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Refugee 17306. 

The names of 17,306 refugees and immigrants who have drowned over the last few years in their attempts to reach Europe. It has been laid down in one of the main corridors of the European Parliament, and forces MP’s, officials and visitors to walk over it to get to work. Thought provoking. #TheWorldAtWork

Why YOU Should Vote for Bernie

I’m extremely sad that I won’t be able to attend Bernie’s rally today because of finals…:/ My cousin happened to stumble upon this post about ten reasons why you should vote for… 344 more words


Our good for nothing big brother, Indonesia

When the late Lee Kuan Yew met with the Indonesian President Sukarno, he was asked, “how big is your population?” “One and half Million” was LKY’s reply. 295 more words

World Issues

Terrorism Won and I Blame Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker, a true intergalactic hero. Backed by the intelligence obtained by the rebel alliance, he took down the ultimate weapon in the universe with just one shot. 731 more words

Osama Bin Laden


When I read the Bible passage (Matthew 21:18-22) where Jesus cursed the fig tree I could not understand why Jesus cursed the fig tree. However, as I began to meditate on, study and research scriptures that connects to this scripture. 243 more words

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News Flash!

Our world population has reached 7 billion people.

795 million of the 7 billion are


100 million are


7 billion people.

7 billion souls. 191 more words