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Water Levels are Rising

Water levels are rising. When the water level rises, it affects us. Why the water levels are rising, affects us.

What causes the water levels to rise???                                                                     525 more words

World Issues

The Battle for Human Rights

In this section we look at issues around the world that I believe aren’t getting enough coverage or have not made significant progress to better the situation. 127 more words

Human Rights

Wow this is amazing!

I love that people are making a difference in the world.  The world where there is so much hate, division, cruelty, biggity, racism.  I am on my own mission to make a difference in the world. 346 more words

World Issues

Racism: We should be past this

If there’s one thing I dislike about society it’s the ability of said society to divide us into categories based on nationality.

Let me just say one thing: RACE IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT. 359 more words


The Women's March (Synopsis One Month Later)

On January 21st 2017, we had the Women’s March happen. People from all walks of life came out in droves to support women’s right.

The reason why I decided to write about the March almost a month later is because when I read the news now, we are currently dealing with leaks and ties with Russia and levels of ignorance about Africa and snubs at the Grammys. 3,260 more words

Cultural Issues

One for Canada, Eh!

Finally a world leader is prepared for the infamous Trump handshake.

Read the entire article here.

World Issues

Flynn Resigns

In my view it is no surprise to see something like this hit the Trump White House even so early on in his administration. Frankly it has been utter chaos since day one and there were very early warning sings that parts of the administration were compromised. 180 more words

World Issues