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Three HBCU Cities Rank Among World Economic Forum's Best Cities For Women Entrepreneurs

Everyone wants to thrive, but what makes some places better than others? According to the World Economic Forum, it is a mixture of technology, culture, capital, market, and good old fashioned talent. 550 more words


Divagar - My Spanish Word Of The Day 8/22/2016

¡Bueons Días!

My Spanish word of the day is:


to digress, to ramble, to get sidetracked, to get off the subject, to beat around the bush. 211 more words

How government can unlock three trillion dollars of value in the digital economy

The traditional Silicon Valley view is that innovation happens in spite rather than because of government. But according to Accenture Senior Director of Strategy, Anand Shah… 228 more words


Namibia has the best roads in Africa

According to the World  Economic Forum (WEF) Namibia boasts of the top position having the best roads in Africa. A total number of 144 countries worldwide were assessed based on a number of indicators, including the quality of road infrastructure as per the 2014/15 results. 106 more words

The World Economic Forum’s bullish blockchain report is, naturally, quiet on bitcoin

The World Economic Forum published a report yesterday (Aug. 11) that is a ringing endorsement of blockchains, the technology underlying cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and their potential to reshape modern finance. 431 more words

Want a 10% return on your investment?

The World Economic Forum has published an interesting study  stating that the global private rate of return to schooling is 10% for every year of schooling. 32 more words

Davos woman: Why running 1,049 miles through seven deserts to alleviate global water scarcity is pretty much pointless

To raise awareness of the global water crisis, Mina Guli ran the equivalent of 40 marathons on seven deserts on seven continents in seven weeks earlier this year. 1,556 more words