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Emails are a necessary evil. Like it or not, it’s how people and organizations communicate in 2015.

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Workplace Relationships

Worth by way of Zen

You ever notice how when you mention worth, or rather self-worth specifically, there are those who’ll feel that such an acquired sentiment means you’re an… 588 more words


Do you have what it takes to be a great leader?

Last week we looked at what–superficially–people look for in a leader: healthiness. But lest you think that appearance is all that matters, think again. US President Obama may be one of the youngest and healthiest presidents in US history, but he’s also… 208 more words

Chapter 06: Strengthening Your Personal Skills

Can you be too pushy in your quest for getting results?

Is it your job to be liked or to get results? Can you do both? This is an important questions for leader-managers and for project managers. 159 more words

Chapter 13: Building Effective Work Teams

Work Without Wax

The word “sincere” has roots in Latin, roots say a lot about the way we should work.

The prefix, “sin”, means (in this case) “without.” The suffix, “cere”, means “wax.” Therefore, our word “sincere” literally means “without wax.” 288 more words