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ISIS; Why they are successful, and how do we defeat them?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard, listened to, or watched the ongoing man hunts for ISIS members since the Paris bombings. 1,264 more words


I’ve compromised away my life,

I forfeit freedom, to live the lie,

Each mask I wear designed to please,

Authorities that I can’t appease,

In any other way than on my knees, 317 more words


The Jai road

Last month, we took a trip to one of our favorite nearby hidden treasures. Called Ojai (oh-high) by the Chumash, its original inhabitants for hundreds of pre-Columbian years, this is a resort town tucked away in the mountains above Ventura, just miles from the Central California Coast.   1,648 more words


One of the Few

Thanksgiving. It’s a simple word, yet it’s a powerful word packed full of meaning. What does it really mean to be thankful? According to Oxford Dictionaries… 909 more words

A Biker Chick's Guide To Life

A Broken World

I decided to start this blog after a week of struggling with some of the tragedies that have been occurring around the world. At first I was afraid to put this out on the internet, but after talking with a close companion I decided that there is nothing wrong with trying to get my thoughts out there. 860 more words


As you look at the world, all the violence and hatred that is taking place considering the recent terrorist attacks on Nigeria, Africa, Paris, other nations, cities, states and regions with the lives of man and woman, boy child and girl through terrorism,  you may question, “what is the world missing now, what does the world need now?

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All Things

Yesterday morning God was talking to me about one thing. “All things.” No, not “all” things like a laundry list of topics covered in detail from top to bottom; lists like those filling every second of some all-day meetings I’ve attended at Las Vegas resorts chosen by managing partners who needed an excuse to have some fun away from the family. 419 more words

Spiritual Formation