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Focus on Happiness vs. Growth in our MDGs!

Interculturalists have long known that the answers to our world problems lie within the diversity of values and wisdom in the people of our world. Today I learned that economists are now agreeing with us. 619 more words

Cultural Detective

What do you consider to be the most pressing world issue?

What do you consider to be the most pressing world issue? 

This is a question I’ve been asked as part of my 21inc Leadership training, and I found it hard to answer… is it climate change? 304 more words


Rants: Standards and Expectations.

Whether you’re in a different country, state, city, school, or household, everyone will have expectations and standards that they will have to meet. And no matter what, you  961 more words


Chapter 1: Slip into Darkness

Marcus London woke with a start at the sound of a clatter. His hero’s instinct went into overdrive for a moment as he tried to figure out what made such an ungodly noise, but then it was followed by a series of mild curses. 2,093 more words

Delta Division