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The Surprising Story Behind Trump’s Jewish Prayer Shawl - Breaking Israel News | Latest News. Biblical Perspective.


My surprising story is that President Trump visited this Midwest church group on Shabbot with the Torah reading, “Re’eh”meaning See.

Trump mentioned that it was during the fall when he visited the Midwest that things seem to change for him.   1,129 more words

The Kite Fighters

Park, Linda (2000). The Kite Fighters. New York, NY: Random House.

Linda Sue Park is one of my all time favorite authors. In October of 2012 I had the privilege not only of hearing her speak, but of sitting beside her for both lunch and a campfire, when I attended the… 301 more words

Middle Grade Fiction

I lay down my sword

Twenty years ago,

After I have shed the last drop of my blood

In the gory battlefields of Bataan and Corregidor

I faced my Creator, 399 more words

20th January 1265 A.D. The first English parliament to include not only Lords but also representatives of the major towns holds #Onthisday

Simon de Monfort’s Parliament was a English Parliament which held Onthisday 20th January 1265 A.D. until mid march of the same year, which instigated by Simon de Montfort as a baronial rebel leader. 159 more words