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Update on London property market 

CITYAM / Latest stats on the London property market

One interesting factor in new figures published today (more on that here) is a sign growth in house prices is slowing in parts of London. 264 more words


Migrants left looking for shelter as Greece struggles in crisis

ATHENS: Aid workers called for emergency accommodation for hundreds of migrants who are camped out in the streets of the Greek capital as it struggles back from the brink of financial collapse. 531 more words

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Headliners In The World Economy - And The World Fleet!

Recent economic news has been dominated by events in two countries. Headlines have focussed on Greece and its ongoing bailout woes and possible ‘Grexit’, as well as on China and the slump in its stock market and the impact on the wider economy. 445 more words


Germany versus Greece

EugenR on July 21, 2015

Surprisingly in all the articles i read about Greek catastrophe caused by entering the Eurozone no one mentioned even with one word, that without the Eurozone, Greek’s GDP per capita and their standard of living would be about the level of Bulgaria. 7,132 more words


The graph that worries me a lot

The current momentum of the world trade, in volume, is worrying me. Comparing May 2015 to May 2014 shows that world trade is growing at a mere O.4%. 616 more words

World Economy

What's going on with global trade?

In the three decades before the recent financial crisis, rapid globalization helped the world’s trade grow at twice the rate of the global economy. But those halcyon days seem to be behind us. 623 more words