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All Cons Big and Small

Obviously I have lots of PAX experiences, which is pretty much the biggest gaming convention “for fans”. However, this weekend I had a chance to go to a smaller con, and it reminded me why it can be really nice to go to shows of all sizes. 253 more words

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I promise this is the last PAX overview for awhile :p

PAX has a full three day schedule of Panels and interesting events outside of the expo. 299 more words

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PAX Arena/ Overwatch For the Watch

One of the newer additions to the show is PAX Arena, and this was the first time that they had the section named as such at an East. 379 more words

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PAX EAST 2016 Expo Level

For the 6th year in a row, I made the trek up to Boston for the weekend of gaming overload known as PAX East. Despite having been to so many shows in Boston, I always find something exciting at the show, and sometimes even the city around. 746 more words

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PAX Friends and Connections

Another PAX is in the books. This time, being PAX East in Boston. I have a soft spot for East, since it was my PAX back in 2011, and really was my introduction to conventions in general. 330 more words

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Unique Post Con Experience

After MAGFest closed on Sunday the group I was with decided to stay around the Gaylord for a bit. We decided we would find an empty table to sit to play a few more board games and grab some dinner in the area before we headed back to the real world. 269 more words

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MAGFest 2016

The weekend of February 18-21 over 20k gamers and music fans took over the Gaylord at National Harbor for MAGFest.

MAGFest has been around for 14 years now, and has grown from a small show in a fairly normal sized hotel, to one that capped the capacity of a Gaylord convention center. 1,088 more words

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