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Fentiman's Curiosity Cola

I’d heard this was good, but oh boy, I did not like it. There’s an herbal, medicinal quality to it that’s very off-putting. I gave up on it halfway through and cheered myself up with an A&W Root Beer. 6 more words


Lemmy Sparkling Lemonade

Not too sweet and a good lemon flavor. Truly tastes like a simple sparkling lemonade and not a lemon-flavored soda. I wish I could have another one right now! 6 more words


Autumn Decorations

After work yesterday, I headed over to World Market in Shoppers World to pick up a few autumn decorations for the apartment. Fall is our favorite time of year- it reminds Mike of the start of Hockey season and it reminds me of the first day of school. 79 more words


Rug Love

Just picked up these two new, area rugs from one of my favorite home stores. I can always count on World Market for some great transitional pieces at great price points. 132 more words

Area Rug

Abita Pecan Pie Soda

This has a pretty similar flavor profile to the other “butterscotch”-esque drinks I’ve had recently, but with a slightly more smoky, savory cast to it. Maybe that’s the pecans? 78 more words


Guest Review: Diet Cheerwine

I can’t stand cherries, so my wife is here to review Diet Cheerwine:

I liked it! I thought it was not too sweet. It tasted a heck of a lot like Diet Cherry Dr. 8 more words


Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer

I actually have bought this one on two other occasions, so I assumed it would be easy to recommend, but drinking it again so shortly after… 48 more words