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Return of "Kings" - excuse me while I vomit!

This post is about as far in the opposite direction from my usual as you could possibly go and I want to apologise for even bringing this subject up but it’s disturbed and disgusted me, I need to say something about this! 1,222 more words

World Issues

The 'F' Word

Whatever you do don’t ever use the ‘F’ word in front of me.

The word I mean is FAT. Urgh. Even writing it makes me feel gross. 373 more words

Body Image

A Drama Major's Guide To Politics

Two of the most popular programs at Glendon are Political Science and International Studies. And it’s no wonder! These are great programs, and great ways to prepare yourself for a career in fostering positive social change. 719 more words


Zika generation

Oh how I pray for those affected with the Zika pandemic. I can not even put my mind around the effects this will have in the future. 185 more words

World Issues

Serious Sunday: A Time 2 B Srs

So let me introduce this segment that I’m hoping to make a regular article, either on a weekly basis or every fortnight.

I am a person who can sometimes be very serious. 566 more words


#Traditionally Submissive: Cameron’s Initiative, Language Barriers and Discrimination

I am assuming David Cameron’s ‘plans to “help” more Muslim women to speak fluent English’ were supposed to come across as a positive move? How can this education programme be seen as anything but positive when learning the country’s language is such an important tool for empowerment and social inclusion? 379 more words

The Issue of Democratic Deficits

Although the Chinese economy, culture, and living standards of people has increased since the 1970’s, the slowing economy and unattainability of increasing triumphs is worrying for the stability of the nation. 572 more words