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“The world is like the deepest ocean.

When you will swim in it,

she lets you drink her secrets”

One World, One Ocean: Plastics Breakdown

Trash, and specifically plastic, in the ocean is a huge issue and it’s fixable if we all tune in to our plastic use. Many people don’t realize how big the problem is, or how harmful plastic is to sea life.

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"Great World Migration 2037" - new NZ sci fi bestseller

Due to the warming effect, the level of the world ocean went up significantly. This resulted in floods. Japan, GB, New Zealand and many other islands went under water. 77 more words

#220 - It's 2100...

…and the world is running out of fresh water.  Describe a typical day.

“Gooooooood morning SS Tempest.  It’s another blazing hot day today, with temperatures breaking records all across the board. 

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Pollution on Cypriot Shores

Pollution on Cypriot Shores

by Ralph Kratzer

Garbage, residual oil and waste water which is dumped into the open sea by certain vessels end up on Cypriot shores due to sea currents, creating serious pollution. 133 more words