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One of the best options for being comfortable and warm in cold days is to use a Poncho. It is the first time that I use one and, to be honest, I love it. 153 more words


Report: Lafayette has some of the fastest Internet in the world

Lafayette was recently named as having one of the fastest home Internet connections in the world, according to Open Technology Institute’s report, “2014 Speed Leaders for Home Broadband.” 122 more words


The (International) Cocktail Party Effect in London

If someone were to kidnap and drop you blindfolded into the streets of London, you’d almost certainly have no idea where the hell you’d been smuggled away to. 2,818 more words

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Poppies at the Tower and Eagles at St. Pancras

On my way out of Europe, I spent just over a week in London, my first time visiting the city. I found the enormous diversity of language there absolutely overwhelming — in the most positive of ways — so in a few days I’ll have a full post on that diversity and what happens in your head when you hear a language or accent you recognize through the cacaphonous din of the crowd. 72 more words

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Jonathan’s declaration tomorrow to run in six world cities

Security men drawn from Nigeria’s major formations took over the streets of Abuja yesterday ahead of the formal declaration by President Goodluck Jonathan today to run for a second term in office. 1,090 more words


Multiculturalism And Its Naysayers

In recent years, multiculturalism has come under severe attack. The first high-profile warning came in October 2010 when German chancellor Angela Merkel declared that multiculturalism had failed in her country; she was joined by British Prime Minister… 899 more words

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