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His and Hers Tablets - Road Warrior Mode

Due to the recent loss of my Nexus 7, I’ve reunited myself with the Transformer TF101 and as it so happens, there is still some surprising development being afforded to 10-inch tablets as far as apps go – as an example, the Facebook interface, on its most recent iteration, appears similarly to an older desktop layout with two columns: one of which (smaller column, right) shows specifically birthdays and events while the other (larger column, left) displays the timeline that you’d normally see. 400 more words


Tips For The Very Tall

Those of us who had a good laugh at Randy Newman’s hilarious song “Short People Have No Reason To Live” know that being short isn’t so bad.  775 more words

At Work

My Workstation

He is a quick video of my work area as it sits right now.

Spaces like this are always a work in progress and mine will most likely be be fine tuned as time goes by.


Video Blog


Some words have multiple meanings, which may or may not bear some relation to one another.  Resignation is such a word.  It is with resignation that I can only tell you anonymously of an alleged story of a resignation, to protect the identities of all concerned… innocent and guilty alike.   590 more words

The Chronicles

To E+J, With Love

Dear Ellie and Jared,

A couple of weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon, I sat down at this very “workstation” that I have set up in my room and I began to create an end-slate for your vlog.  353 more words