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The CENET Team Shares Their Favorite World Cities

CENET Staff | Travel | #CENETJ1

A few CENET staff members were asked to share some of their favorite world cities.

Istanbul, Turkey

My current favorite city is Istanbul. 491 more words

Day 2 - Urban Design

Spatial Design

Visual Context

the peanut at new castle – imagination

durham church – awe-inspiring

Hong Kong – movement space

Mosque in Kuala Lumpur – depth and awe / calm… 41 more words

Transdisciplinary Design

The Journey Home

A little over a week ago I went to Córdoba capital to receive my permission to leave the country. I had overstayed my Visa (when I went to Córdoba it was the day it expired) and I needed to pay a six hundred Peso fine in order to cross the border into Chile. 921 more words


Why, London, why? Floating Yodas

London I love you. But we need to talk about some things.


I go to New York in two days - part 2

I don’t need to add anything further. I go to New York in two days. I cannot wait.

Brooklyn Brewery, here I come.
Ghostbusters HQ, here I come. 8 more words


I go to New York in 2 days - Part 1

This is a brief note to say that I go to New York in 2 days. That last sentence wasn’t really necessary as the title of this post kinda gives that away. 31 more words

Short Stories

I love NYC

Made on the back of designing my good friends wedding invites.

Available on a T-shirt.