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European Banking (Portugal)

Yesterday, Patricia Kowsmann published the attached article on the Portuguese banks. I wish it was as good as Patricia described.

The facts are:

With one exception all of the Portuguese banks including Caixa Geral, the government owned bank, are technically bankrupt and insolvent. 1,089 more words


Wall Street Journal: are we approaching another financial meltdown

Wall street Journal is writing today that the latest indicators from the stockmarket are heralding an approaching financial meltdown. This article is a warning for the Federal Reserve of the United States. 40 more words

The war between Saudis and USA still ongoing

Now we know; 1MDB has always been a Saudi fund run together with their Malaysian friends to finance their strategic and political projects.

USA is using this case to apply some force on Saudia Arabia to bring them back on track.   30 more words

Pope Francis: World is at War

Pope Francis has said that the recent string of attacks, including the killing of a Roman Catholic priest in Normandy was proof the ‘world is at war’. 119 more words

Oltre il signoraggio. Toro Seduto spiega a Tex Willer il valore della moneta

“Quando l’ultimo albero sarà abbattuto, l’ultimo pesce pescato, l’ultimo fiume avvelenato, vi accorgerete che non potrete mangiare il denaro”.

Toro Seduto (1831 – 1890), capo tribù dei Hunkpapa Sioux (Lakota). 43 more words

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