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Hewlett-Packard unveiled their latest Z-class workstation series, creating use of Intel’s expanded Xeon processor family members. It attributes ample workspace without overpowering a room, and it has a contemporary and edgy look, a keyboard drawer, and a platform for your personal computer tower. 3,444 more words

My Office Work Desk

I spend at least 8 hours a day on my work desk, so I make sure that it’s as condusive as possible. I usually do my Quran journalling and Quran tagging during lunch hour too, so most of my journalling stuffs are also in the office (because it’s just impossible at home). 88 more words


Top 5 Nerd Essentials - Travel Edition

I don’t know about you but when I’m traveling, I need to have a few things on me at all times. If I’m going to be in a hotel room or visiting friends and family and need to work I simply cannot go with out a few choice items. 646 more words


Workstation Specialists Compatible Memory RAM SSD Upgrades

I function in an industry that has noticed huge adjustments in the previous 25 years. Some of the general specs across the range contain a full structural redesign, Xeon-family processors, dual 1GbE ports for data transfer, front USB three.1 G2 Variety C ports and robust security attributes. 3,482 more words

What Is Workstation? Webopedia Definition

Effectively made office workstations can make the distinction amongst a disorganised and unproductive company and a flourishing a single. Yet another UK-based outfit, Computer Planet , is one of the few vendors we know of that delivers desktop workstations primarily based on AMD’s antiquated FX platform. 1,739 more words

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OBRA Office Furniture offers you a new released office table, chairs, filing cabinets & lockers , And also we cater blinds, carpet, accordion door and other furniture needs. 89 more words