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We are all in this together

For the past three weeks I have been living in Crescent City, California.  I needed to stop and re-evaluate how I can make this life sustainable. 610 more words

My Journey

8 Easy to Miss Signs Your Workplace Is Toxic

You know a toxic workplace when you see it. Unless you’re not seeing it.

Anyone can spot the obvious signs of a toxic workplace –appreciation is absent, accountability is elusive at best, a raving lunatic of a boss, everyone’s on LinkedIn during work. 744 more words


Workplace Ready Program

Our Workplace ready program is specific design to not only to impart theoretical knowledge but also a deep understanding of how modern tech environments operate so that you can be effective from day one


Major Assignment 2


This assignment was meant so the students could examine writing without our field/career choice. We were told to give an analysis of workplace writing, examine a piece of professional writing, then we could choose one of two things. 1,133 more words


Rhetorical Precis of Scholarly Article


We were given several different articles to create a precise of. precise is a summary of the text that demonstrates close reading. A precise is supposed to be short, which is why my assignment is so short. 136 more words


Correspondence Project


For this assignment, we were asked to write several different piece of business correspondence. We were asked to include four piece. The first piece was a revision of a “bad” email that we were given to choose from. 1,485 more words


"Say No To Joe"


This assignment consisted of the students writing an email to a fictional person that applied for a job but didn’t get the job. The prompt that my professor gave the class can be shown below. 401 more words