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She's got the whole world in her hands.

I think that we can all agree that our nation and world has fallen on rough times.  With the conflicts in the Middle East and Africa, the millions of displaced refugees, and the absurd nature of our current election (to name only a few), it is difficult not to feel an impending sense of doom.   647 more words

I Choose Love.

Remember when the world went crazy? Fear not, you needn’t search too far into your memory. You must not actually look any further at all, for I am referring to the reality in which we currently live. 1,136 more words

An Inspiring Share

Seen as I haven’t created any of my own artwork in a while, I thought I would share someone else’s (Note to self: get creating…)



Say NO! [To Puppy Farms]

Nothing makes me sicker than seeing dogs mistreated. Or animals. OK, I don’t want to see any creature mistreated, but I recently watched a TV show about puppy farms and it made me really angry. 615 more words


Dressing the Same: London Mayor Candidate Sadiq Khan on Hijab

For Muslimah Media Watch:

In the UK, Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim MP for Labour, is campaigning to be the mayor of London. In recent news, … 549 more words

Impeachment, Zika and the Olympics

We are 84 days out from the opening ceremony of the 2016 summer Olympics, and until yesterday I had completely forgot. I laughed at myself when I realized I forgot about the world’s largest sporting event, but the thing is there is way too much going on in Rio de Janeiro already. 537 more words


Poem: Election Night

Counting, Counting

Eyes are bulging out of their


Obsessed with the small papers

Obsessed with the small crosses

Obsessed by the numbers

Origins of ballots… 77 more words