Men & Chicken (2015) [Review]

Men & Chicken is one of the more alternative comedies out there, from Oscar-winning writer/director Anders Thomas Jensen (In A Better World, The Salvation… 429 more words


Cargo 200 (2007) [Review]

Cargo 200 is not for the faint-hearted. A combination of various sordid acts of degradation and desperation taking place within a Soviet Union nearing the end of its lifespan, results in an ever-present, unparalleled bleakness as we witness the crumbling of society itself and those within it. 382 more words

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A Touch of Sin (2013) [Review]

Director Jia Zhangke brings together 4 short stories based on actual real life struggles, set within varying areas of modern-day China. Each one meanders along the mundanity of their current existence, leaving you guessing whether there is a point, or at what point the story will kick into gear. 179 more words

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White God (2015) [Review]

Kornél Mundruczó’s Budapest set thriller, White God, is simply jaw-dropping. A strange cross between Homeward Bound and Hitchcock’s The Birds, it uses 274 dogs in total (most of which were found in animal shelters) to convey absolute disorder and mayhem as a dog called “Hagen” attempts to reunite itself with his owner. 640 more words

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Wild Tales (2015) [Review]

Breaking into my Top 10 for the entire year, Wild Tales is an anthology like no other. 6 short stories, with no connection, apart from the reoccurring theme of insanity from what at first appears to be innocent and mundane situations. 575 more words