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5G Please click on the link. Help save us all

The roll out of 5g has concerned me since I started reading about it. I signed petitions, I posted about it and now I find myself posting again. 59 more words

World Events

A 'Revival of Spirit'

This morning I was moved to tears as I watched the 90-minute ABC News broadcast from Portsmouth, England. The 75th Anniversary tribute to D-Day veterans was filled with the kind of pageantry that the British do so well, attended by world leaders and surviving World War II veterans of the battle that raged on the other side of the English Channel, the invasion that was credited with changing the course of the war. 991 more words


third rail links: for thinking outside the box

Third rail refers to the electrified 3rd rail that runs along the side of the rail tracks for electric powered commuter trains.  To touch this 3rd rail can be fatal (as in electrocution). 1,769 more words


PRIDE Goeth Before Destruction

I think many of us that are somewhat deep thinkers often have seen it to be strange that the LGTBQ2+AA etc crowd were foolish enough to use PRIDE as their moniker, their slogan whatever they want to call it. 1,355 more words

Living A Christian Life

What to Remember This Memorial Day

I remember when I learned as a young man that the Vietnam war was not something noble nor righteous.  That it really had little to nothing to do with any sort of benefit to the Vietnamese people.  292 more words

Building Our Future.

Italian Government Compromised in Russiagate


Monday, February 19, 2018

My name is Giulio Occhionero and I am an Italian nuclear engineer and a financial professional. I am writing today to expose criminal activity on the part of Italian governmental authorities: Polizia Postale and its special cyber division CNAIPIC against US and Italian citizens as well as a US company with interests in the US and Italy, … 2,036 more words


Where were you on 9/11/01? #amwriting #timeline #fiction #setting

I know this is not timely, but I have come to a point in my current work in progress where the character is living in D.C. 691 more words