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World Environment Day at SPA

16 Meter Canvas, 1200 Slogans, Creating an illustration on 5th june, World Environment Day at SPA.Inaugurated by Rev. Bro. Christopher, Principal, St.Patrick’s Academy

Creative Lab Intiatives


Hipsters of nature is a locally grown organization in Ghana that  focuses on using creative ways to improve communication and education in environmental issues such as climate change, waste management and environment sustainability. 284 more words


Land Use and Climate Change on an Island: Chalk and Cheese?

What does land use have to do with climate change? Everything. They are not like ‘chalk and cheese’ like persons may think. How our 166 square miles are managed, directly determines our future on this beloved rock. 600 more words


Research update: June 2015

Summer, summer. The busiest and probably the most fun time of the year in terms of research. There’s lots to do out on the green roofs now that all the plants are growing and the pollinators are flying, but this is what I look forward to all winter long when I’m in the lab or working on my computer. 658 more words

San Jose, OccMin, nagdiwang ng World Environment Day

SAN JOSE, Occidental Mindoro, Hulyo 3 (PIA) – Isa ang bayan ng San Jose sa nagsagawa ng pagdiriwang ng World Environment Day mula ika kamakailan. 296 more words


Celebrating art and natural history

Everyone would love to draw or doodle. If you master the art, every boring class or meeting can suddenly become that much more interesting. However, it’ll be better if you draw or sketch for the love of it, for you can create something you’ll cherish for a long time to come. 851 more words


World Environment Day celebrated in Mullaitivu

The World Environment day was celebrated under the concept of “Seven Billion Dreams… One Planet… Consume with care” by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Services, Animal Husbandry, Irrigation, Environment, Water supply, Food supply and distributions and Co-operative Development, NP with the coordination of Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs, Sports and Youth Affairs NP at Katpurapulveli, Mullaitivu on 05th June 2015. 61 more words

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