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Fifty years ago today, on Monday 11 July, the 1966 World Cup finals began. The opening fixture saw England, as hosts, take on Uruguay in their Group One fixture. 463 more words

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It is to the day 50 years ago that the World Cup 1966 got underway in England. The final, three weeks produced an epic game between England and West Germany, commencing a narrative that still captivates 50 later.

Six of the Best - Recent England nostalgic documentaries

The year 2016 hasn’t been on to savour for England fans, with the team performing dismally at the European Championship and crashing out to Iceland. But while contemporary matters have made for painful viewing, there has been far more fun to be gained from a plethora of fresh documentaries concerning memorable times in England’s history. 1,554 more words


The wake-up calls we ignored and why England should look to Germany

IF there is one subject that was bound to distract politically-minded people in these troubled times it is the state of English football, particularly after England’s second major exit in a matter of days. 916 more words

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Last hurrah: The meaning of 1966

IN 1993, I met Alan Ball and spent an entire evening talking to him about his career. It was a surreal experience, sitting next to a man who had actually won the World Cup. 2,246 more words

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Football Read Review: A new slant on that 1966 story

THERE have been many books written about the 1966 World Cup – a few pop up every time some form of anniversary is celebrated. And why not? 455 more words

World Cup 1966

History Shows A Strong Leeds United is Needed For a Strong England Team - by Rob Atkinson

Long-standing and esteemed Friends of the Blog Art of Football have been kind enough to send me another quality example of their fine work, something I can defiantly wear close to my heart, to emphasise my status as a proud Englishman. 678 more words