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Knowledge@WhartonNetwork Revolution: Creating Value Through Platforms, People and Technology

Found at http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu
Authors Barry Libert, Megan Beck Fenley and Jerry (Yoram) Wind

Libert is CEO of OpenMatters and Fenley is his associate. Wind is a Wharton marketing professor and also director of Wharton’s SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management. 735 more words

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VIDEO Will Obama’s Anti-Brexit Remarks in Britain Backfire?

April 29, 2016 by William F. Jasper

Did President Obama’s wading into the Brexit referendum during his stopover in Britain last week aid the pro-EU side, as many commentators claimed, or is it viewed by British voters as an improper intrusion into domestic affairs and bullying by a foreign leader? 1,580 more words

Scale-up UK: Growing Businesses, Growing Economy

Significant challenges in financing scale-ups are holding back growth performance for early-stage start-ups according to Thomas Hellmann, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in a report released by Barclays titled… 396 more words

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How the World Economic Forum Can Enact Meaningful Change in 2016

When the World Economic Forum met in January, its leaders discussed a litany of problems facing the global community. From climate change to interstate conflict, the Forum listed off the growing concerns that governments around the world must address. 871 more words


How Business Can Thrive in the Digital Age

Breakthroughs in quantum computing have produced a machine capable of solving a problem 3,600 times faster than a conventional computer. Wireless interfaces between a human brain and a computer could soon let paralysed patients stream their thoughts to a wheelchair or robotic limb. 879 more words