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Absolute Power

I was watching the CNN documentary on Russia’s Vladimir Putin entitled The Most Powerful Man in the World the other day, and I must say the investigative report was both provocative and scary to say the very least. 414 more words

World Issues

On Primo Levi’s Survival in Auschwitz

Primo Levi’s Survival in Auschwitz is a truly eye-opening piece that layers themes of physical and mental confinement, race, suffering, and perseverance. The most complex aspect of his depictions, to me, is the role of the victims in this a gray zone of the just and unjust. 1,011 more words

Human Rights

Not so sweet

While having my daily walk I passed by a huge sign from one of the leading chain supermarkets. The sign featured a child drinking what the writing indicates a soft drink of the supermarket own label. 77 more words


FGM: Slicing through progress.

Female circumcision is a brutal practice preformed on at least three million girls every year. That’s an average of eight thousand, two hundred, and nineteen a… 1,006 more words

Angie Vs. The World

Destruction unwarranted

Wind drew to a close.

Failed trees suffered.

Our punches drew cries.

All over a bet.

The Pathetic Case of Apathy

Society has had its share of issues since time immemorial. The forties has seen the world nearly tear itself apart amidst a second war. The sixties through eighties have seen everything from the civil rights movement to near nuclear annihilation. 406 more words