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"Contract Agreement" worksheet by Busy Teacher


This worksheet goes over a contract and the language used in a contract. The vocabulary it goes over are words like null and void, on behalf of, hereinafter, heretofore, fulfill, etc. 25 more words


Strengths & Weaknesses Worksheet

Last week, I uploaded a worksheet about the way strengths and weaknesses within a group of characters could interact with one another to create balance and conflict. 154 more words


As promised, here is the character interaction worksheet. It’s a bit of a deviation from the world building series I’ve been working on, but it’s something I was struggling with myself in the week when two of my characters simply refused to work well together. 99 more words


I'll show you mine

Earlier I gave you tips on how to build a budget. Let’s be honest you can get those tips anywhere. You can also get budget worksheets anywhere but I’m always curious about how real people budget. 290 more words