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Do you walk your talk?

We all know people who say one thing and do another. The manager who says: ‘I believe in participation’ but fails to listen to people’s ideas and suggestions. 339 more words

Workplace Relationships

Becoming a Motivating Supervisor

The most frustrating thing about being a supervisor is that many subordinates are not easily motivated. In my experience, most of the supervisees worked part-time and did not invest as much time and energy into their jobs as I did. 505 more words

Workplace Relationships

How to build trust

Continuing on with the theme of the last couple of weeks–walking your talk and living and leading according to your values, let’s look at some specific behaviours that signal trustworthiness. 177 more words

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Girl Power, or the Power of Women at Work

Girl power was all the rage in the 1990’s and early 2000s. The phrase “girl power” is used as a term of empowerment, independence, and self-sureness, but what came of girl power, and is there such a thing as true girl power? 889 more words


Attachment Styles Determine Workplace Relationships

Recent research has provided more evidence in adult attachment styles and relationships at work. The bond between you and your coworkers, or even the organization you work for as a whole, has been shown to be determined by your attachment style. 457 more words

Attachment Style


What’s your title?


Considering you spend approximately one-third of your day where you work, shouldn’t you like where you are spending your time? 751 more words


How to not lose your job to a computer

Digital disruption seems to be the buzz-word at the moment. Technological leaps are enabling entrepreneurs and innovators to develop new and unexpected business models (think, for example, Airbnb and Uber). 695 more words

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