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Trump threats may not stop US offshoring of jobs

President-elect Donald Trump’s threats to retaliate against US companies planning to shift operations overseas constitute a new risk for multinationals, but may not sway those already planning to offshore jobs. 627 more words

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Obama's Failed US Economy

Obama inherited a collapse that took hold in 2008 with banking breaking out and bringing everything and everyone down with them. Since then, the economy has recovered from the collapse, but only to the same level it was during the inherited Bush era which Obama claimed was the catalyst for the fall. 513 more words


Analiz: Alexandr Dugin ve Türkiye üzerinde etkisi

8 Kasım’da gerçeklesen AKP grup toplantısına sürpriz bir isim katıldı. Bu isim Turk medyasında “Putin’in özel danışmanı” olarak adlandırılan Alexandr Dugin‘di. Dugin, Putin’in Türkiye’ye stratejik ortaklık teklif ettiğini ilan etti. 3,468 more words


No Fast Economic Growth Ahead

The World Bank wants to tell you some unpleasant truths – the world economic growth is slow and the pace of economic recovery is just as slow. 921 more words


Trumpism, Populism and the new world order

UK’s Brexit vote in June and the latest dramatic victory of ‘The Donald’ in the US Elections – the two most important political events of this year, have left the world stunned. 615 more words

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The Trade Debate: Can Seaborne Trends Shine Any Light?

World seaborne trade, whilst still growing at a relatively steady pace, has seen a slightly less rapid rate of growth since 2015, compared to both the longer-term historical average, and the more recent 2011-14 period. 493 more words


Economic Development and production of fakes: Who are the losers?

Alongside development, modernisation, globalisation of trade and/or liberalisation of the world economy, crimes also have become globalised. Neo-liberal ideology opposes all forms of government interventions in entrepreneurial activities. 467 more words