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Why Overcoming Nationalisms and Uniting is Necessary

Only unity between humans can create real progress and build a better world, a good one. Our common wealth is our planet.

by Katia Novella Miller 3,812 more words

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Mario Draghi and the technological change

In a recent speech, March the 13th, Mario Draghi the ECB president explains the link between monetary policy and technological changes perceived as sources of productivity improvements. 117 more words

Monetary Policy

The French economic cycle and economic policy ahead of the elections

This is my weekly column for http://www.forbes.fr.  Here You can find the original in French

Since the financial crisis in 2008, trend growth has slowed down sharply across western countries… 1,185 more words

Business Cycle

आसानी की दुश्वारी

द्वारा सत्यम कुमार 

यह विज्ञापन 10 मार्च को ‘द हिन्दू’ अखबार में प्रकाशित हुआ था।वैसे तो यह एक आम विज्ञापन ही है,जिसमें सरकार अपने द्वारा किये गए प्रगतिशील कार्यों का उल्लेख कर रही है और मीडिया के माध्यम से इसे जनता तक पहुँचाने का प्रयास कर रही है।

Policy Matters

United Kingdom - Slowdown for the wage purchasing power

For the English salaryman, the situation is becoming more complex. The higher inflation rate is currently reducing the gap with the nominal wage growth (graph 1). 130 more words

World Economy

Innovations and Employment - Part II

This is the English version of my weekly column for Forbes.
The original French version is here

This time is differentThis is often how the impact of innovation on the economy and jobs is perceived. 1,925 more words

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