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Would you believe me?

Would you believe me, if I told you I only have two projects on my WIP’s list?
Seriously it is true fact. I have been finishing up projects left and right and have controlled myself so that I haven’t started any new ones. 838 more words

Personal Crochet Projects

Danny McNaught - Chapter Two

In which Danny sits through a history lesson and goes slightly mad

The trout was a distraction. It stared at Danny with one baleful eye, daring him to eat it as it basted in hollandaise sauce on a gilt-edged plate. 5,683 more words

Works In Progress

Summer Solstice

Finally, some progress on something.  This quilt top is ready for quilting.  It has been stewing for years but is now ready to become a queen size quilt. 249 more words

Works In Progress


Screams pierced the darkness of the house.

Kristi shot up from her bed, her eyes searching her room for the source. Her eyes went in and out of focus. 1,939 more words

Creative Writing

Probably Not Much Longer

Jocelyne said “we need to talk”.

There is no “we”, only her. No “talk” she only shoots words and waits for a noise from me as response, she doesn’t care to listen to the answer. 139 more words

Works In Progress

Panel a Day: Q & C - Panel 3, Pg 1

Here’s panel 3 of page two of the Queen and the Corgi.  I have one panel left on this page.  So, I like to leave off where I know where I’m going.  57 more words