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World News Wednesday: Transgender Child Banned from Wearing Female Clothes

Multiple news sources have come out with the story of a 4-year-old Canadian transgender child that was recently banned from wearing female clothing in public. This decision was made by two judges from Alberta, Canada, and has in turn, prompted a call for change in how gender identity is handled legally. 467 more words

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World News Wednesday: A World Without Animals?

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without animals like lions, monkeys, tigers, or zebras? Well, unfortunately, you may not have to wonder much longer. 178 more words

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World News Wednesday: Third Presidential Debate Fact Checker

A week ago today, on October 19th, the third and final Presidential Debate was held at the University of Las Vegas. Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, and Republican candidate, Donald Trump, took the stage with moderator Chris Wallace from Fox News.  1,387 more words

World News Wednesday: Is the Great Barrier Reef Really Dead?

The short answer is: no. The Great Barrier Reef is not dead, but it is dying. After Outside Magazine posted the “obituary” of the Great Barrier Reef, stating that it has finally died due to a “long illness”, it was spread all over social media. 303 more words

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