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Start the New Year off Right

Okay, you’re probably back at work now and struggling to get back into the swing of it. Here are three ideas to make sure you swing rightly. 226 more words

Having a Crush on Your Co-worker? 4 Tips to Deal with Office Affairs

Since the majority of your adulthood is spent in the office, the chances of meeting your future partner are more likely to happen at the workplace. 865 more words

Workplace Relationships

Check It At The Door

Lights. Camera. Action!

In this season, holiday performances are sounding off in schools all across the country. The research is done. The play—scripted. The costumes—fitted. For months, … 703 more words

Kyle Hamstra

First day at work: How to Make a Good Impression

Not all offices are created equally, hence there are plenty of changes to expect from your new job. However, there are certain things that you can still prepare in order to stand out from the very first day. 769 more words

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How to get what you want without nagging

Would you rather I asked you:

  • Reader, remember that you promised to exercise more this year.
  • Reader, are you going to exercise this year?
  • 420 more words

What time spells

A child asks Dad to play Scrabble or play catch and but he’s too busy. An employee stops by a manager’s desk for a quick chat and she carries on with what she was doing while listening with half an ear. 122 more words

Personal Skills

Three views of workplace relations

What is your attitude to workplace relations? What is it based on? Whatever it is and whatever it’s based on, it colours how you think about the workplace and even how you approach your own job. 260 more words