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Foragers, Farmers, and Fossil Fuels: Energy Capture & Cultural Values

The subtitle says it all: How Human Values Evolve. In itself this is not particularly new or compelling, but the manner in which Ian Morris… 481 more words


As many as 400 Canadian D-Day veterans miss out on French honour because names weren't forwarded

As many as 400 Canadian D-Day veterans missed out on being awarded France’s Legion of Honour because their names were not forwarded to the French government. 678 more words


Jonathan Kay: How the Holocaust permanently redefined mankind’s attitude toward evil

The New York Times report on the slaughter of Jews in the Galician city of Lviv was brief but horrifying. “Eleven hundred Jews were killed during the recent massacre,” the… 930 more words

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Parlez-vous français?

I’m not going to apologize for the lack of posting, because y’all should be used to this by now. We know that I’m lazy, trying to live my life and sometimes just so fed up with what’s going on around me that it is really hard not to just write a post of just f-bombs. 1,621 more words

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Early Humans

In order to begin world history, it makes sense to provide the history of the human ancestors, mainly to show how humans have developed overtime. In order to provide a history of human ancestors, one common myth needs to be debunked. 1,017 more words


Latin American Revolutions

Latin American Revolutions

Latin American Social Class

1. Peninsulares = those born in Spain

2. creoles = Spanish born in Latin    America

3. mestizos = mixed European and Indian ancestry… 74 more words

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