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 Helium, ever heard of it? If you know about it then you will think they are only used to make funny noises on inhaling it. 714 more words


Fascism vs. Nationalism

In June 2016, the world was shaken when the British people voted for the UK to leave the EU after 43 years of membership. Later that year, people were shocked again by the result of the US presidential election with the triumph of Donald Trump, who led a deeply divisive presidential campaign. 1,099 more words



Hope is a strange word, a lexis thrown around by politians that are trying to convince the country and themselves that it is not all doom and gloom. 942 more words

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Male Rape: Help is all around you

Gaining knowledge is always the first step to helping yourself or others around you that have possibly experienced the trauma of sexual violence. It is important for male victims to know that there is always help and established communities to make your road to recovery that much easier. 342 more words

World Issues

Male Rape: People you wouldn't think were victims of sexual violence

Male rape and sexual violence is more prevalent than you think, however, something that would make this issue easier to tackle is by encouraging victims to speak up about their experiences. 403 more words

World Issues

Bottom Up Communities Rise Up!

I read somewhere that, at some point, you begin to be conscious of the Earth through time and in its totality, you see how little things have changed – and you pause. 1,128 more words


Male Rape: Sex trafficking - What about the men and boys?

Today’s post is going to be different in which we have collaborated with a student-run initiative Soulja Girls/VictHim to extend the nature of discussing sex trafficking…

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