Talk to Her (2002) [Review]

This is my first time watching any of critically acclaimed director Pedro Almodovar’s work, much to the annoyance of my friends. With most of his DVDs sat in my unwatched pile, I reached for Talk to Her and decided to take the plunge into his legendary work. 243 more words

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Human Capital (2015) [Review]

Human Capital is an Italian film told via 3 intertwining stories across 4 chapters, and is another fine example of how to execute the inter-connected storyline task similar to that of Amores Perros or Babel. 261 more words

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The Wave (2015) [Review]

Norway’s answer to The Impossible is a paint-by-numbers disaster film that offers no surprises, but is a hell of a lot of fun. Unlike The Impossible, The Wave is a fictional event but rooted within reality as a serious catastrophe that has happened in the past, as a small town sits aside a giant fjord which if disturbed in the most extreme manner causes a huge wave to smash everything to pieces. 317 more words

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