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Three cornerstones of successful communication

Who are the leader-managers you admire most? Chances are, they excel at communication. Chances are, they have a knack of getting on with people and winning their cooperation. 188 more words

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Listening and silence

Have you ever noticed that the words ‘listen’ and ‘silent’ are made up of the same letters? They might look the same in a lot of other ways, too, but they’re really very different. 297 more words

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10 workable Tips to Building Great Workplace Relationships

Its human nature to crave fruitful friendships with the people around us and the workplace is no exception. The long routines and endless job cycles we encounter at the office can only get better if we have great friends who spice things up. 552 more words

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How to give feedback

Leader-managers owe it to employees to let them know their contributions are appreciated and how they could contribute even more effectively. No doubt you agree. 242 more words

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The people you're stuck with

Sometimes they’re family members. Sometimes they’re people you work with. Sometimes they’re neighbours. They’re the people you wouldn’t choose to spend time with, but you need to. 176 more words

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3 Times You Actually Don't Need to "Set the Record Straight" at Work

If a friend offends you or says something wrong, you’re probably quick to call them out for it. And if it got to a point where they were really starting to annoy you, you might even stop hanging out with them. 944 more words


Toxic bosses Part 3

Over the last two weeks, we’ve considered how to recognise and survive working for control freaks, hollow superstars, wily politicians and narcissists. This week it’s how to survive working for dictators and bullies. 516 more words

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