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What Happened to Change our World?

Magic is Understanding Natural Laws…Our Ancient writings and teachings explained Solar Eclipses with an Accuracy that Nasa still can’t copy.The Mayan Calendars did this Thousands of years in advance and also told of the effect, which was a whole download of knowledge. 288 more words

Hurricane Irma

I try not to discuss too much in detail about my friends. Privacy is paramount for a lot of people. However I would just like to say that my friend Rachel, a work colleague until recently, was in Cuba on holiday when Hurricane Irma hit. 183 more words

World Events

Tragedy for the Rohingya, Pakistan Chooses to Close Their Eyes

Rohingya Muslims, those who used to reside in the Rakhine State, Myanmar, are facing serious trouble. These Muslims fall into what is classified as the world’s largest recorded ethnic group lacking a state. 221 more words

World Events

Dear Readers,

The news at the moment is screaming with disaster. Hurricane Harvey and Irma ravage the Americas. Terrorism in Europe.

But very little is said about what’s going on in Asia. 209 more words


A Crystal Blue Skies September Morning

That morning 16 years ago had the same feeling as this morning. Crystal blue September skies and a nice, cool breeze before the heat of the vibrant afternoon sun arrived. 741 more words

Holding Onto Hope: Isabella Morganthal (20)

This has always been one of my favorite words.
I would scribble it down on paper, using it to try out new letter art. Or I would buy notebooks and wall art that read that word. 994 more words


The Way Things Change

I clicked the button to update my status and Facebook asked “What’s on your mind this morning?” There’s a simple answer: the way things change. Simple. 592 more words