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And They're Off!

Is the roll of a dice fair?

Is the roll of two dice fair?

Would adding the sum of two fair dice mean all outcomes were equally likely? 57 more words

People Maths

The Battle of Shiloh

This post isn’t going to change your life, but I thought other people out there might be using Ken Burns’s Civil War series in their history class. 181 more words

Standard 3: Planning And Preparing

This is Spring

If you were to describe yourself as a season – which would you choose?

I think, hands down, I am a spring personality: a little chaotic, always seeking the new, unpredictable in my energy levels and require support and nurture for growth. 452 more words


Artificial Intelligence

a. Complete the text with the missing words:

b. Read the biography of John McCarthy, the father of Artificial Intelligence PDF

c. Ask and answer questions


Dab the REAL word!

Identifying nonsense vs. real words has been an important part of my kindergartener’s year!  Below are links to worksheets that I created for practice!  The first link is for a one page FREEBIE and the second page has 9 pages of practice! 53 more words


Adding and Subtracting Integers Word Problems Free Download

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To download your freebie, click the link below. (Format is pdf)

Blog Freebie Adding and Subtracting Integers Word Problems

At the beginning of sixth grade, students are hit with a whole new set of numbers called integers. 239 more words