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Listen now that rain outside in my mind there is dividing

Underneath my sheets tucked up in bed

Loads of thoughts run trough my head… 102 more words



Homeless and hungry in a world full of shame people are dying but no ones to blame

Future has passed on you it depends reading the message now that it sends… 82 more words


Facing Fear

Here I sit a face my fear voices whisper in my ear

Never seem to get away they have words to say

Tumbling feeling deep inside no place left for me to hide… 78 more words



Tracing fingers along my vain soon the feeling comes again

The need to cut and leave it flow

watching as it drips touch it with my finger tips… 78 more words



Softer than the falling snow to feel her hair you would know

Skin so bright it would glow how I love my baby so

Little bundle snug and warm just this minute she was born… 51 more words


El Shaddai Children's Home could use Your Help.

Pictured above is a “Jojo” or water tank that stores the water supply that the El Shaddai Children’s Home relies on. These Jojos are filled from water that is pumped from a bore hole located on the neighboring mountain. 163 more words



Shadows creeping across my floor they came from beneath my door

Cold now as this room becomes not knowing from where the shadows come

Down my spine there is a chill now my mind is lost it will… 74 more words