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Food, Sex and Totalitarianism

Truth matters. There are two illusions we all need to get rid of – Democracy and Freedom of Choice. We are fed and bred on these things and we are told that we have them. 1,252 more words

What are you afraid of ?

Are people in the work place “afraid” of depression? Does it land too close to their own frailty to which they dare not admit? There is little upside being human in many work places. 56 more words


How to avoid getting blindsided by a layoff

“I didn’t see it coming.”

Then, when it was too late, when the human resources department or your supervisor handed you a layoff or termination notice, you wondered how you’d let yourself be blindsided. 607 more words

Dr. Lynne Curry

A will at 10 years of age

What 10 year old writes a will? Simple. One who doesn’t like living. I thought if that was the first 10 years of life, then I don’t want another 10 years, it seemed like a life sentence. 97 more words


[Upcoming] Behind the Scenes

Media student Bu Xiao Gu (Zhou Dong Yu) has a dream: she is determined to become an outstanding producer. Her idol is Chun Yu Qiao (Luo Jin), who is a top-notch producer at Xintian production company, and Xiao Gu manages to enter the company as an intern. 148 more words


Great Workplaces for Women

“Despite holding 47% of all jobs, women account for fewer than one-third of American CEOs. It’s a disparity that’s as glaring as it is familiar to those who follow gender equality. 54 more words