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Incoming Chapter 11: How to know it’s about to hit the fan at the office

My first (real) employer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy three weeks after I started. One morning, I came into work and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a press release on my chair with lots of words like… 406 more words

Why It's Long Overdue That Men Fully Support Women In The Workplace

In April of this year, Tech Nation announced that applications for its Exceptional Talent Visa Scheme were nearly five times higher than in 2016, and with good reason: there is a strong need for high-level tech talent in the United Kingdom. 1,018 more words


Hear ye, hear ye, millennials! Today we’re having some real talk about our jobs, careers, and generational needs for finding purpose in whatever work we do. 88 more words

It's Okay to Not Be Liked

Imagine you’re the new person at work, at school, on a kickball team, in a writing circle, acting class, whatever. Trying to fit in is one of those things that always seems to happen, and being the new kid on the block isn’t always fun. 400 more words

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How to Rise to the Top of the Organogram

The rumour is restructure.  It’s inevitable, really.  Restructure follows the appointment of a new director as surely as a workers’ pay freeze follows the announcement of a CEO’s bonus.  222 more words

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