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Here’s an excerpt from a Paul Graham essay entitled “Great Hackers“:

If companies want hackers to be productive, they should look at what they do at home. 1,444 more words

WORKSPACES: When is a good time for change?

I’m thinking about the Merriam-Webster definition “to make radically different.”  Sometimes change is caused by something outside of us (breakups, deaths, illnesses, job loss) and is accompanied by resistance.   357 more words


Survival Tips from the Post-Apocalyptic Professor

Wandering deserted corridors in search of human contact.

Scavenging the abandoned refrigerator in the basement for food.

Hoarding resources in my tiny sanctuary of protection. 436 more words


New Google Offices in London

Google just recently opened up some new office space across the pond in London.  The offices were designed by PENSON, who wanted to give the space some British details & accents.   14 more words


Take your Indoor Workspace Outside with these Prefabricated Studio Rooms

Being cooped up in an office all day can make you go quite stir crazy.  These prefabricated studios from Inoutside can at least make you feel like you’re outdoors while working.   42 more words


One Month With a Treadmill Desk Beats Sitting Still

The modern workspace would hardly have been recognizable 20 years ago: We’ve gone from hardwired phones to roaming telepresence robots, from static whiteboards to Internet-connected ones, and from sitting desks to workstations that let you walk in place — all while pairing wirelessly with your many devices. 1,643 more words