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奈良 Buddha of Bankruptcy

Let us begin our Buddhist side of my visit to Nara. If you were hoping for more cute deer, don’t worry, they were everywhere and I have countless deer pictures so I’ll include some more in this post too. 774 more words


奈良 Deer of the Divine

It took me 6 months, but I eventually did the thing that everyone does in their one week of visiting Kyoto – I visited Nara. Nara is an ancient capital of Japan, preceding Kyoto as the imperial capital, and it gives its name to the Nara period (710 – 794). 1,046 more words


Car Hire Misadventures - Lanzarote, 1983

As we had a four wheel drive we thought we might test its capabilities to the full so rather than follow the tarmac highway we went off road and tried to plot our own course. 152 more words


Krishna's Butter-Ball - Travel Stories (1)

Mamallapuram is a place in South India situated ~ 60 km south of Chennai (Madras). Travel time by car takes approximately an hour from Chennai. Historically Mamallapuram was a busy seaport and now a tourist attraction. 264 more words


二条城 Singing Floors and Deadly Doors

The weather while my parents were visiting me was rather miserable; there was a lot of rain and it was pretty cold. While I would expect this of a British April, this is completely unusual for Kyoto and I have heard countless complaints from locals that this is the coldest and wettest April they’ve ever seen. 907 more words


Merindu Musik Ghazal

WARISAN BUDAYA INDONESIA – Apa jadinya bila bait-bait syair Melayu berkolaborasi dengan alat-alat musik seperti syarenggi, sitar, harmonium, dan tabla? Atraksi musik ghazal asal Pulau Penyengat Kepulauan Riau, agaknya bisa menjawab rasa ingin tahu itu. 408 more words

World Heritage

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird - Avoiding the Crowds (2)

On account of the thousand or so Trulli houses and because it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site Alberobello is vulnerable to severe tourist overload so Kim’s plan was to get up early to beat the crowds and go and get some photographs of empty streets… 65 more words