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GDP Growth Rates of G-20 Countries as of 2nd Quarter 2015

지난 2분기 평균 경제성장률은 0.7% 입니다. 한국은 0.3% 로 지난 1분기보다 0.5% 가 줄어습니다. 미국은 3.9% 성장으로 단연 선두 그리고 인도네시아가 3.78% 으로 2등 그리고 인디아와 중국이 뒤따르고 있습니다,

아래차트 는 1분기대비 경제성장률 차이인데 한국은 0.5% 이 줄었습니다. 이에 비해 미국은 3.3% 늘었습니다. 가장 많이 줄어든 나라가 일본 (-1.4%) 으로 아베노믹스의 실효성에대해서 의문이 들게합니다. 그리고 브라질과 오스트레리아가 뒤을 따릅니다.

이차트를 보시면 미국과 인도네시아가 확연히 다른나라들보다 눈에 좋아보입니다, 이에 비해 러시아 브라질 그리고 일본은아주 안좋아보입니다. 한국은 평균이하입니다. EU 전체보다 한국의 경제 성장률이 안좋아보입니다,

Source: Traingeconomics

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4 Ways the Oil Price Crash Is Hurting the Global Economy

Remember when the oil price plunge was going to be a huge economic tailwind?

In theory, the movement of wealth from commodity producers, which often stow away oil revenue in sovereign wealth funds, to consumers, which spend a far larger portion of their income, is a positive for economic activity. 570 more words


Extreme poverty to fall‏

THE number of people living in extreme poverty is likely to fall for the first time below 10 percent
of the world’s population in 2015, the World Bank said on Sunday as it revised its benchmark for… 422 more words

International News

Real Worries

Worried about fanatical groups taking over the world? Worried about China taking over world economy? Worried about big brother controlling our every move?

Those are not the big dangers. 216 more words

Life's Little Surprises

First World governments have no idea!

Weak US job figures have pushed back the Fed’s desperate desire to raise the basic rate from the ‘absurdity’ of 0% p.a.  Or is it absurd?  74 more words

And what about Volkswagen and Glencore?

The other highly significant events of the past five days are the plunging fortunes of Volkswagen (diesel cars) and Glencore (miners).  These are losses of $10 to $40 billion in extent and these are beginning to be measurable on the same balance scales as countries margins of trade. 239 more words