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climate change-sequel

here is a review of what climate change is and why it is harmful.

what is climate change?

climate change or global warming is when humans have made too much gas that it starts creating a barrier for the earth. 121 more words


There Be Monsters


I am posting an article (with her permission from another site, passagesnorth.com),  of a writer whose grandparents were residents of Lithuania during World War II. 3,489 more words

Review: Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood (#1) by Marjane Satrapi

I’ve really been on a graphic novel kick lately (suggest me some in the comments if you’d like. I’d appreciate it ☺️) and I’m happy that… 107 more words

Book Lovers

Created in God's Own Image

If ‘God created ALL OF US in His own image’, according to Genesis 1:27, then WHY are we at war with each other?

I’ve never been one to really watch the news. 341 more words

Climate Change

climate change has taken the Arctic to a new level of help. certain areas in the world have experienced harsh flooding. But fear not, there is stuff we can do to help! 197 more words

Nature News

plastic straws

plastic straws are very unnecessary. they quickly go into landfills after 1 use. this can make birds or other small creatures choke if they try to eat it. 231 more words

Drop a Coin and a Thought

Recently I finished the amazing SBS series, ‘filthy rich and homeless’. The program is about 5 wealthy volunteers that experience some of the many forms of homelessness. 257 more words