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Do you have the skills to keep your job?

In today’s dynamic job market, the need to have a unique skill(s) cannot be emphasized enough. New work models are cropping up like freelancing, where employees don’t have to necessarily sit at a desk to work for an organisation. 257 more words


What did you do in the great financial crash, grandad?

I remember asking my grandfather what he’d done in the Second World War and his answer held me spellbound.

Whether tales of the financial crisis of 2007-2008 that more or less kicked off ten years ago today will similarly capture children’s imagination in years to come seems unlikely, even though its lessons are arguably not too much less significant for future generations. 913 more words

Business & Money
  • It is a Swiss nonprofit foundation, based in Cologny, Geneva.
  • The forum was founded in 1971 by Klaus Schwab, a German-born business professor at the University of Geneva.
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Chandrababu Naidu wants to set a Business School in Amravati

Chandrababu Naidu was able to bring the Indian School of Business to Hyderabad. Now with a commitment he wants to set a business school in Amravati to meet the Indian School of Business (ISB) standards. 125 more words


콰라, 손보미 대표 신규선임… 각자대표 체제로 글로벌 시장 공략 박차

금융AI (Artificial Intelligence) 기술로 온라인 자산관리 서비스를 제공하는 핀테크 기업 콰라(QARA)소프트의 새 대표이사로 손보미 (CEO, Katie Bomi Son 사진)가 선임됐다. 최근 KB금융, 한화그룹, 미래에셋 등 잇따른 금융권의 러브콜에 따라 국내 금융 AI 및 로보어드바이저 기술 사업을 확대해 나가고 있는 한편, 싱가포르 및 홍콩에 관련 사업을 확대 진출할 예정이다. 31 more words


Cambodia - Overview


Located in South East Asia, Cambodia is the home of 15 million inhabitants.

The social fabric of Cambodia has been woven out of dark years of colonization, wars and genocide. 454 more words