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Mysterious disease kills Nigerian patients within a day

Original post from Aljazeera

‘……..The unknown disease has so far killed 17 people in a southeastern Nigerian town and officials have ruled out Ebola. 241 more words


Why are ethics important in research?

Ethics are a subconsciously agreed upon set of moral guidelines that denote what is correct and incorrect behaviour in society. For research to be approved, it must be first put under scrutiny by a Research Ethics Committee (REC) to determine the potential risks involved as well as the effects on participants. 645 more words


EbolaWHO urges survivors to practise safe sex as traces of virus is found in survivor's semen

The healthy body urged Ebola survivors to be even more cautious during sexual contact to ensure the virus is not passed on to their partners. 326 more words

Why would you wear that? PART 4

Respiratory Protection in Asia – The Truth About Masks Used

Do you want the truth? Think you can handle the truth?

Well, the truth is the following three methods used to protect yourself from breathing in contaminated air will not provide you any protection at all! 909 more words

Occupational Hygiene

Focus on Control of AMR at Nepal Society for Internal Medicine (SIMON) conference 2015- links to WHO resources

The SIMON conference next week (23-25th April) will examine the AMR problem globally and within Nepal and discuss necessary control approaches.  Dr Abdul Ghafur from Chennai (behind the Chennai Declaration) will be participating. 123 more words

Antimicrobial Resistance

That Sugar Film

Sugar is in just about everything we eat and most of the time we don’t even realise it. That’s the message from ‘That Sugar Film’ 618 more words


Why would you wear that? PART 3

Respiratory Protection in Asia – Principles of Protection

Last year the World Health Organisation (WHO) reported that sufficient evidence now demonstrates air pollution to be the world’s single largest environmental health risk,  contributing to 1 in every 8 deaths globally (approx 7 million people per year). 1,252 more words

Occupational Hygiene