office Lovebirds?

Is love in the air at your office? Unfortunately, such romances can become nightmares for employers, as workplace romances can lead to accusations of unfair treatment, sexual harassment, retaliation, and even workplace violence. 371 more words

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