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Improved Photosynthesis - Steps Towards Decreasing World Hunger

As the world’s population continues to increase, the United Nations has estimated that the amount of crops that are currently produced will be insufficient to meet the associated rising food demand. 398 more words

Endless Fire

Hunger Spotlight: Lutheran Living

At the 2017 Southeastern Iowa Synod Assembly, Iowa Pork Producers donated ten, $100 pork coupons for congregations, who participated in Pigs with a Purpose, to use to help aid families in need in their communities throughout our synod. 230 more words

SEIA Synod

Morality or Profit; a corporate response to a global crisis

The farming industry is witnessing a scientific revolution, a revolution with the capacity to manipulate individual grains, engineer crops and chemically protect fields. The revolution is genetic modification. 3,088 more words

Why do we eat [so much] meat?

250+ pounds per person per year (in America) is a lot of meat. The question is, why do we do it?

It turns out that there was a… 696 more words


Pig Spotlight: Lutheran Living

I loved the idea of the pigs and thought immediately of ways we could use it here. In the past, Lutheran Living has raised money for God’s Global Barnyard by saving their Bingo winnings. 273 more words


The Venezuelan food crisis

A mother contemplates how she does her food shopping amid shortages and high inflation in Venezuela: Whatever is cheapest in the season is what her children eat, substituting one thing for another and in much smaller portions than before. 468 more words