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Let the past go.

All this time I had been hesitating

I had only been procrastinating
But now I have realised my power
Now i shall let my strength tower… 206 more words


Love, a religion of hope.

Let’s stop the debate of God’s existence

Let’s talk about love and it’s persistence
I don’t mind your believes or thoughts or views
As long as they don’t urge you to destroy, i have no issues… 101 more words


Happiness, an abstract

Organized little piece of crap

Life is nothing but a bizarre old trap
Don’t fall for the colours here or the lights
Spread your wings, get ready for higher flights… 97 more words


Bitter writing

They’ve told me a million times to bring a hint of happiness in my writings. But they don’t realise that too much optimism killed kings. I don’t deny that my posts are bitter and hard to swallow but that’s exactly what’s needed by today’s humans who are utterly hollow. 124 more words

Midnight Thoughts

Just a thought 

Isolated, i am responsible for my loneliness

Numb, i have become a symbol of stillness

Lost within myself since for ever
Content my heart has felt never… 63 more words


Unite, against the game

The flesh beneath this skin has rotten

The freshness of life has long been forgotten
Plastic is the grass and poisonous the air
Every bullet fired,¬† gives birth to a billionaire… 62 more words


Modern slaves

Hear it all as it falls

There’s destruction behind these walls
Why are we deff towards their calls?
Beneath our skins savageness crawls

We are stuck in this whorl… 147 more words