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3Novices:Toward Our 3D Future

If the past couple of years have been about one theme for me investment-wise, they have been about exploring the bridge between bits and atoms with a series of bets aimed to make a path between the digital world and the physical one we populate. 40 more words

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ISIS - Blame Religion.

Extreme, crude, and barbaric are just some of the labels people have given The Islamic State, but I think otherwise. The Islamic State are Arabs who seek attention through murder and media. 377 more words


US to allow armed drone exports

The US has announced it will begin allowing sales of armed drones to some friendly and allied countries. So far only the UK has been allowed to purchase armed unmanned aircraft. 247 more words

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Is This What A College Experience Should Be?

C0llege, in it’s most idealized form, should be like a house on a hill. Free from preconceived notions of any kind, the college experience takes a teenager and replaces that teenager with a young adult who is hopefully ready to enter the working world of adults. 186 more words

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