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Is my makeup bag cruelty free?

As a vegetarian and a general animal lover I often worry about the cruelty free aspect of the products I use.

Whilst I’m a terrible vegetarian I still want to be conscious about the decisions I make about the products I use daily. 428 more words


Music, and the Senses

Songs that matter to me either do one of two things (or both) successfully: reflect the listener’s own senses or emanate the artist’s own senses and feelings. 626 more words


Racism is racism

Recently, I saw a close friend of mine post an image saying that only white people can be racist since racism requires privilege. I’ve spoken… 222 more words


God Has Failed Me

God Has Failed Me. 

I promise that you’re not the only one that has ever thought that. You know, it’s more common than you think. We’ve all had pains, no? 2,096 more words


Global warming: myth or potential apocalyptic reality? (Part 2)

It’s been a long, long time since I posted Part 1 of this topic and since I know that technology has reduced our attention spans I advise y’all to reread part 1. 1,648 more words

Global Warming


The American presidential race has played out like a reality show this year. We’ve got the slippery, felony committing, incapable grandmother (who only got the nomination because of a blatantly rigged system), the crybaby, fear mongering, hate filled, failed businessman, and the 74-year-old communist. 302 more words

World Issues