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How to get what you want without nagging

Would you rather I asked you:

  • Reader, remember that you promised to exercise more this year.
  • Reader, are you going to exercise this year?
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What time spells

A child asks Dad to play Scrabble or play catch and but he’s too busy. An employee stops by a manager’s desk for a quick chat and she carries on with what she was doing while listening with half an ear. 122 more words

Personal Skills

Three views of workplace relations

What is your attitude to workplace relations? What is it based on? Whatever it is and whatever it’s based on, it colours how you think about the workplace and even how you approach your own job. 260 more words


Discovering Who I Am and What I Want

Time and again I have faced the dilemma of having to choose between what I do want and what I don’t want. For most of my life, I went with my carnal mind and made choices against my best interest; I chose what I didn’t want. 693 more words


Rith: Movie [リズ: 映画 ]

I’m not a Cate Blanchett yet, but I like to think I’m on my way. This industry was harder to get in than I thought it was. 500 more words

Canon Photography

When You Just Need a Sounding Board

Everyone needs at least one important person in their professional lives that has nothing to do with your boss, your co-workers, or your employees. Whether you’re the person who runs meetings or the person who cleans up after them, we all as professional people need a sounding board to get us through our professional crises and challenges. 605 more words

Balancing Solutions

How to breed loyalty

Did you read my post How to Earn Your Team’s Devotion? I’d like to follow up on that today. It’s simple but not simplistic. 272 more words