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Global warming: myth or potential apocalyptic reality? (Part 2)

It’s been a long, long time since I posted Part 1 of this topic and since I know that technology has reduced our attention spans I advise y’all to reread part 1. 1,648 more words

Global Warming


The American presidential race has played out like a reality show this year. We’ve got the slippery, felony committing, incapable grandmother (who only got the nomination because of a blatantly rigged system), the crybaby, fear mongering, hate filled, failed businessman, and the 74-year-old communist. 302 more words

World Issues

Olympic Integrity Threatened

One week out from the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games and a shadow of doubt has been cast. On Sunday the International Olympic Committee made the decision to not put a blanket ban on Russia. 599 more words


Here's a piece on optimism, prefaced with negativity.

I usually am not the type of person who quickly believes everything in what the news says, as newly-released stories will always be updated and supported by other sources thanks to technology. 599 more words



There are plenty of sad things in this world and one of them is poverty. It can drive people to the brink, the edge where they can never come back from! 66 more words


Global Warming: myth or potential apocalyptic reality?

Most of us have heard and/or read the “Global Warming is a myth” narrative at least once in our lives. Politicians have spewed it, questionable scientists have confirmed it, and businesses have promoted it. 666 more words

Global Warming

Be a Voice

I cannot believe that July is almost over and I’m sitting here typing my blog at my work computer for the last time. Since I am starting nursing school soon I am only going to be working one of my jobs and so today is my last day working with hearing aids. 1,450 more words