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Command as Three Parts of Speech

It’s a cool and pleasant Tuesday morning in New York City, a nice break from the brutal head and humidity of the past week. Here, if you have any use for them, are  14 more words

English Language Arts

Demand (n) and Demand (vt)

As with supply, it has taken me an inexplicably long time (given my current posting at the High School of Economics & Finance in Lower Manhattan) to create context clues for  41 more words

English Language Arts

Supply (n) and Supply (vt)

As I work mostly at outdoor pubs and cafes through the summer, I write longhand in a Moleskine notebook. I’ve ended up writing a lot of new context clues worksheets, mostly because they’re easy and quick to contrive. 52 more words

Skills Development

Pattern Recognition and Learning

Recently, while perusing an old Moleskine notebook, I came upon a note instructing me to “see Pattern Learning article from Facebook for possible blog entry–see article in email.” Given my often less-than-stellar organizing skills, I wasn’t surprised to find no such email about this in any of my folders that have to do with professional development or this blog. 395 more words

Skills Development

Noticing, naming and not allowing "ready-made knowledge" in the classroom

The first time I came across the term “ready-made knowledge” was when I read the following quote by Seymour Papert:

“The role of the teacher is to create the conditions for invention rather than provide… 480 more words

The Weekly Text, August 12, 2016

A couple of months ago I posted a short piece on the the Intellectual Devotional series of books. I believe these books have great potential for use in middle and high school classrooms; I’ve used them repeatedly and successfully with struggling readers and learners in my own high school classroom, as well as handing them out for independent makeup to students who have fallen behind. 305 more words


EduMonitor’s worksheets, an invaluable learning resource for kids

Are you in need for learning resources for your kids? EduMonitor has many resources including super teacher worksheets covering a variety of subjects; from math to English to social studies. 304 more words