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Save Paper, Save Environment – Is it Right Perception?

“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another” 

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ThinK ThodA HaktE

Why sea shouldn't be polluted?

By Mehar-un-nisa

Needless to say sea pollution has drastic affect on the growth and well being of Wildlife. Each year, plastic found in sea seems to appear more than the past only to disturb the life cycle of marine organisms. 11 more words


On the Sketching of Species

“No no, that is not right. The string is not straight”, said a woman, dressed in a funky turquoise and white top and grey skirt, standing before a display board. 1,360 more words

Creative Writing

World Environment Day at SPA

16 Meter Canvas, 1200 Slogans, Creating an illustration on 5th june, World Environment Day at SPA.Inaugurated by Rev. Bro. Christopher, Principal, St.Patrick’s Academy

Creative Lab Intiatives


Hipsters of nature is a locally grown organization in Ghana that  focuses on using creative ways to improve communication and education in environmental issues such as climate change, waste management and environment sustainability. 284 more words


Land Use and Climate Change on an Island: Chalk and Cheese?

What does land use have to do with climate change? Everything. They are not like ‘chalk and cheese’ like persons may think. How our 166 square miles are managed, directly determines our future on this beloved rock. 600 more words


Research update: June 2015

Summer, summer. The busiest and probably the most fun time of the year in terms of research. There’s lots to do out on the green roofs now that all the plants are growing and the pollinators are flying, but this is what I look forward to all winter long when I’m in the lab or working on my computer. 658 more words