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Another's Reality

I can’t imagine living in Nice and waking up to the horror of what happened yesterday. The proximity of the terrorist act seems remote; so far away that I’m left to experience it as a story with graphic pictures from the news to fill in some of the details. 419 more words

Spiritual Formation

Show Up

You know, for a brief moment in my life, I wanted to study journalism. I was down at the J School in Bloomington, Indiana, and I was sitting in an Intro to Journalism class. 748 more words


Am I A Feminist? 

Feminism, a term widely interpreted and misunderstood, has cropped up quite a lot for me within the last year.

Maybe it’s because I moved from home for university and was surrounded by different types of people as my home town is largely made of clones or maybe it’s because faminism and the fight for equality is becoming a more well known issue. 524 more words


And I’ve always felt different I never felt like I have a really belonged anywhere so I’ve always been within myself.Yet it hasn’t really been a problem until I start to speak my truth, my beliefs then I’m attacked or so it seems. 149 more words

Poetic Choi

How tourism is bad for Caribbean islands

Most of us lust over pictures of the Caribbean, with its pristine beaches and clear turquoise waters. What we don’t realize is that on a lot of these small islands we could be doing quite a bit of damage. 772 more words



This past month has been a reminder that it’s a dark thing to be a person in this world. The amount of hate and violence that’s been spewed has served as a rude awakening exposing us to another level of insensitivity. 281 more words


Rant: Why Can't We All Just Get Along? Have we learned nothing from History

“History repeats itself, ”  a common phrase; and the last few years are proof.   Society as a whole had become more accepting and aware of others who may not be like them, there was a small socialist push, but that has all gone to hell as we are facing the same stigmas at the same levels from decades and even centuries ago as history has apparently decided to rewind and hit play. 1,048 more words