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Ethiopia as depicted in "Global Family Portrait" 

A poor man’s hunger

Coupled with his wish for peace

His work never done

But abundance of generosity

Few luxuries

But many Pleas

For humanity… 109 more words


Worldwide hunger becoming growing issue

by CALEB BROWN//Staff Writer

Sometimes I wish I could cure world hunger.  890 more words


The “Golden Rice” Hoax - When Public Relations replaces Science – By Vandana Shiva

Unfortunately, Vitamin A rice is a hoax; the problem is that vitamin A rice will not remove vitamin A deficiency (VAD). It will seriously aggravate it. 2,013 more words



Let’s see if I can kick start this blog again.  This post seems like an appropriate reminder for this time of year.  We have much to be grateful for. 204 more words


Is your Big Mac hurting the planet?

Over the past decade, veganism and vegetarianism has increased in the UK by over 350%. There’s also been a whole host of new terms coined, such a flexitarianism, pescetarian, ovo-vegetarian, pollotarian. 575 more words

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