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Free tickets to endless destinations

A lot of Iranians I’ve talked to have expressed their discontent with the fact that they haven’t been to any countries besides Iran. And all of them seem to been keen, longing almost, to explore whatever it is that lies beyond the horizons they are used to being surrounded by. 260 more words

Broadening The Horizons

PAX Highlights

I haven’t been as good about updates as I have been in the past. I didn’t do a PAX South post, and now PAX East has come and gone as well. 862 more words

World Exploration

Mystery Indian Restaurant Mission

I have given myself a mission.

This morning, I got off the bus and was finishing my walk to work, when I noticed that my new coworker was walking directly in front of me. 242 more words

World Exploration

Exploring Seattle

This year around PAX I spent a bit of extra time exploring the Seattle area. It is not the first time I’ve taken some time, in fact last year I did the same thing and I have found it really helps the show feel like a full vacation. 880 more words

World Exploration

PAX West Expo Recap

The show floor at West took up the entirety of the 4th floor of the convention center, skybridge and annex 3rd floor, as well as a secondary expo space on the 6th floor of the convention center. 337 more words

World Exploration

PAX West Day 4:

Day 4 of West/Prime is always bittersweet. I love that there are 4 days but it always sucks knowing it is the last.

This year I really feel like I made good use of my last day. 355 more words

World Exploration

PAX West Day 3:

By Day 3 I definitely felt like a had a rhythm down to the show this time. Rather than trying to rush in to anything at 10 when the doors opened I ended up hanging out in front of the center waiting for the queue to clear and met a couple girls who were volunteering at the Divinity booth, but who normally came to shows like PAX as cosplayers. 413 more words

World Exploration