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Delta Y Conversion : Exercise

Q1.Solve the Following

For the following circuit find

a. Total Resistance

b. Total Voltage across resistance

c. Voltage across Ra

Q2 For the Following Circuit… 19 more words


Ever struggle to visualise your settings? Try do a little planning for each place your characters need to visit.

Settings Worksheet
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Practice Problems

The Format of a double operand instruction of a CPU is

If 12 double operand and 30 single operand instructions must be implemented, and if the op code filed must identify the three groups of n operand instructions ,calculate the total number of no operand instructions that can be implemented… 445 more words


Wheatstone Bridge

Linear Circuit Analysis
Chapter 6 .
Engr. Ahmad Bilal


1 Construction

There are two knownresistors, one variableresistor and one unknown resistor… 194 more words


Final Vision Project Blog #3: Contents

My Book Trailer Project is well on its way and I am pretty excited with my progress thus far.  As I discussed in my last post, I was debating on what program to use for creating book trailers – Photo Story 3 or Windows Movie Maker.  1,438 more words

Libe 477B

[European History] Communist Manifesto Excerpts Worksheet

The Communist Manifesto – Excerpts

  • Mark the text. Number the paragraphs, highlight important words and phrases and underline all words that you had to define.
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So I had this brilliant idea for a story. There was a girl and a rival, this little village and some monsters. I knew what the shopping centre looked like. 125 more words