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The Most Important Blog Post I Will Ever Write: My Promise To Fight Against Poverty. Please Fight With Me.

Throughout my time backpacking, I have been taken aback by more startling cases of poverty than I would like to account for. I’ve been traveling now for six months and as you can imagine, money is tight. 794 more words

Together we are O.S.O.M. kit Project

Base Kit

  • Internet access point is required as this is a window into the world where all can be heard. A kit for people who need this is required.
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Delays, Crops, Pests, and Life

I am sorry for the lack of content over the past month things have been going very well on our end results and data wise. Things have gone from dust and sand to green in the past couple of months. 355 more words


Guest Post – Becoming a Caring Global Citizen: A Global Travel Scholar's Push to Help End World Hunger

Below is a guest post from one of our Global Travel Scholars, Matthew McDonald. Through the program, Matthew received a scholarship to travel to Botswana in the Summer of 2014. 707 more words

Global Travel Scholarship

Reducing Hunger is Not About Producing More

When it comes to attempting to feed the world, large agro-businesses like Monsanto claim that they are sustainable because they are committed to doubling yields. However, focusing on increased yield of crops is a one-sided solution to a much greater problem: feeding the world is not solely a problem of lack of food, but lack of adequate distribution methods and affordable access to that food. 1,581 more words

Remembering Little One

My gray striped cat, Little One, was a most incredibly loyal cat. I had her from 1977 till 1989, when she passed away. She would sit by my side, on my bed, while I spent hours upon hours writing articles, essays, short stories and plays. 516 more words


FH World Sports

FH World Sports.

It’s 10:27 PM on August 7th. And 27 days until I begin my 272.7 miles through the entire state of Vermont. Weird numerical coincidences? 63 more words