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Building a Powerful Morning Routine

Hey you! So for my first real post, I figured I would share my morning routine! I know, not everyone can happily pull themselves out of bed at 6am like some of us, but I can not stress enough, whether you wake up at the crack of dawn or 5 ’til Noon, the importance of a solid morning routine. 1,083 more words


Worksheets for everything!

In this section you have access to a worksheet bank. Every week you will print one of these worksheets in order to improve your vocabulary, grammar, etc. 24 more words


Job and work-related listening activity

I am getting ready to teach my school’s “job interview” class for a second time. But I’m still excited to share the worksheet and listening activity I made. 280 more words

Writers Going into 2016

I found an inspirational worksheet for writers to improve in their goals for 2016. Since I’m taking an hour long break from writing today, I thought this would be a fun way to spend the time. 1,122 more words


Excel Geeking: Removing All Empty Sheets using VBA

You ever need to go through a workbook you’re working on and delete a bunch of sheets that have nothing in them? Maybe you’re creating a new automated┬áreport that requires you to plunk down a large chunk of data in a new workbook, but when you create that new workbook, it creates it with “Sheet1” and “Sheete2” and “Sheet3”. 404 more words


Planning Menus

You mean someone created worksheets for this kind of thing? ┬áNow that’s what I’m talking about.