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Not Quite Sanguine

“I am the place in which something has occurred.”
– Claude Lévi-Strauss

Everyone’s out for my blood.


I mean, just in case there’s any confusion, literally every single person I can think of wants, literally, the liquid that’s pumping around my body right this second. 190 more words

Creative Writing


I don’t normally talk about this matter. I really don’t. I’ve tried small Facebook posts but I quickly private some of them. Whenever I try to, it chokes me up, and I’m afraid to go about this. 811 more words


Zika: When research goes off the rails

Published in The Hindu on February 7, 2016

The World Health Organisation (WHO) may have designated the Zika virus and its suspected complications in newborns as a public health emergency of international concern, but this has not concerned Brazil which has so far refused to share virus samples and data with WHO collaborating centres. 759 more words

World Health Organisation

The Zika Virus

The ‘World Health Organisation’ (WHO) have just days ago announced that the Zika virus is now a global emergency. Margaret Chan, the director general, held a press conference on Monday. 569 more words

4 February: World Cancer Day

Each year on 4 February, WHO and International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) supports Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to promote ways to ease the global burden of cancer. 1,390 more words


Editorial: Gearing up for the Zika threat

Published in The Hindu on February 3, 2016

The World Health Organization has declared that the outbreak of Zika and congenital malformations and neurological disorders in newborns believed to be connected to the virus is a global public health emergency. 465 more words


Taking action on Zika

The outbreak of Zika virus in the Americas and possible link to microcephaly has caused international concern, with the WHO declaring a Public Health Emergency of International Concern… 1,046 more words

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