Works for me Wednesday - Finally! A use for that pants hanger!

And no more wadded up ties!

At last!!  I finally have a way to use the pants hanger that has been hanging in our various closets for more than two decades!! 283 more words

Life And Living

How to Turn a Nightgown Into a Hospital Gown

As many of you know, we care for my mother-in-law in our home, and one problem area in caring for someone who is almost immobile and now somewhat contracted is dressing them. 863 more words

Works For Me Wednesday

Works for Me Wednesday - Kicksend

My kids have creative teachers. Since I am, by profession, also a teacher, I can appreciate creativity and projects that get the imagination flowing.

But honestly, sometimes, these projects drive me crazy. 357 more words


Tent Trailer Travels ~ Part One

By: Inger Koppenhaver

One tent trailer, 2300 miles, four kids (two of whom became sick), two parents (one of whom became sick), ten days, and many, many historical sites and tourist stops later… our first summer tent trailer trip has concluded.  603 more words

Inger Koppenhaver

Works For Me Wednesday: Kitchen Curtain Makeover

  Thank you all for the GREAT feedback yesterday!  I was so excited to read all your comments, it was like Christmas in September.  :)  

  The general consensus seems to be keep the food, faith, family and photos coming, 5 days a week, which is great by me and exactly the topics I set out to blog about 2 1/2 years ago!   1,386 more words