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The Future of Jobs is Here. Like, Now.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has just released its Future of Jobs report — and there’s lots of juicy stuff about those technological and sociological drivers poised to reshape the world’s employment scene between the covers. 439 more words

İsrail Orta Doğu’da kadınlar için en iyi ülke

World Economic Forum’un (WEF) küresel cinsiyet farklılıkları araştırma sonuçlarına göre İsrail kadın hakları ve özgürlükleri açısından Orta Doğu’nun en iyi ülkesi.
2006’dan beri 110 ülkede yapılan araştırma cinsiyet eşitliği ve eşitsizliğinin birçok data kullanarak inceliyor. 173 more words


Organic Photovoltaic Film Sets Record for Efficiency

Germany-based firm Heliatek has developed organic photovoltaic (OPV) solar cell film that’s able to convert solar energy into electricity with record conversion efficiency.

The flexible “Heliafilm” can be applied to a variety of surfaces. 394 more words

Renewable Energy

Our world in 2050

In this article, I wanted to go on a journey and consider what our world might look like in 2050. Technologies such as mobile, robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, autonomous cars, the Internet of Things, drones, 3D printing and Big Data will have revamped every aspect of our everyday lives by 2050. 5,537 more words

Future Society

Chapters 10 and 11

Written by Nancy W. Boyer  All Rights Reserved

Chapter 10
The cocktail hour was almost over. Charlie noticed a young woman standing near the door that led to the long balconies outside. 1,496 more words

Historical Fiction

A Better Deal for David Cameron

The news broke recently that the EU was close to making David Cameron an offer regarding his demands for a reformed EU. Cameron has always worn his attitudes towards Europe on his sleeve, last week in a… 1,292 more words

Politics & Economics

Salesforce Gives Its State of The Union Address

Business leaders are repeating a familiar mantra these days about how companies must stay on top of the latest technology or risk falling behind.

The rise of ride-hailing startup Uber and its impact on the taxi industry is a prime example of how a more nimble startup with better technology can upend ill-prepared rivals. 412 more words