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The Weekly Text, February 24, 2017

For the fourth and final week of Black History Month 2017, Mark’s Text Terminal offers this reading on sharecropping, which represents at best a particularly ugly moment in the economic history of the United States, and at worst (toward which I tend), slavery by another name. 155 more words

English Language Arts

Placate (vt.)

You might find this context clues worksheet on the transitive verb placate. It’s another of those strong verbs students would do well to use in expository prose. 40 more words

English Language Arts

The best font for ESL

What’s in a shape?

It has taken me quite some time to find a font that works for the unique way Japanese students learn English letters, or romaji. 349 more words


Tips for Creating Doc's & Slides Worksheets

This is a compilation of a few tips for alleviating stress when using Google Docs and Slides as worksheets. First let me state I feel traditional worksheets aren’t always the best method for supporting learning, but if a teacher is going to digitize a traditional looking worksheet. 443 more words

Ed Tech

Writer Resources

After writing individual posts for some of these worksheets, I decided it would be easier for everyone if I put them all in one place. This post will get updated every time a new worksheet is done – I will let you all know through Facebook and Instagram when that happens. 187 more words


Obtain (vt.)

Here’s a context clues worksheet on the verb obtain as a transitive verb; transitively it means “to gain or attain usually by planned action or effort.” Reading these clues, students will probably say this means “to get,” which is of course quite close. 126 more words

English Language Arts

Fiscal (adj.)

Because I work in a economics- and finance-themed high school, I’m almost embarrassed to say that I just now wrote this context clues worksheet on the adjective… 50 more words

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