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Maafa: Reflections and Pre-Thoughts

Attended Maafa yesterday, an event sponsored by the Ashé Cultural Arts Center of New Orleans:

“MAAFA is a Kiswahili word that means “great tragedy” or “horrific tragedy,” referring to the period called the Middle Passage or Transatlantic Slave Trade.

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Work Space

This is where all my suits are made. As you can see there are a lot of displays. It’s a little small and not decorated but there was nowhere else to work. 24 more words


A Wallop of Whimsy

When a Swedish firm designed the office space for King, the famous Candy Crush creator, it’s only goal was whimsy. King uses characters from its games to create personality all over the office. 87 more words

What is Agile Working?

Very often we get asked this question at PROTEUS and although in some ways it can seem simple, the more you look at it the less clear it seems and the implications on workspace technology can be significant. 899 more words


Only A Bowl Made By Alexander Wang Could Make Your Junk Look Like An Expensive Work Of Art

It’s easy to let junk accumulate, and to then throw it all into some ugly Frisbee or Tupperware bowl. And yet it’s just as easy— 76 more words



Design your workplace so it make you feel like home.

The biggest part of the day we spend doing our work in office. We communicate with our colleagues and partners via Skype, sitting on the chair and drinking our coffee cup after cup. 504 more words


[[Home Entertainment Via NAS]]

Taking a break from the ‘Grief And Relief’ series for a moment to lay out a DIY project.

Technology shines when the effort put forth is rewarded with a functional and flexible outcome. 917 more words

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