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Can a former vegetarian still embrace vegetarian ethics?

Right off the bat, I need to tell you: I am not the former vegetarian mentioned in the title of this post. I am a meat eater, full-fledged, all in.  494 more words

Waste Not, Want Not

When I go to the grocery store once a week, the first thing I encounter is fresh produce.  It is also the largest single category on my shopping list, which always includes at the very least green peppers, onions, parsley, celery, bananas, apples, as well as other fresh fruit and veggies.  1,098 more words

Social Commentary

My Thoughts About Beans

It is unseasonably hot this week in Florida.  It may surprise you to know that continuous soaring heat, factoring heat index values into triple numbers, is unusual for mid-summer Florida.  556 more words

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Hunger Pains

Many have made the point that obesity is one of the modern world’s most important issues. However, the fact remains that while obesity is an issue, it is made worse by the fact that 795 million, or 1/9 people do not have access to the food required to live a healthy life. 164 more words

I've been thinking a lot about world hunger lately...

But I haven’t figured out how to mail food to people starving in other countries without it going bad… or being stolen by warlords or corrupt politicians…


To Boldly Go...

On 25th May 1961, John F. Kennedy stood before Congress and proposed that

“This nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth.”

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5 Feelings You Go Through Post Volunteer Trip

Volunteering is something that I have been doing for a hot minute now, and there are so many emotions that I go through every time. If that’s a trip abroad or a trip within the States… it still the same. 1,115 more words

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