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Could He Have Imagined?

Sunday morning December 7, 1941 on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean. A Japanese pilot starts the engine of his VAL Dive Bomber. The destination is Pearl Harbor. 43 more words

Use My Ted-Ed Lesson to Teach Your Students About the French Revolution

I am excited to share my Ted-Ed lesson about the French Revolution. Use it to engage your students. Questions or comments? Please comment below or tweet me @edtechtom.


WH: Quizlet and the Final Exam

I just posted a set of terms for the Final Exam on Quizlet.

World History

"Almost the end of the semester" update...

Well…I’ve just finished 2 full weeks teaching World History & PE/Health at South Plains Academy & I just feel right at home.  :-D

My History classes have been going over a highlight reel of the Renaissance-we could spend ALL year on it–and seem to be enjoying it.   412 more words

10th December 1850 A.D. The death of Józef Bem #Onthisday

Bem was born during Tarnow in Galicia which was an area of Poland and had become part of the Habsburg Monarchy through the partition of 1772 A.D. 104 more words


3rd December 1447 A.D. The Birth of Bayezid II, Ottoman sultan #Onthisday

The birth of Bayezid II was #onthisday in history 3rd December 1447 A.D. and died 26th may 1512 A.D. He was the eldest son of Mehmed II’s succesor who ruled as the Ottoman sultan from 1481-1518 A.D. 101 more words