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In the News, January 25th

This is just a smattering of what has been in the newspapers and newsreels in Rampart, Frontier, Byland, etc. It is offered here in bullet-point format to give you an idea of what’s going on in the world. 265 more words

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Thunderstar Details

I am working on making deck plans and other, more detailed, drawings of the Thunderstar. I will post them under this blog as I make them.

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The Newest Ride

After promising he would charter “his fastest plane” for the party, Sovereign Cardherian summons everyone to the imperial airport, where he unveils one of his most beloved treasures. 217 more words

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Betsy II Modifications

While staying with the Lost Extinctionists in their Mt. Adnala base, they inform the party that they have taken the liberty of making some upgrades to the party’s plane,  289 more words

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Dwarves 101

The Dwarven Mythos

The Dwarves of AENYR are one of the four indigenous races, along with the Elves, Giants, and the extinct Merifolk. Like the other races of AENYR, the Dwarves believe they were created in the image of one of the four elemental gods. 430 more words

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The World after the Short War

A more in-depth post about the political events of the last month (game time) is coming, as is last session’s recap. I worked on this updated map tonight to blow of steam though, so I figured I’d post it. 27 more words

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Notes on the Aurochans I


The Aurochans are a race of intelligent anthropomorphically transmogrified animal beings. They were brought to life by the magic of the Giants of Zaatama two thousand years ago during their war with the Elves of Rodanthion. 347 more words

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