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Word Root Worksheet: Nephr/o

Today is April 19. On this day in 1775, the Battles of Lexington and Concord occurred, which effectively began the American Revolution. Also on this day, in 1943, against odds by any definition impossible, the  71 more words


Parsing Sentences: Conjunctions

Today is April 17. On this day in history, the United States launched the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, which, depending on whose version of history you subscribe to, was a turning point in our country’s history. 123 more words


Learning and Lifting: March 2018

I got a few pictures of Ellie getting her learning on. She is a serious reader these days. She is is picking up so many other little things with it all. 373 more words

Squeamish (adj.)

Today is April 16. It’s the birthday of Charlie Chaplin, basketball legend and all-around cool guy Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (whom I am old enough to have seen play once, in the fieldhouse at the University of Wisconsin), and comedian and actor… 71 more words


Cultural differences and useful phrases (TEFLtastic Classics part 33)

This activity originally started as a solution to a problem with one of my favourite activities, tips and useful phrases. The problem is that students often have no idea what good tips are and so the discussion stage doesn’t always work well.  289 more words

Photocopiable Worksheets

Word Root Exercise: My/o

Ok, it’s just before the final period on a Friday afternoon, and as I work to clear off my computer desktop before shutting down and leaving, I find that I left  63 more words