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The Ugly Food Movement

As first-world-country-dwellers, the attractiveness of food is not a concept usually at the forefront of our attention. It is, however, important.

Attractive-looking foods are what get released to the public for consumption, leaving the “ugly,” undesirable foods behind to be thrown away. 73 more words


Food for Thought

1,300,000,000,000   (trillion)     Global Fashion Industry sales

695,000,000,000       (billion)     Global Furniture Industry sales

100,000,000,000       (billion)     Global Luxury Car sales

2,095,000,000,000   (trillion)     Total

We humans like to be stylish. 104 more words

Your gifts built a mill.

Story by Annette Hall.
Photos provided by missionaries and volunteers in West Africa.

When you gave to the World Hunger Fund/International Mission Board, your gifts helped purchase a flour mill in Burkina Faso (West Africa) that provides several small villages the means to grind their grain. 671 more words


Farmwork 3.0

Everything is going just fine and dandy. I’m picking up just shy of 30 hours a week now which still isn’t fantastic but certainly an improvement on three hours! 1,407 more words

Underrated Humanitarian

Norman Borlaug saved a billion people from starving to death.  Not a million.  A billion– 1,000,000,000.  This is a man who should be the poster child for humanitarianism, and yet, I’ve only rarely heard his name spoken.   561 more words



​I love seeing people unite in one love,praying for the peace of the world in the name of a religion. However, I have thought this through and would love to share it with y’all. 215 more words