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Teacher's Samsara [Poem]

In the endless possibilities
that can emerge from the universe
are the places where we all can get stuck within
the limit of lack of understanding of our mind, 359 more words


It takes courage [Poem & Audio]

In the secret places inside me
you hide, this love and this surprise
of the things I still don’t understand
and of the things that I know so well. 373 more words


A Chatty Blitz

A Blitz Poem is a run-on of phrases and words, a rush with rapid repetition.  My friend, Joan, at Just Joan, writes a variety of poetry forms.   142 more words

The People Problem

Lately I find myself at odds with people.

I’ve said to my husband more than a few times lately, “I hate people,” or “This is why, for their own peace of mind, I need to stay away from people.” I’m being facetious…sort of. 908 more words

Daily Life

The way of Prajñaparamita [Poem]

In The Name of Prajñaparamita (The Great Mother)
In this pain of letting go
in this unsustained heart
In this complexity of Life
and unexpected disharmony. 193 more words


This is a new section where I will be posting different topics for discussion & reflection. Creating a more peaceful world and more compassionate connections. The topics will be in quote form from the book by His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama, Ethics for the New Millennium.

149 more words

The innocent are known,

for their simply ways
their truth in the eyes
and the wisdom they hold

The Holy woman sees things this way…

241 more words