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Its been really a long time since I have posted an article. Hope you all have been well.

Today’s topic is not related to any specific stock or market but instead is a sort of analysis on the current world economic situation and the bull market we are always been told by the analysts! 993 more words


US Companies Eying More Than $1b Investment in Indonesia

Jakarta. A delegation of top executives from 10 major US companies arrived in Jakarta on Monday, as they seek to forge stronger business relationships in Indonesia and are collectively considering more than $1 billion in new investment over the next three to five years. 61 more words

World Economy

The end of Fiat money is upon us

Again, I re-publish something of great importance to understand. Jesus said You cannot interpret the signs of the times- Mtt 16:3 God is raising up the Kings of the East(China & Russia) to deliver the World from the Kings of Babylon(Bankers of Rothschild families etc) The mark of the beast is empty paper money, without which no one can buy or sell. 1,045 more words


Chanakya-the father of Economics,Administration,Warfare and Politics.

We all know Peter Drucker. He is considered to be the father of Management.

Do we know the real father of many fields such as Economics, Administration, Warfare and Politics. 229 more words


Will the American Economy collapse in the coming years?

So much has been said about the collapse of the American Economy.

Will the American Economy collapse?

Why and how will it collapse? Is it another doomsday conspiracy or is there any fundamental reasoning behind it. 903 more words


Monthly Personal Disposable Income: Brazil vs World

Recently, a new research published by the website movehub.com showed the monthly personal disposable income around the world (after taxes). This interesting research allow us to compare each average income by country with others in same currency (US$). 176 more words