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1493 - Charles Mann

I have a mixed relationship with reading non-fiction, and particularly with reading history books. On the one hand, I enjoy it and there are lots of interesting stories that I want to read about; on the other hand, it is work-adjacent and I have a little voice nagging me that if I have time to read this history, why don’t I have time to read the latest scholarship. 569 more words


Homeschool In The Woods: Review

History an exciting time when explorers were discovering new places, colonies were forming, art was a past-time for quiet relaxation of one’s mind, as well as learning to master tasks that required perseverance and patience.   840 more words

Birth of Computers

Who invented the computer, which is part of everyday use?  To get to this point we need to start back at the time, where it all began! 1,997 more words


The Typewriter was born

John Gutenberg, a name that will go down in history, for he invented the printing press using a loose tile system in the mid 15th century.  770 more words


Birth of Writing

When we look around to-day, at how things are, and how much our daily lives rely on the art of writing.  We have to wonder how difficult it must have been in those early times, before writing and the alphabet came into existence. 1,681 more words


Printing Revolution: Johannes Gutenberg

Early inventions in Europe, led to the start of a new era, which would see early experiments involving the transferring of calligraphy styled text placed upon wooden blocks in reverse form.  820 more words


Birth of Printing: William Caxton

William Caxton’s exact date of birth is unknown, but history dictates his birth be around 1422 in the Weald of Kent.

In 1438 aged 16, Caxton became an apprentice to Robert Large a London merchant, and upon the death of his employer, he moved to Bruges, and spent some thirty years working there as a merchant. 408 more words