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Corporate Yoga to help you achieve your goals

When we think of yoga, most of us may think it is only about the asana (postures) that we practice. But the study of yoga can also help us achieve our goals.. 461 more words

Corporate Yoga

Workplace Yoga Benefits

This is a great visual on the benefits of a yoga practice for your staff. Workplace yoga has so many benefits, but I thought this infogram really captured some of the very key benefits a regular yoga practice can provide your workplace. 20 more words

Corporate Yoga

Benefits of corporate yoga at your workplace.

Corporate Yoga brings a lot of benefits to the workforce, particular as chronic stress is very common in the modern world. Work related stress can lead to anxiety, depression and low productivity at work. 243 more words

Corporate Yoga

Office Yoga: The Workplace Pose

Here at Off Your Mat, I focus on finding moments when the philosophy of yoga can support everyday thoughts and tasks.

There are many places on the internet where you can find a more literal interpretation of taking yoga off your mat. 691 more words


A New Mantra For Management

When we practice yoga, we aim to balance mind, body, and spirit. When we practice business, we aim to balance sales, products, and people. In yoga, when you are out of balance, your body doesn’t function at it’s highest potential. 588 more words

Feeling stressed?

Stress delivers a whammy of serious health problems, and most Americans are increasingly overwhelmed with it. Not surprising that has a huge effect on the workplace. 194 more words

For Beginners

April is our Birthday Month!

PRACTICE opened its doors in April last year to provide a soothing, restful oasis in the middle of the city for all who are looking for easy access to a regular practice that nurtures good health and well being for body, mind and spirit. 413 more words