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A World Too Bad.

Last week I didn’t post a video up on to our You Tube channel, I have been having internet problems on and off for weeks! 851 more words



Friends, followers, loved ones:

As you all know, it’s not uncommon that I share when I’ve discovered something I love. This isn’t a blog/IG/FB (or anything else) that makes money, so when I’m sharing about my love for something, it’s because I pay for it myself and give it high praise on every one of my platforms. 88 more words


Save the Yazidis

The following is an article I wrote for my journalism class on Nov 21st. It has been posted here for your viewing pleasure. If you wish to use any information or quotes from my article please contact me.  808 more words


Bumper Stickers

For the longest time, people believed that Earth was the center of the universe and that the sun revolves around the Earth. America seems to have the viewpoint that they are the center of the universe and life expanding. 182 more words

Speech Class


Here stands a living, breathing aspect of the American dream. A large testimate to the symbolic freedom that our forefathers dreamed for this country over two and one half centuries ago. 149 more words

Speech Class

Why can't the world be saved?

We, as humans, have always had a penchant for apocalyptic scenarios. From zombie flicks to climate change to alien invasions, we have been constantly inventive in figuring out ways for humans to… 752 more words

World Issues

Rhino Horn

In the poppy dens
of Eastern skies, mystics,
from their maladies, don
possession of their minds,
and ritual to the deaths
of rhinos.

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