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World History: What if fair pay was normative?

Tonight a thought occurred to me: How very, very different would World History be if people had always been paid and always been paid fairly for their labor? 201 more words

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From Rape To Reason: A Brief History Of Sodomy

“In general usage, sodomy was not an exact term and did not merely refer to a specific sexual act. Rather, it described the whole range of homosexual behavior, sexual or otherwise, which belonged to the ancient lechers of Sodom and Gomorrah. 3,763 more words

Dark History

Origins:The Ndebele State

The Ndebele were originally part of Ndwandwe Nguni of Natal. The
Original population was led by the Khumalo lineage leaded at that time by
Mzilikaki. They broke away form Natal during the Zulu – Ndwandwe wars… 2,011 more words

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Charles William Dambudzo Marechera was born in June 1952 in Vengere, the township of Rusape, in the east of the then Rhodesia. He was the third of nine children in a family which became destitute once his father was killed in a road accident in 1966. 996 more words

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In what ways did the British foreign policies between 1815-1856 affect the European politics?

Between the years 1815-1856, owing to her foreign policies, Britain was frequently involved in the European circumstances, including the Vienna Settlement of 1815, the Congress System, the Greek War of Independence of 1821-32, the Belgian Revolt of 1830-39 and the Crimean War of 1854-56. 1,703 more words

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Examine Britain’s role in the collapse of the Congress System

From the onset, Britain stood apart from the other European powers and opposed the Russian-sponsored scheme to thwart the spread of liberalism in Europe. With the exception of Britain, the architects of the Vienna Settlement were conservative absolute rulers who felt threatened by (French) revolutionary ideas such as nationalism and liberalism. 975 more words

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Assess the extent to which the England was responsible for the breakdown of the Congress System.

According to the Quadruple Alliance (1815) of Britain, Austria, Prussia and Russia signed in the Vienna Settlement, the four powers agreed to hold periodic meetings to discuss matters of common interest and to consider measures that could be “most salutary for the repose and prosperity of the nations and for maintaining the peace of Europe”. 1,579 more words

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