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The Hardest Part of Keto

The first thing I noticed about the ketogenic diet was how simple it was to understand. Fat burns fat. Carbs make you fat. However, I also noticed how difficult it is to convince other people that I was going through a positive lifestyle change, and not a crash diet. 259 more words


The United States of America White v. Black. Will it ever change?

Well, it’s Friday and a hurricane or two is headed to some places they say. So, as I was reflecting on some comments that White People made during the Boycott in Charlotte, one particular comments stays with me. 303 more words

What does global media mean?

Without really realising it, we look at the news, social media, TV shows and know them as part of our lives. The reality is that what we are looking at, isn’t just simply our physical environment we’re viewing but it is the world. 348 more words

"Beauty Amongst the Chaos"

“Beauty Amongst the Chaos” was my first look in wider global issues, heavily inspired by many of the major problems in modern-day society, such as terrorism, racism and poverty. 197 more words


Chein's Ditty

Who’s that? Well that’s Clive the contrarian. He plays with the merry men on the edge of a drunken bend, token on smoked olive gin while sippin from his boiled fin. 25 more words

World Issues

Black Men Really Hate Us!!

Before I go any further, let me say that I am not speaking about ALL black men, but I AM speaking about a lot of them. 963 more words



The Indian CRPF troops patrolling a street during curfew in jammu and kashmir

In the process of surgical strikes we forgot to praise one important part of our forces.. 166 more words

World Issues