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A letter to Rejection

Dear Rejection,

I want to write you my deepest thanks.

I applied, I asked, I laid my best cards out on the table.

“No takers? Fine.” I gather all my cards, carefully placing them back in my bag. 712 more words

Personal Development

Analýza: Nejlepší místo pro život v ČR?

První minuty a hodiny roku 2019 nás s Anďou zastihl (tak jako již po několikaté) v diskuzi o tom, kam budou směřovat naše budoucí kroky z hlediska bydlení. 823 more words


Book Review: The Personality Brokers by Merve Emre

I’ve never been a particular fan of Myers-Briggs personality testing, and their ilk, that still permeate business and management culture to this day.

And if a takedown of Myers-Briggs by exposing the complete lack of any scientific basis for personality testing in general is what you are looking for there are perhaps better books. 337 more words


I ordered sushi.

When you work in advertising, you’re used to working long hours, and when you’re used to working long hours, you’re used to somebody ordering sushi at 10:15 pm, or at 9:53 pm, sometimes, when you’re lucky, already at 8:07 pm, and you have to decide what you gonna have. 128 more words


Monitoring employees

The Paradox of Employee Surveillance

For many people, the global financial crisis eroded trust in corporations and government. There was a double-digit decline in trust of large banks in particular, dropping from 69% before the crisis to 49% in 2013 in Edelman Trust data. 48 more words

Behavioral Economics

Cultivating a More Diverse Design Profession

This post was contributed by Krista Sykes, a writer and editor with a background in architecture and design. She has worked with many practitioners, institutions, and publications in the industry, including… 795 more words


Wonder, Joy, and Adult Work

“Should I choose the smoothest course (steady as the beating drum)? Should I marry Kocoum? Is all my dreaming at an end? Or do you still wait for me, Dream Giver, just around the riverbend?” 801 more words

Christian Life