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Sick of Zoom happy hour? Try these virtual team-building activities instead

The awkward toasts. The French press and cocktail shaker close-ups. Even the cats who scamper in from off-screen.

If you’re like many people who used to work in an office and are now stuck at home, you’ve likely gotten a bit tired of the tropes and rituals of Zoom coffee breaks and happy hours. 172 more words


Today is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. Here’s why it matters more than ever

Each year Black Women’s Equal Pay Day marks the number of days a Black woman must work into the year to earn what her white male counterpart earned in the previous year. 111 more words


How these 5 methods help to build outstanding organizational culture

Organizational culture is a term that mainly determines how companies expect their collaborators to behave in their spaces through a set of assumptions, principles, and values that eventually form common habits and manners among their employees. 270 more words


The Presence of Evil - Romans 7:21

Is God bringing people to you to talk about your faith? If not, why not? Are you practicing the 5 daily activities (Pray, Appreciate others, Know what you believe, Serve others, and Speak for Yourself)? 156 more words


4 steps to finding a job that’s the right fit for you

According to a Pew analysis of Labor Department data, the average U.S. working adult works more than 1,800 hours per year. Given that we spend so many waking hours working, the job search process is crucial. 141 more words


Honest cover letter

Dear whoever reads this,

I have no experience in any of the positions I’m applying for. Why on Earth would you pick me? I’m a good worker better than the vast majority that goes by doing the minimum, gossips, or sits on their ass all day. 138 more words


To Pay or Not to Pay; the Question of Sick Leave.

Scenario 1) Janet has called in sick. According to your records, this is the 3rd Monday in a row where Janet has missed work due to ‘illness’ and then returns to work on Tuesday as if nothing happened. 1,584 more words

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